What’s the Best Website to Watch Korean Dramas On? 15 Websites Recommendation


Where to watch K-dramas?

Many people nowadays like to watch Korean dramas and variety shows that contain humor, romance, and mysterious scenes. Korean dramas often have an interesting plot that is quite relatable as the fictional story is presented in a way that resembles real life.

Korean dramas come in many different genres and stories. Still, some viewers love to watch romantic dramas, which are usually known to have the highest rating among the other genres.

Don’t waste your time and get ready to watch the newest dramas because we will provide you with information on how to watch the popular Korean dramas and the best websites to watch them!

Best 15 websites to watch Korean dramas


Korean drama on NETFLIX


This website (https://www.netflix.com) is one of the most known international websites. On Netflix, you have a free trial for 30 days to watch anything from this website, but you have to sign up and pay for a subscription after the limit. You can stream any drama, movie, or variety show through this website.

In the past, Netflix neither provided nor produced drama series from South Korea. But over time, due to high demand and the fast-paced spread of Korean culture across the world, Netflix started providing and producing their own K-Dramas. The latest K-Drama that you can watch on Netflix is Start Up, starring Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Kim Seon Ho. The plot is that Seo Dal Mi has dreams of becoming Korea’s own Steve Jobs, and with her genius first love, an investor, and a business insider by her side, her dream may be closer than she thinks.

Korean drama on VIU


Viu is also one of the best websites to watch Korean drama. Besides K-Drama, Viu also provided other dramas and reality shows. The viewers have to pay a monthly subscription fee after getting a free trial for 30 days. Viu is also known for its up-to-date drama, and you will catch up on every drama you want to watch!

There are many K-Dramas that you can watch here, and they provide various features. View Premium allows you to watch the latest episode 8 hours after the original telecast. Most websites aren’t this fast, or even accurate, in uploading with subs. You can watch Tale of the Nine Taled starred by Kim Bum, also The Beauty Inside by Seo Hyun Jin.

The latest dramas are True Beauty, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, 18 Again, My ID is Gangnam Beauty and many more. You can also search for K-drama based on your favorite actor or actress. So you can find and watch all of the Korean dramas starring your favorite artists!

Korean drama on MYASIANTV.SE


On this website (http://myasiantv.se), you can download Korean dramas with English hard subtitles, and the website updates fast right after the drama has been released in the Korean timezone. The website also shows the most downloaded Korean drama on the homepage to make the viewers catch up for the latest on-going Korean drama. This website is an attractive choice for drama lovers. The drama collection offered is fairly complete. The website doesn’t provide any other language except English for subtitles.

It also allows you to search for video highlights and complete episodes from within the app, making it easy and convenient for everyday mobile entertainment. Plus, the app is small, light, and stable, which means it isn’t a memory hog. You will also know which Korean dramas have ended or not.

You can easily stream the dramas on the website or download them right away. Not only that, but the site also inserts several advertisements on its website, where these advertisements help the site to be enjoyed for free. Using the site is very easy; you can search for dramas you want to watch via the search bar or click on the menu list; there are many interesting drama genres to watch.

Korean drama on ASIANCRUSH


Like the website name (https://www.asiancrush.com), the website provides many Asian dramas and movies to watch. If you saw the homepage of Asiancrush, there are a few lists on the sites’ top bar to determine what kind of movie and drama collections you want to watch. What makes Asiancrush a recommended website is that they provide many filters to find the movie genre’s latest recommendation.

Also, you can find a drama based on region or country. You can still access the website now. They always update their catalog so you can watch the latest K-Drama such as Love Empathy, We Didn’t Know Romance, Job Seeker from The North that tells about a North Korean spy that lives as an unemployed job seeker in South Korea to infiltrate into a major corporation in South Korea starring Choi Doo-won, Kim Na-yeon, Kwon Hyun-woo, Lee Yeon-joon, and Lee Kyung-work, and Plus-Minus that tells about college student Seo-Yeon has been hopelessly crushing on her sunbae Jun-hyuk for a while until the cheeky freshman guy she’s tutoring makes a play for her heart.

