All About Korean Actress Kim Hyo-jin: Profile, Wedding, Husband, Baby, Movies, and TV Shows


Kim Hyo-Jin’s Profile and Drama List


  • Name: Kim Hyo-Jin
  • Hangul: 김효진
  • Birthdate: February 10, 1984
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 168cm
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Twitter: @persona__84


  1. Kim Hyo-Jin sang a track on the O.S.T. for the movie “A Dream Comes True”. The song title is “눈을 뜨면” (lit. translation “If Open Eyes”). This is the second time Kim Hyo-Jin has performed a song in a movie, the first time was in the 2004 film “Everybody Has Secrets” (Nuguna bimileun itda).
  2. Actor Yoo Ji-Tae and actress Kim Hyo-Jin announced their plans to marry on December 2, 2011. The couple stated that they first met as models for a clothing company in 2003, and began dating in early 2007.


  • Will You Be There? | Dangshin Geogi Iteojoorraeyo (2016) – Illeana (cameo)
  • Genome Hazard | Moomyoungin (2013) – Kang Ji-Won (reporter)
  • Marriage Blue | Gyeolhonjeonya (2013) – Joo-Young
  • In My End is My Beginning | Kkeutkwa Sijak (2013) – Kang Na-Roo
  • Horny Family | Bae Kkop (2012)
  • The Taste of Money | Donui Mat (2012) – Yoon Na-Mi
  • Life is Peachy | Changpihae (2011) – Yoon Ji-Woo
  • Woochi | Jeon Woo-chi (2009) – Red Hair Woman
  • A Dream Comes True | Dolmengiui Kkum (2009)
  • Five Senses of Eros | Ogamdo (2009) – Kang Na-Ru (segment “In My End is My Beginning”)
  • Mr. Wacky | Saengnal Seonsaeng (2006) – Yun So-Joo
  • Barefoot Kibong | Maenbal-ui Kibong-i (2006)
  • Marrying the Mafia 2 – Enemy-in-Law | Gamunui Wigi: Gamunui Youngkwang II (2005) – cafe employee
  • Everybody Has Secrets | Nuguna Bimileun Itda (2004) – Han Mi-Young
  • The Legend of Evil Lake | Cheonnyeon ho (2003) – Ja woon-bi

Drama Series

  • Strangers 6 (WOWOW / 2012) – An Ji-Hye
  • Marry Me, Mary! | Maerineun Uibakjoong (KBS2 / 2010)
  • Sisters in Love | Taeyanghee Yeoja (KBS2 / 2008)
  • I Am Happy | Haengbok Hamnida (SBS / 2008)
  • She Has Come Back! | Keunyeoka Dolawatda (KBS2 / 2005)
  • Magic | Maejik (SBS / 2004) – Dan-Young
  • My Home | Woori Jip (MBC / 2001)
  • Secret | Bi-mil (2000) – Cho Young-Ran

Kim Hyo-Jin’s Marriage and Personal Life


Kim first met actor-director Yoo Ji-tae in 2003 when they were models for a clothing brand, and their friendship turned into a romantic relationship in 2006. One of the few Korean star couples who openly admitted their dating status, they have been very active in charitable organizations, and in 2011 were both appointed as honorary ambassadors for World Vision.

They announced their engagement in August 2011 (Kim reportedly turned down a movie role to prepare for her upcoming nuptials),and subsequently released pre-wedding photos. Their minimalist invitation was made from environmentally friendly paper, and had the number 1,825 written on it, the exact number of days the two had spent together as a couple. They were married at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on December 2, 2011. The date marked the couple’s fifth anniversary together, and was booked by Yoo one year in advance despite landing on a Friday – an unusual day for a wedding. The ceremony was officiated by the president of World Vision Korea; Yoo and Kim then donated a portion of their monetary gifts to the organization to help build an elementary and middle school in Myanmar. Kim gave birth to their first child, a son, on July 5, 2014. Kim adheres to a vegetarian diet for ethical and health reasons.