All About Kang Hee-gun (Kang Gary)

Running Man” Kang Gary’s Scandal

Kang Gary Scandal

On September 2015, a shocking video was leaked on the internet. The duration is about four-minutes and was filmed at a place like a hotel room. It was a sex tape that showed the alleged singer and an unclothed unidentified woman. When the video was filmed and leaked on the internet, many people speculated it was Leessang’s Kang Gary. The reason that directed people to the idea that the rapper was the person in the video is the man’s tattoo on his hand.

Kang Gary’s agency spoke up and provided some evidence that the man on the sex tape wasn’t Kang Gary. “We have gotten hold of the video starring someone who looks similar to Gary and checked it out. He is someone who is a lookalike of Gary. After watching the video, even I thought, ‘Could it be?’ But after a closer look, it was not Gary but a person who looked like him”. The agency added that they wanted to take strong action to this but  they decided to back down because of Kang Gary’s thoughtfulness. “Gary is a victim but so are the man and woman in the video. Kang Gary said that since the man may be misunderstood by the public and be inconvenienced, he just said to bury this case. The video is continuously being spread, and though Gary didn’t say much, someone out there thinks it is Gary. We thought it’d be better to tell the truth instead of letting the misunderstanding escalate.We plan to talk with Gary to reveal our official statement soon.

Kang Gary Confirmed to Leave “Running Man” After 6 Years

Running Man

On October 25, 2016, Running Man announced that Kang Gary will be leaving leaving the show. He’s permanently leaving the popular variety show which aired on SBS. According to the reports, the reason behind Kang Gary’s departure was due to his desire to focus on music. In early 2016, he told the show that he planned to leave. The producers explained that he expressed a desire to focus on his music, and revealed that he wanted to invest more times in music. While the staff and cast tried to change his mind, Kang Gary stuck with his previous decision and didn’t change on his future plans. As a result, the “Running Man” staff decided to respect Gary’s decision to pursue his main field as a musician.

Kang Gary has been a part of the SBS variety show Running Man for 6 years since July 2010, and his last day filming was on October 31, 2016. “We sincerely thank Gary for putting everything into the show for [six] years, as one of the original members of Running Man. Gary wishes to focus on his career as a musician and we wish him the best.” said The Production staff of Running Man.

Running Man’s PD Revealed Behind Kang Gary’s Farewell & Last Episode

Kang Gary Last Episode

In November 2016, Jung Cheolmin, as the producer of the variety show Running Man, spoke up about what’s really happening behind the scene when they were filming episode of 324, which was the final episode for Kang Gary. Jung PD said that the episode was pretty emotional.

After the cast and staff held a farewell party with Kang Gary, Jung PD said that Kang Gary tried not to cry in front of everybody who attended the farewell party. Kang Gary even promised to read the letters written on his own to cry in private.

Song Ji-hyo, the actresses who’s known to be really close to Kang Gary can’t hold back her tears at the farewell dinner that was held after shooting the last episode. She cried in front of the camera while filming the episode of 324. “Song Jihyo was angry ever since the first time she heard the news of the departure of Gary, and other members are also sad.said Jung PD to OSEN via Naver.

song jihyo cry

Jung PD praised the hardwork of the six members of Running Man just like in every episode before the final episode with Kang Gary. When Kang Gary was joking about the possibility of coming back and joining the show, Jung PD said “If you want to, tell me anytime.”

The final episode with Kang Gary is a mission called “Memory Hunters”. The mission requires every members to run a distance of a total of 77 thousand miles if you want to get a present for Gary and take certain items in the studio Gary without realizing his object. However, behind the mission, there was a mission that was to be done in secret by all the personnel except for Gary.

kang gary last episode

It was such a sad episode knowing that Kang Gary will be a former member of Running Man. Saying goodbye and remembering the memories with one by one member. The six members gave a gift and a letter of farewell for him. The cast, production staffs, also viewers are saying goodbye to him on his last appearance on the variety show that made his name big, and gave him so much popularity. We will remember Kang Gary forever as a Running Man member.

Kang Gary’s Marriage

Kang Gary

On April 2017, Kang Gary successfully shocked the public through one of his posts on his Instagram @kang_gary8888. The former Running Man member announced surprising news.

Without any notice earlier, Kang Gary announced that he had gotten married that day. The comedian and singer also revealed that he did not hold a wedding reception.

I signed contracts to hundreds of years with someone these days,” wrote Gary on his recent uploaded. “We decided to become a husband and wife without a wedding ceremony. My wife is a non-celebrity that made my soul shaken suddenly. There are a lot of people who will surely be surprised with the announcement of a sudden this but I hope you can be happy for our new future.” He continued. “We will live happily ever after. It was Gary.”

Although he surprised his fans with the sudden news, he still got support, and his fans congratulated him as well.