All About Kang Hee-gun (Kang Gary)

Kang Gary’s Comeback as a Rapper

In October 2017, after announcing his marriage, Kang Gary seemed to disappear from Korean music. However, the former member of Running Man was a success in surprising fans, because of a single release, entitled “Concern“.

On his new singles, Gary seemed to invite listeners to leave a little time to relax. Interestingly, those parts of the lyrics expressed feelings from the rapper who was born in 1978 about his love to his wife.

The single “Concern” was flooded with netizen’s comments. They were also happy that Kang Gary finally made a comeback with his single “Concern” which was so good to hear.

Rapper of Hip-Hop duo, Leesang’s Kang Gary and His Wife Welcomed Their Baby Boy!

On November 2017, Kang Gary surprised fans with a photo he posted on instagram.

kang gary's baby

“Gary Junior” – He posted along with the caption.

He also posted the same thing on his China social media account to let the fans know the happy news that Kang Gary is officially the father of a baby boy!

After his departure from Running Man, Kang Gary always seems to surprise fans. Not long after his resignment from the variety show, he announced his marriage to a non-celebrity woman in Jeju Island, and the baby was born with only seven months after the marriage.

Kang Gary and His Baby

Being super happy and excited to be a father of his baby boy, Kang Gary uploaded another picture on his Instagram. In the picture, he holds the baby in his arms, and is looking directly into the baby’s face. Unsure about Kang Gary’s expression behind the mask and white bucket hat he wears, we can predict he is happy to see the baby is healthy.

Kang Gary came to public and did an interview after his marriage and birth of his baby. He said that his life is now 70% baby caring and 30% producing music. He’s been living as a father, and taking care of his family. He also added that he wife and himself take care of the baby very well, just like any other couple would do. Kang Gary also said that he will be focusing on baby care and production, and in the future, he will stand in front of everyone again with well-made music.

Kang Gary Finally Speaks Up About His Departure from “Running Man”

Kang Gary

Kang Gary, who has been away from the public since leaving the variety show on SBS Running Man in 2016, many people asked about his existence. After leaving the program and unexpected marriage, Sport Chosun on January 2018 made the rapper of Hip-Hop duo Leessang, Kang Gary opened up about many issues and questions surrounding him for the first time. Here is the highlight of the reason why he decided to leave the biggest variety show in South Korea; Running Man.

Question : A lot of people think you secluded yourself after leaving ‘Running Man’, getting married, and having a baby.

Kang Gary : To be honest, I didn’t think people will take it as me secluding myself. I thought, I have given my farewell enough, and I thought the public will also think that way. Also, when I decided to leave ‘Running Man’, I clearly expressed my thoughts to the members and they respected my opinion. Of course, I understand why some may feel that I’ve secluded myself, but when you really look at it, I’ve just returned to the ‘old me’. Before ‘Running Man’, I was never told I’m secluding myself when I didn’t show up on broadcasts or promote to focus solely on album production. 

In the past, it was common for me to not leave the house for a month when preparing Leessang’s albums. I’m living that way now, but baby care and family have been added on to it. Look at my hair, it’s long like this because I haven’t gotten it cut for so long. I’m not the type who can focus on multiple things at once (laugh).

Question : Was there a specific reason that led you to leave ‘Running Man’ in 2016?

Kang Gary : I wanted to focus on music but ultimately, shortly before I decided to leave the show, I found myself wondering if I’m really doing my part well on ‘Running Man’. I worked hard, but I couldn’t get rid of the thought that I might actually be causing harm. 

My character was running out, and I believed there wasn’t much I could show anymore, and that thought kept circulating in my mind. Of course, at the time, my peers told me, ‘Why are you thinking that way? Don’t worry. They’re family’ but I came to think that there isn’t anything more I can do for the show. And just look at ‘Running Man’ now. They’re with new members and aren’t they so funny? I’m very happy.

Question : But you must miss ‘Running Man’ from time to time since you’ve been with them for a long time.

Kang Gary : There are no envious thoughts, regrets, or wishes to go back. As I said earlier, I strongly had the thought that ‘I’m not doing well’ so I’m still sorry for that part.


Last Words from Kang Gary before the Interview ended :

“There are no specific plans to share yet, but I’m continuously and habitually working on producing. If I was a ‘snakey person’ then I probably have stayed on ‘Running Man’ and lived as I have. ‘Running Man’ is an amazing program. I was shocked every time I felt its popularity in Asia. If I stayed, then I probably have gained a lot, but I couldn’t. I’ll focus on baby care and production, and stand in front of everyone again with well-made music.”

running man selca

Kang Gary is really a talented person just like the public that knows him really well. He is also a kind-hearted guy while off-screen and having so many friends and relatives with other public figure. He puts in his best effort and works hard to be successful until the day we know him as a musician and entertainer. We all remember Kang Gary as the funniest member of Running Man, and for Monday Couple.There’s a lot of things we can’t forget about Kang Gary, and we are so thankful that Kang Gary has succeed at making us laugh a lot, and it’s time for him to focus on what he loves to do the most for his career path, as well as his responsibility as a father and husband to his family. Let’s all hope the best for Kang Gary in the future, and hope that he’ll make an appearance on television again!