All About Korean Actress Kim Ah-joong: Profile, Husband, Plastic Surgery, Movies, etc.

A lot you guys probably already know who this gorgeous woman is. Yes, Kim Ah-joong is well known model and actress in South Korea. She has starred in various dramas and movies. She is best known for her role in award winning movie 200 Pounds Beauty, which was released in 2006. She made her debut in 2004, and since then she has come a long way and made many hit movies. Would like to know more about this pretty woman? Then just keep on reading!

Kim Ah-joong’s Profile

Kim Ah-joong was born on 16th October 1982 in Hwigyeong-Dong, Dongdaemun District, South Korea. She is currently 35 years old. When she was a child, she already had a dream of working in the entertainment industry, but at that time she also was interested in the hospitality industry.

Later in her life, she went to Hwikyung Girls High School, and after she graduated, she enrolled in Women’s Dongduk University for a broadcasting degree. Her education didn’t stop there though. This brilliant woman decided to continue her studies, as she attended  Korean University and graduated with a master’s degree in journalism. After that she ended up doing a degree in Hotel Management from an international Institute in Switzerland. She really proved to herself that she is indeed not just a pretty face, huh?

Although she has a degree in Hotel Management, she never actually joined nor worked for any hotel, and decided to just start her modelling career instead. During her early life after her graduation, she did a few advertisement campaigns, which later got her noticed by the film and television industry in South Korea. Since 2016, she has been working under King Entertainment. In an interview, she said that her role models are Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep, and Na Moon Hee.

Kim Ah-joong’s Career

She started her career in 2004 when she made her debut in in the television serial Love Survival, where she played herself in a cameo role. In the same year, she got another role as Ha Jin in the television drama serial Emperor of the Sea.

She then made her movie debut in 2005 with her role in When Romance Meets Destiny. She also made a breakthrough on television with her award-winning performance on the family drama serial Bizarre Bunch, which aired on KBS2.

In the following year, she made another breakthrough, this time through the multiple award winning movie, 200 Pounds Beauty. In this movie, Kim plays as Kang Han-na/Jenny, who is an obese singer who then undergoes cosmetic surgery to enhance her look in order to become a pop sensation. She actually also sang for the soundtrack of this movie, which is called Beautiful Girl.

After this role, she kept appearing on Korean television dramas as well as in Korean movies. In 2010, she appeared again in the romantic comedy movies Foxy Festival and My PS Partner in 2012, which made her popular among the youth of Korea who found her roles in those movies to be relatable. These roles also got her lots of praises from critics as they seem to like her witty demeanor on screen.

Recently, in 2017, she played in a law genre movie called The King, where she played Lim Sang-hee. She also appeared on Korean dramas, playing in Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo, a fantasy medical genre drama that aired on tvN. In this drama, she played a modern day 21st century doctor who accidentally runs into Heo Im (Kim Nam-gil), who is also a doctor but he comes from the 17th century.

Besides acting in movies and television, she has also appeared in several music videos for artists like Shin Hye-sung (“Same Thought”) and Youme (“여자라서 하지 못한 말 / Words that I couldn’t say because I’m a woman”), where she shows off her remarkable choreography skills.

Kim Ah-joong’s Husband

Kim Ah-joong is currently still single. There was never any rumor about her dating anyone. In an interview, she expressed her feelings about dating. She said, “I really don’t date. To be honest, I can’t. Because of work? You can date and work at the same time. I just wasn’t able to date. You say it’s a surprise that I haven’t had any dating scandals, but I haven’t dated anyone, so there haven’t been any scandals. I can say that with a clear conscience.”

In the interview, she also expressed her concern about her personality, she added, “I am most curious about that. I seem to be the kind of person who can’t date very well. It takes a lot of time for me to be friends with anyone, but it’s much worse with people of the opposite sex. I don’t dream of fairy tale romance, but I think love is too difficult.”

When asked about her ideal type, she explained that she wants someone who looks at life the same way she does, someone who is gentle and generous, who can understand the differences between people, and have positive feelings and thoughts. Kim also said that it’s fine if they don’t have a lot of money, as they can always earn it, and it is also okay if they do not have a good sense of humor because what really matters for her is their feelings and thoughts.

Well, it seems like her fanboys can take a breather, as she will still be single for a while. We wish her all the best though, and we hope that someday she’ll find her own prince charming!

Kim Ah-joong’s Plastic Surgery

Kim Ah-joong is only in her thirties, yet there has been some rumors going on about whether or not this 200 Pounds Beauty‘s actress had had some work done  to enhance her looks, just like her character in the movie. Well, she has never denied nor admitted this rumor, so we don’t really know for sure. But there are significant changes in her facial features. Want to know which part of her face she might have enhanced through surgery? Then let me break it down for you guys.

1. Kim Ah-joong’s Eye Transformation

As can be seen on the above picture, earlier Kim Ah-joong’s eyes seemed to be uneven and narrow. She had double eyelids, but they were not that obvious especially at first glance. Also, the shape of her eyes were not symmetrical, with one being slightly higher than the other.

And on the after picture, it seems that her eyes get so much bigger and more opened, thanks to epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty, which takes away the Oriental look, and gives her bigger, wider, western looking eyes. It also seems that she has done aeygosal surgery judging by the little puffs under her eyes. This procedure is supposed to make the eyes appear bigger and make her look cute and doll-like.

2. Kim Ah-joong’s Nose Transformation

Another feature that she seemed to have enhanced is her nose. Though a more defined nose can be achieved by makeup, contouring skills, and the right lighting, her nose just seems so different. In the before picture, she didn’t really have defined nasal bridge and in the after picture, there’s a clear straight line, and her nose bridge is definitely raised. This indicates that she’s probably had some work done on her nose by doing a rhynoplasty surgery.

3. Kim Ah-joong’s Jaw Transformation

Moving on to the next feature that seemed to change, which is her jawline. Though the before picture was taken when she was in high school, and it’s possible that her face structure could have changed since then, it’s highly unlikely that her jaw size suddenly reduced that much!

Earlier she had the typical Korean square jaw, which gave her a quite masculine look, but now her face looks slimmer and she has an oval shaped face, giving her a much more feminine look. It’s possible that she did the jaw reduction surgery or V-line surgery. These procedures are supposed to help to reduce the size of the jaw by shaving off the jawbone. This jaw surgery seems like to be the one that really transformed her face, as it made the biggest difference.