All About Kang Hee-gun (Kang Gary)

The Lovely “Monday Couple

Monday Couple

As a big fans of Running Man, we all know that they always look good together, and appear almost like true lovers. It’s said that when a celebrity start dating or if there’s any rumors spread about the two of them, he or she will lose many fans, but that’s not what happened with Kang Gary and Song Ji-hyo. They have really captured fans hearts, and the fans want them to be together and make their relationship official. If you don’t know what Monday Couple is, don’t worry! We have some previews and some of their fun facts below that you should know!

  1. Throwback to the first episode of Running Man’s history: on October 2010, Haha, Kang Gary and Song Ji-hyo were in a love-triangle-relationship. Haha coined the term “Monday Couple”, and said that Kang Gary and Song Ji-hyo decided to go out every Monday; the day when they shoot Running Man.

    Monday Couple
  2. Song Ji-hyo mentioned in an interview that she finds Kang Gary very attractive and cute.
  3. In December 2015, Kang Gary revealed in an interview that he saved Song Ji-hyo’s phone number as Monk-Ji” on his phone. He said that it was also a pet nickname for Song Ji-hyo. “Monk” basically means something like mind-blank situation and “Ji” refers to Ji-hyo.

    Monday Couple
  4. Singer Kim Jong-kook is their closest friend and also supports the Monday Couple. He said in an interview that Kang Gary and Song Ji-hyo need to go out at some point soon. If they do, it will be good for Running Man.

    RM 3
  5. On one of the episode of Running Man, “Flower Boy Competition” aired on May 26, 2013. Song Ji-hyo said that Gary’s better looking than actor; Kim Soo-hyun.
  6. December 2011, Kang Gary tweeted a photoshopped Monday Couple’s wedding photo with a caption “This has nothing to do with the reality. It’s just for a laughter!”

    Monday Couple
  7. There was news spread out back in February 2012 that Song Ji-hyo dated the CEO of her entertainment agency, Baek Chang-Joo CEO of CJ Entertainment. The news made Kang Gary respond to the effect of Monday Couple. He tweeted as a reaction to the news, “Did we put in too much into our act?”. A few moments later, the entertainment news reporters confirmed Song Ji-hyo’s broke up in January 2015.

    song jihyo dispatch
  8. Monday Couple is not afraid to show their affection in public which is showed by a picture from Running Man’s after party in January 2015, Song Ji-hyo sat on Kang Gary’s lap and he had his arms around her slim waist in front of everyone in Running Man’s crew & staff.


What is Kang Gary’s ideal type?

Monday Couple

A few years ago, Kang Gary conducted interviews with China’s media, Sina Entertainment. Apart from moving into a career, in this interview he also discussed his personal life. Entering the age of 38 years, Kang Gary was asked if he had any wedding plans. The rapper of Leessang, Kang Gary has his own answer to the question. “I think I’m at the age that is suitable to marry. I don’t have a definite plan, but if I meet the right person for me, I’m gonna get married as soon as possible. I’m not the kind of guy who doesn’t plan on dating,” He said.

Talking about his ideal type of girl, Gary revealed no specific criteria for her. “My ideal type is always changing. But what never changes is that I like women who are innocent. It may be the ideal type every man, but I want to meet a girl a plain during the day and sexy at night,” he added.

Hearing the answer to Kang Gary, netter also think that that ideal type sounds like Song Ji-hyo. The actress who is always paired with him as a member in the program “Running Man”. “Gary, you’re too outspoken. Let’s just say your ideal type is Song Ji Hyo,” wrote netter. “The ideal Gary is very easy. It’s Ji Hyo, right? haha,” said netter.