Korean drama on KISSASIAN


As you can see from the website’s title (http://kissasian.sh/), the website is not only provided for Korean dramas and other dramas and movies from Asia, such as Japan, Thailand, Hongkong, and many more. If you check out their homepage, it shows their latest updated drama with another tab, which shows their on-going series, top day, top week, top month, and most popular dramas. Using this website is also fairly easy; many menus can be used, such as the latest, popular, best-rated, order by year, order by title, and genre.

Unfortunately, the website now is not available for access. The reason why a website might not be available is often related to copyright issues. They moved their domain to https://kissasian.la/ so you can still enjoy watching your favorite K-Dramas anywhere and anytime. You can watch the latest K-Drama, such as True Beauty that tells about a high-school student Lim Ju-gyeong (Moon Ga-young), who rises to fame at school after she masters the art of make-up from YouTube. She turns into a goddess at school thanks to her make-up skills but would rather die than reveal her bare face to anyone.

Korean drama on VIKI


Next is Viki. This streaming service is indeed an Asian content specialist. From colossal dramas from the 2000s like Jewel In the Palace, modern dramas like Descendants of the Sun are all available here. Viki is a website with over 200+ dramas and is the only website other than Netflix with official copyright. This website provides many Asian dramas that mostly come from Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, etc. Viki (https://www.viki.com/) also provides a variety of shows.

This site owns the copyright for several plays, labeled as “Original Viki.” This website, unlike other websites, has both paid and free Korean drama viewing options. The site is one hundred percent legal, and there is also an in-app format available for your phone and tablet. The website’s homepage also shows a notification if any troubleshoot in drama has been fixed up so the viewers can easily re-download the dramas. Not only that, but Viki also has a fairly wide community, containing various kinds of film contributors and reviewers. To access all Viki content for free, you need to register yourself to create a Viki member account. Visit the site at viki.com.

Korean drama on GOODDRAMA.TO


This website is one of the best to watch Korean dramas online for free, among other websites. If you prefer streaming to downloading, you can go to this website (http://www.gooddrama.to/) to watch many good recommendations of Korean dramas and variety shows, anime, and many other dramas from Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, etc. It also provides a vast list of cartoons and animes to watch. It even has over 40 different genres for you to choose from. If you go to this website’s home page, there are many updated dramas or variety shows with hard English subtitles ready to watch. There are three playlists to watch, so you don’t have to worry if there’s a server problem.

The collection of dramas on this website is larger than any other similar website. Even though the site has many Korean dramas ranging from old school to new releases, it doesn’t detract from their quality. The subtitles on this site are updated almost immediately and are of good quality. The best thing about this site is you do not have to pay a cent to watch and download these dramas.

Korean drama on DRAMAGO


Have you ever waited forever for a drama to be uploaded with English subs? This site offers the most recent along with the oldest Asain dramas and also movies for you to enjoy. This site can be an interesting solution for viewers who are bored with TV shows. When it comes to streaming, this website (http://www.dramago.com) will be the best recommendation to watch every Korean drama, and they have hard English subtitles to make the viewers watch dramas easier. Dramago also provides a synopsis before watching the drama to read the drama’s main plot before watching it.

This official site is available in most countries globally and is certainly a good choice if you want to watch famous Korean dramas. This site has an impressive collection of plays across various genres. The texts are easy to follow and have a good vocabulary, and are easy and quite up to date for the latest Korean dramas. Dramas and movies can also be viewed from different devices. Keep in mind, though, that the site is loaded with ads.

Korean drama on SMALLENCODE


This website (https://smallencode.com/category/k-drama/) is also among the best websites to watch Korean drama. If you check out their homepage, it only shows the title of the latest updated Korean drama, and when you click the drama, it shows the drama details with a plot, notes, and cast. If you scroll down, you can see the list of the drama episodes with each of the videos’ qualities in 480p, 540p, and 720p. This website, like any other website, offers tons of Korean dramas in its collection.

Unfortunately, the website now is not available for access. The reason, as usual, is probably related to copyright issues. There are several dramas worth watching in the collection. The site has also updated some of the subtitles to make it more true to the original. Not only Korean dramas but also films and shows such as variety show from other Asian countries. It is up to date with the most recent drama, and there are various dramas to choose from. Also, they tend to have loads of those older Asian dramas. It has dramas dating back to 2006, Korean, Japanese, Twainese, Chinese, and others.

