All About Korean Actress Kang So-ra: Profile, Relationships, Movies, etc.

If you are fan of Korean dramas and movies then you might be familiar with this actress, as you have probably already seen this alluring lady a couple times. Yes, Kang So-ra has starred on a good number of Korean dramas since 2010, but she made her debut on the big screen in the 2009 horror movie 4th Period Mystery. In 2009, she had also already made some appearances in several music videos. Another thing that really made her catch the public eye was her successful diet story, how she managed to lose 24kg (52lbs) and how she has maintained it up until now. She is also famous for her super sexy legs. I bet you a lot of you guys want to know about her secrets, but don’t worry! We’ll reveal it if you just keep on reading!

Kang So-ra’s Profile

Kang So-ra was born on 18th February 1990 in Gangdong district, Seoul, South Korea. Ever since she was a child, she always aspired to be an actress when she grew up. She was also interested in music and dancing then. Kang So-ra is also pretty fluent in English, as she has learned it since she was a kid through the Disney videos that her mom showed her. She can also pick up a little bit of Russian, as she learned that for her role in the drama Misaeng. After graduating high school, she earned a degree in Theater and Film from Dongguk University, South Korea. This is when she started making a few music video appearances. Right now, she is also one of the brand ambassadors for Dongguk University along with fellow celebrities Park Min-young and Son Na-eun.

Though she has made a fair amount of music video appearances and played a few minor roles in Korean television, she really made it big through her award winning film Sunny in 2011, where she played a tomboyish teenager. Other than Sunny, she has also made other hit movies too, such as Brave, My Paparotti, and Uhm Bok-dong. In the following years, her career only seemed to skyrocket as she continuously appeared to be playing lead roles on television dramas, such as teen musical Dream High 2 in 2012 and family drama Ugly Alert in 2013.

Kang So-ra gained more recognition after starring in two hit series.  In 2014, she played on medical drama Doctor Stranger, which was a success in China with 400 million views. Then she starred in a workplace drama comedy, Misaeng, which was called a “cultural phenomenon” in South Korea. This success was again followed by lead roles in 2015 romantic comedy drama, Warm and Cozy, together with Yoo Yeon-seok, and law drama My Lawyer, Mr. Jo in 2016. In 2017, she was cast in a cycling film Uhm Bok-dong.

Currently she works under Plum Entertainment, and she is still active in the Korean entertainment industry up until now. Her most recent Korean drama is Revolutionary Love in 2017, where she acts along with Choi Si-won.

Kang So-ra’s Reality Show Appearances

In 2011, Kang So-ra also was a cast on a famous Korean reality show that regularly aired on MBC, We Got Married, where she was in a virtual wedding, and she was paired up with Leeteuk from the phenomenal K-pop boy group Super Junior. She also made guest appearances in the serials Strong Heart and Top Gear Korea.

1. Kang So-ra on We Got Married

2. Kang So-ra on Strong Heart

3. Kang So-ra on Top Gear Korea

It seems that the The CEO of MBC network was impressed with her performance in We Got Married, as he invited her to be the MC along with Leeteuk for the MBC Music Festival in 2011, and the MBC Entertainment Awards in 2012. She also MC’ed the 31st Golden Disc Awards on tvN. In 2013, she also became the brand ambassador for Lexus Hybird Korea, as can be seen in the following pictures below.