All About Korean Actor Kang Eun-tak: Profile, Girlfriend, and Drama List

Kang Eun-tak

MBC Drama

Kang Eun-tak is a South Korean actor whose name became popular when he appeared in the 2006 historical period drama, Jumong. He was cast in a supporting role, Chansoo. Jumong was also his debut in the Korean entertainment industry. Since then, he has been cast in several TV series. Among his roles as supporting actors, he has played the lead roles in the television series Land of Gold and Apgujeong Midnight Sun. For the drama ‘Apgujeong Midnight Sun’, Kang received an award at the 2015 MBC Drama Awards for Best New Actor, in the category Serial Drama. Kang Eun-tak is a stage name. He was born by the name Shin Seul-gi.

Kang Eun-tak’s Profile

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Born Name: Shin Seul-gi
Career Name: Kang Eun Tak
Birthday: August 16, 1982 (age 35)
Nationality : South Korea
Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts – Department of Theatre
Years active: 2006-present
Agent:  Dodeum Entertainment
Parent(s): Shin Woo-cheol
Height: 182cm
Weight: 76kg
Star sign: Leo

Movies List:

  • 2013 Secretly, Greatly as NIS Agent
  • 2014 The Road Called Life as Student at copper mine (segment “A Lucky Day”)
  • 2015 Sunshine as Kang Shin-woong

TV Series list:

  • 2006 Jumong as Chan-soo in MBC
  • 2008 East of Eden as Han Soo-jae in MBC
  • 2010 A Good Day for the Wind to Blow as Choi Ki-chul in KBS1
  • 2014 Land of Gold as Kang Woo-chang in KBS2
  • 2014 Apgujeong Midnight Sun as Jang Hwa-eom in MBC
  • 2015 Beautiful You as Ha Jin-hyung in MBC
  • 2015 Great Stories: I.M.Father as Kang Ji-ho after 2015 (Cameo) in TV Chosun
  • 2016 Bubbly Lovely as Park Woo-hyuk in SBS

Kang Eun-tak and Kim So-eun in ‘A Good Day for the Wind to Blow’

KBS Drama

In 2010, Kang Eun-tak was cast in the KBS1 drama ‘A Good Day for the Wind to Blow’ also known as a Fine Windy Day. Before it was released, one of the major cast members was announced at last . The one major cast member missing in all the news was Kim So-eun‘s second love interest (the first is Jin Yi-han of Conspiracy in the Court and Who Are You). Turned out, the role was filled by 27-year-old newcomer Kang Eun-tak, of East of Eden and Jumong. The production also released the first cast photos of the two main families.

Kim So-eun played a feisty poor girl named Oh-bok, while Kang Eun-tak played the supportive “Daddy Long Legs” type of oppa, Ki-chul, who appears to comfort her when she’s facing difficulty . A love triangle forms between Oh-bok, Ki-chul, and the design leader of a major company named Dae-han, played by Jin Yi-han. (Some have tagged Ki-chul this drama’s Yoon Ji-hoo, aka Kim Hyun-joong’s character from Boys Before Flowers who was always around to help the girl, but ultimately didn’t win her love. While it wan’t explicitly stated which was the main pairing, it looks like was Jin Yi-han.) A secondary romance unfolded between the material girl Seo Hyo-rim and the son of a wealthy family played by Kang Ji-sub.

Kang Eun-tak said of his role, “I have a relatively large part compared to my newcomer status, but the dramas I’ve worked on, Jumong and East of Eden, have both had high viewership ratings. I’ll work hard on Fine Windy Day to make it a drama that can boast the year’s best ratings.”

Fine Windy Day had a the writer-director combo of Lee Deok-jae, who wrote Bizarre Bunch, and PD Lee Deok-gun, also of that drama and Likable or Not. It followed the highly rated (30%-plus) daily drama Everybody Cha Cha Cha. This romance-comedy drama premiered on February 1, 2010 and ended on October 1, 2010 with total 173 episodes.

Even though Kang Eun-tak was cast as the second lead male, the drama is still worth watching, isn’t it? Share your thoughts!

Kang Eun-tak’s Hidden Talents

MBC Drama

As an actor, his main skill is absolutely acting. Kang Eun-tak has already proven his acting skills in various dramas and movies he was cast in, as well as by the awards he has achieved. Despite his well known acting skill, Kang turns out have other talents that people may not know.

One of his hidden talents is martial arts. It was shown when he had to play a martial art scene on one of his drama series. Kang Eun-taek, who appeared in the variety show ‘Talk Mon’ on the 26th March 2018 told the MC that he was cast through an audition alongside his friend, and told them about the situation where he became a back-up dancer for’Ryu Hyun-chih’ and appeared in 727 times of daily drama.

I also recalled my past days when I talked about the story of being ‘Lee Kyung Hee’ and became the main actor.

The keyword “two side sidewalk” was used to demonstrate Taekwondo demonstration and Taekwondo skills, which he has been learning since childhood, and the MC and audience were stunned when he showed them his skills.

Besides his talent in martial arts, he also turns out to be able to dance very well. He also shared his story on the ‘Talkmon’ show. Kang, who boasted of his outstanding dance skills on the day, said, “I danced with my friends during high school. How did I audition for” Star Revolution, I went to the broadcasting station with a big heart and went to the dance team practice room. “

Then he continued ,” I knew, I was selected as a dancer, not to be on the entertainment panel. I had been broadcasting for about three months, but I had never done a dance, and I had never said a word.”

I danced behind them. Recently, however, Kim Chang – ryul asked me if he remembered me on the radio. “I said, ‘Looks like a person who does that.'” He laughed and said, “It’s weird if I remember. The next day I met him at the kittens’ house. However, my acquaintances were drinking alcohol. So I greeted them in a few decades.

However, despite the embarrassment caused by his dance performance, he was noticed by other people because of his dancing. Currently, Kang Eun-tak is studying for his next project while taking a break after his drama, and will come back to the screen soon!

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Kang Eun-tak’s Relationship

Until now, Kang Eun-tak has never openly talked about his relationship status. His agency, Dodeum Entertainment, has also never announced anything regarding Kang Eun-tak’s relationship status. This can mean that Kang Eun-tak is not currently in a relationship with anyone, or it can also mean that he is secretly dating someone.

No matter what his relationship status, Kang Eun-tak is very dedicated and is focusing on his career in the industry. Thus, his dating issue should not become barrier to his career path.

Whatever his status is right now, we hope Kang Eun-tak is happy and keeps doing well!