Korean drama on NEWSASIANTV.CH


On this website (http://www1.newasiantv.ch), they have also updated Korean dramas and variety shows. Like the other websites, this one also shows up the updated dramas and variety shows on the homepage. You can also easily download the dramas from this website with an English hard subtitle through IDM. The site is one of the most used websites to watch and download Asian dramas. The existing web page design is smooth and simple, which provides an excellent user experience.

Unfortunately, the website now is not available for access. Often, this kind of websites move around and change their domains. They are known for being up to date in releasing the newest episodes.  Furthermore, it provides an A-Z index of dramas and movies that you can choose from. Also, it provides information on upcoming dramas. This site features lots of interesting latest dramas. You can watch and download dramas with English subs for free.

Korean drama on DramaQu


Different from other sites, this DramaQu download site only provides Korean dramas, complete with subtitles. There are various Korean drama genres, from comedy, action, school, fantasy, romance, thriller, etc. Besides, to make it easier for K-drama lovers who want to watch online, the DramaQu site also provides several live streaming link options.

Romantic Korean dramas and the reality show Running Man is also available at Vidio. Interestingly enough, popular Korean film series such as The World of the Married, Reply 1988, Goblin, Doctor Stranger, Strong Girl Bong Soon can be enjoyed by Vidio customers. The overall usage and user interface of this website is straightforward and quite simple to use. Subtitles and video quality are up to standard and easy to follow. This site does not require any login and has free content available for users.

Korean drama on Dramacool


Once you enter the Dramacool website, you are free to hunt for any Korean drama as much as you like. This website has many types of films that can be watched by film lovers, ranging from the genre of drama, horror, action, documentary, comedy, and others. The appearance of the Dramacool site is quite pleasant with not too many advertisements and is simple. This site can be selected as a way to download Korean dramas that are fast and easy. Apart from various Korean dramas, there are also Asian films available here with formats varying from 240 to 720p HD.

The subtitles on this site are updated very quickly and are of good quality. This site is available in most countries around the world and is free to watch without logging in. Some popular drama series such as The World of The Married, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and many more can be watched through the site. This website is also recommended for minors with special systems. However, please note that this site tends to have advertisements.

Korean drama on WeTV


WeTV is Tencent Video’s international streaming platform and was released in 2019. Surprisingly, it was instantly popular among all websites for watching Korean dramas in Asia. This top-rated platform is here and presents many shows that you can enjoy on various devices. Since this is a new site, there are fewer drama titles than other older websites, but more and more are broadcasting fast. WeTV is also available as an app, which is very convenient for many users.

Many Korean dramas can be watched on this streaming site. Users can access the address and select the Korean film or drama that they want to watch. Korean dramas, but WeTV also presents various variety shows and content about top idols in Korea such as BTS, Blackpink, Twice, and many more. From feature films, TV shows, documentaries, and exclusive films to anime, you can enjoy them without commercial cuts.

Korean drama on FastDrama


Fastdrama.org is a website with a decent number of dramas to be included in the list; especially, it has good quality videos. The site is also one of the well known Asain sites. It also consists of various Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dramas for you to unwind to. The simple interface makes it easy to navigate and search whatever drama series and movies you may like.

The number of servers also ensures that we can watch the drama without any problems. This official site is available in most countries globally and is certainly a good choice if you want to watch famous Korean dramas. This free website has a simple user interface, and no login required. Even though several advertisements appear, this website has subtitles that are easy to understand.

Korean drama on Kocowa


This subscription-based website is very similar to other legal websites that allow streaming and downloading. This website is only available in North and South America. However, the content has instant updates, with quality subtitles. This site is also quite up to date about the latest dramas with good quality subtitles. Dramas are uploaded within one day of their broadcast, which is the main advantage of this site. All kinds of plays, new and old, are available for free with secure access.

The site is quite popular among drama fans, whether it be Korean, Chinese, or Taiwanese. It offers dramas, movies, and various TV shows, fashion, and lifestyle videos from many countries. One of the most notable highlights of the site is that it offers subtitles in many languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, etc. However, unlike the above streaming sites, some dramas have to be paid to be streamed on Kocowa. However, the site has enormous dramas from different countries with English subs to choose from.

We have reached the end of our list of popular websites recommended to watch your favorite Korean dramas. For more information, don’t forget to stay tuned on Channel-Korea and catch up with all the Korean dramas and your favorite artists!