All About K-Drama: What’s the Best Website to Watch Korean Dramas On?

Are You a Fan of K-Drama?

There are a lot of people nowadays who likes to watch Korean dramas and also variety show that contains humor, romance, and mysterious scenes. Korean drama mostly has interesting stories that came up from the fiction story and made as if it’s happened in real life.

Korean drama has many different genre and story but some of the viewers love to watch romantic dramas which are usually known to have the highest rating among the other genres.

Don’t waste your time and get ready to watch the newest drama because we will figure out how to watch the popular Korean dramas and best website to watch them!

10 Best Websites To Watch Korean Dramas


In this website (, you can download Korean dramas with English hard subtitle and the website update fast right after the drama has released in Korea timezone. The website also showed up the most downloaded Korean drama on the homepage to make the viewers catch up for the latest on-going Korean drama.

The website didn’t provide for any other language except for English subtitle.


Just like the website name (, the website provide many asian dramas and movies to watch. If you saw the homepage of Asiancrush, there are a few list on the top bar of the sites to find out what kind of movies and drama collection that you want to watch. What makes Asiancrush being a recommended website is because they provide a lot of filter to find the latest recommendation by the movie genre.


This website ( was one of the most known international website. In Netflix, you have free trial for 30 days to watch anything from this website, but after the limit you have too sign up and paid for the next subscribe. You can stream any drama, movie or variety show through this website.


As you can see from the website’s title (, the website is not only provide for Korean dramas but also another drama and movie from Asia, such as Japan, Thailand, Hongkong, and many more.

If you check out their homepage, it shows their latest update drama with another tab which is shown their on-going series, top day, top week, top month and most popular dramas.

5.  VIKI

This website provide many Asian drama that mostly came from Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thailand and many more. Viki, ( also provide some variety shows. You can easily streamed the dramas on website or downloaded it right away. The website’s homepage also shows a notification if there are any trouble-shoot in drama has been fixed up so the viewers can easily re-downloaded the dramas.


If you mostly like streaming than download, you can go to this website ( to watch a lot of good recommendation of Korean drama & variety show, Anime, and many other drama from Taiwanese, Japan, Thailand, etc. If you go to the home page of this website, there are many updated dramas or variety show with hard English subtitles that are ready to watch. There are 3 playlist to watch, so you don’t have to worry if there’s a server problem.


When it comes to streaming, this website ( will be the best recommendation to watch every Korean drama and they has a hard English subtitles to made the viewers watch dramas easier. Dramago also provide a synopsis before watching the drama so the viewers could read the main story of the drama before watching them.


This website ( is also the best website to watch Korean drama. If you check out their homepage, it only shows the title of the latest update Korean drama and when you clicked the drama it shows the drama details with plot, notes, and casts. If you scroll down you can see the list of the dramas episode with each of the videos qualities in 480p, 540p, and 720p.


In this website (, they are also updated Korean dramas and variety shows. Just like the other website, this one also shows up the updated dramas and variety shows on the homepage. You can also easily downloaded the drama in this website with an English hard subtitle through IDM.

10. VIU


Viu is also one of the best website to watch Korean drama. Beside K-Drama, Viu also provided another drama and reality show. The viewers might paid monthly after getting free trial for 30 days. Viu also known for their up-to-date drama and you will catch up every dramas you need to watch!



So, that’s all the information and best recommendation of website to watch your favorite Korean drama. Don’t forget to stay tuned and catch up on every Korean drama to watch your favorite male and female cast!