All About Kim Dong-jun: Profile, Girlfriend, Plastic Surgery, and Dramas

Kim Dong-jun

All You Need to Know About Kim Dong-jun

Kim Dong-jun is known as an idol from the boygroup ZE:A who made their debut in 2010. Apart from being an idol and having experience in the entertainment industry, he also had other hobbies and talents in sports, which helped him gain his popularity after joining the idol sports variety show Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2.

Kim Dong-jun become the ace of his group and won many championships. After showing his abilities in sports since his youth, he amazed his fans and also the public with his appearance as an actor in many television dramas and movies. He gained more popularity and took on many supporting and lead roles.

Being in the entertainment industry since a young age, he didn’t stop growing and becoming mature, so his appearance became more masculine and manly. Kim Dong-jun hit puberty as well, and he showed off his tone and built muscle. Let’s check out his full profile below!

The ‘Athletic Idol’ Kim Dong-jun’s Profile

Real Name : Kim Dong-jun (김동준)

Nickname : Scary/Sexy Maknae, Baby Dong-jun, Dongjunnie, Chocolate Abs Boy, Athletic Idol

Profession : Singer & Actor

Birth : Busan, South Korea, February 11th, 1992

Zodiac : Aquarius

Blood Type : B

Height : 175 cm

Weight : 58 kg

Education : Digital Seoul Culture Arts University

Family Member : Parents and Older Brother; Kim Dong-hyeon

Talent Agency : Major9

Official Site : Instagram (


Kim Dong-jun debuted as a member of the nine membered group called Children Of Empire in 2009 under the label Star Empire. They started filming Mnet’s Children of Empire and Children of Empire Return, where they did a country tour and a guerilla performance. A moment later, the group changed the pronunciation of their name to avoid implications due to the controversy of the similarities between the group’s name and Brown Eyed Girls. The group debuted on January 7th, 2010 with their EP, Nativity.


Kim Dong-jun, as the youngest member of the group, also joined a sub-unit as a member of ZE:A J. The sub-unit released a solo project for Kevin, Hee-chul, and Dong-jun. The ‘sexy maknae’ is the last member to release the solo track, entitled ‘Healing’ which he wrote the lyrics of and composed the track by himself. Kim Dong-jun is also a member of ZE:A sub unit; ZE:A-Five along with other members Kevin, Si-wan, Min-woo, and Hyung-sik.


  • 2009 – “Burning Down” by Sori as Featured Artist

  • 2014 – “Take My hand” featuring SoReal (OST Climb The Sky Wall) as a Collaboration

  • 2016 – “Healing” featuring Jang as Lead Artist

Kim Dong-jun Decided To Leave Star Empire Entertainment

In June 2017, Kim Dong-jun decided to leave Star Empire, and signed to Gold Moon Entertainment. Another member of the idol group ZE:A, Kim Dong-jun officially left his previous agency along with Park Hyung-sik, Im Si-wan, and Kwang-hee earlier this year. He became the 4th member of ZE:A who left the agency following the previous fellow members. Gold Moon Entertainment was founded by his former manager; Hwang Jung-moon. He decided to sign a contract to join new management because of his deeply rooted trust and confidence in his former manager, who is currently the CEO of his new agency. In August 2017, it was reported that Gold Moon Entertainment, The Vibe Entertainment, and Asakusa Games had merged and now operate under the name ‘Major 9’. Kim Dong-jun’s exclusive contract with Star Empire came to an end in January of this year, but he did not make a final decision about his contract until the completion of his KBS 1TV drama “Still Loving You,” which was on air from November 2016 until May 2017.

The singer and actor Kim Dong-jun took to his personal social media on Instagram to write a heartfelt message for his fans after the news spread.

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안녕하세요, 김동준입니다. 부산에서 올라온 철없던 김동준이란 아이를 데뷔할 수 있도록 기회를 주신신주학대표님과 스타제국 스탭분들께 먼저 감사드립니다. 앞으로 저의 꿈을 그리고 새 걸음을 함께해 줄 새로운 가족이 생겼습니다. . 새로운 가족이라 표현은 했지만,10년이 넘는 긴 시간을, 연습생이던 그 순간부터 지금까지 저의 성장 과정을 있는 그대로 지켜봐 주었고 때로는 따뜻한 조언으로.. 때로는 따끔한 질책을 아끼지 않던..든든한 형이자 이젠 대표님이 되어주신 골드문 황정문 대표님과 새 출발을 하게 되었습니다. . 지금까지 제국의아이들 동준으로 활동하면서 제 나이에 감히 누릴 수 없는 경험을 하고 많은 분들의 넘치는 사랑을 받아왔습니다. . 앞으로 김동준으로서 여러분들께 다양한 분야에서 인사드리고 싶어서 그동안 시도하지 않았던 분야에도 도전해 보려고 합니다. . 아직은 모든것이 새롭고 어색하지만, 곁에서 함께 해주실 골드문 식구들과 열정적인 분위기에서 서로를 믿고 의지하면서 같은 곳을 바라보며 천천히 나아가 보려고합니다. 열심히 노력하여 지금까지 보여드린것 보다 더욱 다양한 모습으로 찾아뵙겠습니다. 골드문과 저의 새로운 인연을 많이 응원해주시고 지켜봐주세요. 감사합니다. 그리고 항상 고맙습니다. . -김동준드림-

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“Hello, this is Kim Dong-jun. I am first of all grateful to Mr. Shin Joo-hak and the rest of the Star Empire staff for giving an immature kid from Busan the chance to debut. Now I have a new family with which to begin my new journey and new dreams. I call them my new family, but I am actually working with Mr. Hwang Jung-moon, who watched over me for over 10 years starting from my trainee days and helped me grow up with his warm and honest advice, who from being like a dependable older brother is now a company president.”

He continued, “I have received a lot of love until now as Dong Jun from ZE:A and have undergone experiences beyond my age. From now on, I would like to show everyone different sides of myself as Kim Dong Jun and try new things that I hadn’t done before. Everything is new and still awkward, but with my Gold Moon family by my side we will keep the same goals in mind and slowly take steps forward. I will work hard to show you an even better side of myself than before. Please support my new start at Gold Moon. Thank you. Always, thank you.”

In December 2017, Kim Dong-jun appeared on MBC’s Radio Star and talked about his group’s status and his feelings about line distribution. After the MC introduced Kim Dong-jun as a guest for the show, they joked about many members of ZE:A leaving the agency and being completely separated. After listening, Kim Dong-jun shouted from from outside of the set, “We didn’t disband!” and clarified that the members only moved agencies, but did not disband as a team. Once he came into the set and joined the MC for the show, Kim Dong-jun shared his thoughts and the burdens of taking on some of the most lines in the group.

Kim Dong-jun

Many people think of me as the group’s main vocalist, but I’m actually the sub vocalist. The main vocalists are Kevin for R&B songs, Park Hyung-sik for ballads, and me for dance tracks. But during our promotions, most of our songs were dance tracks, so I sang a lot. The other members just danced and moved positions”.

He also added, “Out of our hit songs, there’s a track called ‘Aftermath’ and the pitch is high, even for me. But out of the song’s three minutes, I sang for two minutes. It was so tiring that during a performance on ‘Music Core,’ my voice cracked really badly.”