All About Kang Hee-gun (Kang Gary)

Agency and The “Running Man” speak up about Kang Gary’s Sudden Marriage

After the previous news that made fans excited, the announcement Kang Gary made through his Instagram account, Kang Gary’s agency, Yangbans, finally released a statement. The agency also admitted to not knowing anything about Kang Gary’s marriage.

We also don’t know about Gary’s wedding plan.” said the representatives of Yangbans. “We received the news right before he (Gary) announce this through Instagram. In addition to Gary’s post through Instagram, we can’t talk any further information about it.”

A source from Running Man said that they admitted that they didn’t know about Kang Gary’s wedding. “No one knews about Kang Gary’s wedding. All of us are surprised to hear the news.”

“I don’t know. I’m so surprised to see a post on social media. He didn’t tell the staff or his friends about the relationship, especially for his marriage,” said a source who’s close to Kang Gary. “Many of his celebrity friends are also surprised. They had no idea,” said another source.

Who is Kang Gary’s wife?

who is kang gary's wife?

According to eDaily’s exclusive reports in January 2018, Kang Gary’s wife was hired to work at Leessang Company, which Gary co-founded with Gil; the other member of Hip-Hop duo, Leessang.  Gary’s Wife; Ms. Kim, worked at Leessang Company for 5 years, and then resigned. There’s no one at the company who noticed or knew about Ms. Kim  and Kang Gary’s relationship, nor did they find out who Kang Gary’s mysterious wife was until their baby was born on November 2017. According to the source, Ms. Kim is 10 years younger than Kang Gary.

According to Sport Chosun from the exclusive interview,  Kang Gary has been asked to introduce his wife, but he didn’t gave detailed information about his wife.

I want to mention my wife the least amount possible. My wife and family have been hurt greatly due to rumors and malicious comments. I don’t care about malicious comments about me, but when I saw bad comments about my wife, I couldn’t go to bed because it kept coming back to my mind at night. We did not have a lavish wedding. We’re just living happily while taking care of our baby, just like any other couple.”

Kang Gary has also been asked about his wedding reception with his wife, and he said he never wanted to have a wedding. They just officially became a couple after submitting registration for marriage. Kang Gary said if his wife wanted a wedding then they would’ve had a small one with his wife wearing a pretty dress, but his wife had similar thoughts to him. They also didn’t have a wedding photo shoot. They only left one photo from their selca back when they went for honeymoon, and it became their wedding photo.

Kang Gary Shuts Down His Instagram Account

A few moments after Kang Gary decided to leave Running Man, he made the fans worried about the actual condition of his real life. Many fans figured out what happened to the leader rapper of Hip-Hop duo, Leessang. After a few hours about Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook’s departure from Running Man went viral on December 2016, Kang Gary deleted all his Instagram photos and unfollowed everyone. Neither Kang Gary nor his agency offered any explanation for deleting all of his 88 photos on Instagram, Gary also unfollowed all of his colleagues and friends amounting to a total of 145 accounts.

Not until then, Kang Gary uploaded one picture that shows himself sitting with Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook next to him. The black and white photo was taken when they were filming Running Man, the three members are smiling together.

Kang Gary

You’ve worked really really really hard. Thank you. 👏👏👏👍👍👍” Kang Gary wrote as a caption to his previous post.

Fans and the public are speculating that this could be Kang Gary’s way of expressing his disappointment about the news. Viewers of Running Man also noticed the atmosphere in the variety show after Kang Gary’s resignation, and they speculated the possible end of the show. The fans might think the other members would follow Kang Gary’s resignation or that there will be another concept for the variety show.

The Producers and executives of Running Man have already released an official apology regarding the incident, critics, and other celebrities also can’t help but feel bad about this news. While waiting for Kang Gary’s official statement, “Running Man” producers have already stated that Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong-kook won’t be leaving the show anymore and instead, the show will be put into an end in February 2017 with the six members of the show.

On May 2017, Kang Gary deleted all of his photos again from his personal Instagram account with no apparent reason. Neither his agency nor himself made an official statement as to why he deleted his Instagram posts. He acted in a mysterious manner, as he announced a surprise wedding with a non-celebrity woman and shocked fans along with the industry in general. Apparently, none of his close friends foresaw a wedding announcement or knew that he was dating someone at that time.

Another news that successfully shocked the public was that Kang Gary also changed his phone number, and didn’t tell his co-workers from Running Man about his new number since he hasn’t been in touch with the production staff. Song Ji-hyo mentioned that the news is true when she attended a fan meeting and was asked about Kang Gary’s marriage.

Song Jihyo with Gary

“I’m a bit sad as I only found out about it from the news. I wish Gary oppa a happy marriage. He also changed his contact number, so I hope he’ll contact us.” – Song Ji-hyo.

They wished that Kang Gary would contact them soon to catch up.

On June 2017, Kang Gary returned to his Instagram account form a month and half after deleting all his posts and moments of “disappearing”. Fans were glad to see Kang Gary’s long-awaited posts on his Instagram and seeing his daily routine and activities. The first post he made was a photo taken on his previous holiday with a beautiful beaches scene in Hawaii. It was the very first time he was back to communicating with his fans through social media since he deleted every post on May 2017.



kang gary first post

Kang Gary’s Appearance After His Marriage

gary in hawaii with fan

On May 2017, a picture of Kang Gary was leaked on the internet. Fans were surprised to see a picture of him after the previous shocking news about Kang Gary’s marriage with a non-celebrity woman. The Rapper of Leessang; Kang Gary was seen the Pok’ai Bay On Waianae, Hawaii. “I ran into a member ‘Running Man’ my favorite one, Gary. I almost cried when you see it,” wrote the netter.

Gary also served the fans who wanted to take pictures with him. Just likely as the tourists on a vacation, in the photo Gary looked so relaxed and wore a shirt without sleeves. Not only that, Gary also appeared to smile bright when he posed with the fan. Well, it was a lucky moment to meet Gary.

gary with fan in japan

After his vacation in Hawaii, Gary was spotted in Japan and a fan managed to take a picture with him. Different from before, the appearance of Gary now seemed more manly after his marriage. The rapper’s real name Kang Hee-gun is seen to have a mustache and beard. Meanwhile, in the photo Gary seemed casual and relaxed in a white t-shirt. He was seen showing a smile bright when taking a photo with fans.