All About Kang Hee-gun (Kang Gary)

Awards and Nominations

Kang Gary

Kang Gary won awards for his great variety skill on Running Man, such as the 4th SBS Entertainment Award (2010) as Variety New Star Award of Running Man, the  6th SBS Entertainment Award (2012) with an  Excellence Award in Variety of Running Man,  the 7th SBS Entertainment Award  (2013) with a  Viewers Choice Popularity of Running Man.

Fun Facts About Kang Hee-gun a.k.a Kang Gary

Kang Gary
  1. Many fans know that Kang Gary has a great variety of skills from his appearance every week on Running Man, but sometimes the public forgets that he’s actually a good rapper. He started as a member of a Hip-Hop duo Leessang, and released solo albums in recent years.

  2. Kang Gary has great dancing skill. He once won a dance competition. He defeated some of the popular Korean Idol Group members, such as Moon Hee-jun and Jang Woo-hyuk from H.O.T.

    Kang Gary
  3. He has basically been a master of the 8th rank in martial art skills for the last 10 years, and has the label of an amateur boxer.
  4. Kang Gary is skilled at money counting, wushu, and nunchucks.
  5. He is so kind and he has a warm heart. Actor Cha In-Pyo said that Kang Gary donated so many clothes to Africa.
  6. Being in the Korean entertainment industry, Kang Gary was scouted by SM Entertainment; which is one of the big 3 agencies in South Korea that many popular artist are represented by. But, Kang Gary made his own decision, rejected the offer, and went to sign up with another label.
  7. Kang Gary with his partner from Leessang, Gil opened up a restaurant called Pal Ja Mak Chang (팔자막창) which is known for it’s menu; Mak Chang. His restaurant has 2 branches, one of which is located in Gangnam and the other near Konkuk Universit. From recent information, Kang Gary has opened another restaurant branch in a different location.
    Kang Gary

    Kang Gary

  8. Kang Gary really loves his mother. He sang a song for his mother at the top of Macau Tower expressing how he really misses his mother.
  9. Kang Gary is a hard-worker. His career path has shown that he always works really hard to be successful, as we can see now.
  10. Besides being a rapper and an entertainer, Kang Gary also writes lyrics and makes songs. He writes meaningful lyrics about life. He has always made music in a lot of different genre, and he was even a member of a Hip-Hop group.

    Kang Gary
  11. On Running Man, Kang Gary has the nickname Peaceful Gary, Monday Boyfriend (Monday Couple), and Gaecholas Cage.

    Peaceful Gary
  12. His fellow members on Running Man also have a special nickname for him that made him upset every time he heard it. They would call him Ojingeo, which means Squid in English.

    kang gary squid
  13. Kang Gary mentioned that one of his favorite episodes of Running Man is “True Gary Show” episode 60.
  14. He can also act well. It has been proved by his cameos in some Korean movies. He also appeared in his mate from Running Man’s movie,Song Ji-hyo’s Emergency Couple as a cameo.

    kang gary emergency couple
  15. As a big fans of Running Man, it’s not a secret anymore that Kang Gary is has eyes for Song Ji-hyo. He acts sweetly towards Song Ji-hyo and is considerate to her and always protects her. Kang Gary continues being Song Ji-hyo’s guardian, and whenever she betrays him or tears his name tag, he doesn’t blame her. Many fans shipped them together and hoped that they will become a true lovers in the future, so the fans gave a nickname to Kang Gary and Song Ji-hyo as  Monday Couple.

    Monday Couple
  16. Kang Gary’s fans are so loyal to him. He is a kind-hearted man who doesn’t forget that his fans are supporting him. Considering fanservice, Kang Gary once played the Pepero game with a local fan, and it turned out that he accidentally pecked the fan’s lips. Another fact that proves that he lovse his fans is he sang a birthday song to another female fan, and gave her a warm hug. He’s so sweet, isn’t he?