All About Korean Actress Kang So-ra: Profile, Relationships, Movies, etc.

Kang So-ra’s Relationships

Up until now, there has only been one man who has been reported to be dating this alluring lady, and that is Hyun-bin. They had reportedly been dating since October 2016, and they went public in December of the same year. Sadly, after just over year, this couple decided to break up. It was said that the reason for their split was their really busy schedules, and this led to their decision to go separate ways. They ended things on good terms, and will still remain friends and support each other as fellow actors.

Kang So-ra’s Diet

Now here’s the part that you guys have been waiting for, Kang So-ra’s diet plan and how she maintains her wonderful figure. When she was in school, she confessed that her weight was 72kg (158lbs) and now in her official website, it’s listed there that she weighs in at only 48kg (105lbs), though it is later revealed on MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” that her real weight starts with digit 5 in terms of kg.

To achieve her beautiful figure right now, Kang So-ra made some drastic changes in her lifestyle. She said that she used to eat an entire pizza or a whole cake in one serving, and now she totally has cut off those bad habits. Her diet is not too extreme can be followed easily by everyone.

Here is the summary of Kang So-ra’s successful diet plan. Check it out!

1. Cut Out Junk Food

First things first, if you really want to start to lose weight and live a healthier life then you should really cut your junk food intake! No matter how hard this might sound, this step is necessary, as you won’t lose any weight if you keep munching on those high-calorie snacks! So start replacing your junk food with healthier alternatives!

2. Eat Three Meals a Day

Kang So-ra doesn’t recommend us to skip meals, instead The Kang So-ra diet features three meals a day, and you should follow this way of eating faithfully.

For breakfast, she usually eats fruits, nuts, and yogurt. Then for lunch, she eats half a bowl of rice and some vegetables, like fried rice or bibimbap. She sometimes also goes for porridge, such as pumpkin porridge, red bean porridge, and black sesame porridge. As for snacks, she likes to enjoy a bowl of pumpkin soup. Lastly, for dinner, she usually goes for a sweet potato and steamed cabbage, but sometimes she would swap it out for salad and some meat. Doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

3. No Late Night Snacks

Another red flag that you should avoid is late night snacks. Yes, do not eat later than 6pm, as you don’t have that much activity around that time so it’s best if you just skip this bad habit. If you really can’t control yourself, then once in a while you can do this, but opt for healthier snacks. After all you do not want all your hard work to be in vain, do you?

4. Exercise!

If you really want to lose weight, another thing that you should not skip is exercise. Although many of you probably find this exhausting, and think you are too lazy to do it, exercising is important as this can helps you loose weight faster. For Kang So-ra, she started to do ballet or pilates. These exercises combine cardio as well as weight training, which is perfect for sculpting that S-line body that makes every girl envie her!

If you think ballet and pilates are too hard, then for beginner you can also start exercising with those K-pop dance workouts that get you excited to get in shape.

5. Cheat Day

As for Kang So-ra, she also has some favorite dishes that she just can not give up, so she decided to make a cheat day once a week to satisfy her craving. You could do this too to eat your favorite meal once in a while but remember, don’t go overboard!

So that is Kang So-ra’s diet plan. Doesn’t look too intimidating, right? Well, here I present you with more photos of Kang So-ra to get you motivated to start this diet. Check these out!