All About Jung Woo-sung: Wife, Wedding, Height, Movies, and Latest News

Who is Jung Woo-sung’s Wife?

Until now, Jung Woo-sung still hasn’t gotten married. The only romance that he has publicly acknowledged so far was his short-lived relationship with fellow artist Lee Ji-ah. This relationship confirmed by both parties in 2011, after they were photographed on a date in Paris. But after Lee Ji-ah’s past marriage and divorce controversies with top Korean singer-songwriter Seo Taiji became exposed to the public the following month, the Korean press reported in June that she and Jung Woo-sung had broken up.

In 2015, Sports Donga revealed that Jung Woo-sung has been dating someone for about a year, and that they met each other through a gathering of mutual friends. He was allegedly seen with this woman in other gatherings with friends. His alleged girlfriend was also seen near his house, a villa in Seoul Samsung-dong. However, Jung Woo Sung’s management agency denied the rumor altogether.

A similar report was released in 2014 about Jung Woo-sung dating a Korean-American woman in her 30s, but his agency denied all rumors.

Jung Woo-sung on a Variety Show

SBS Running Man |

Besides appearing in dramas and movies, Jung Woo-sung’s appearances on variety shows are always anticipated. Previously, he has become a guest on”Running Man” and “Infinity Challenge”. On both shows, Jung Woo-sung succeed at bringing laughter to the audience with his antique and laid back personality. His interaction with the cast members also comes naturally, making it easy to enjoy the show.

Jung Woo Sung appeared on”Running Man” episodes on June 23rd, 2013 with Han Hyo Joo, and 2PM‘s Junho to promote for the movie “Surveillance”, in which they acted together. In the preview for the episode that aired on June 16, Jung Woo Sung was shown going after the Running Man members in a dark suit. His eagerness was enough to get many fans of the show worked up. Jung Woo Sung also said, “I became really immersed in the story of the game. I couldn’t see how it was, because I was busy running, but the staff told me it came out great. I think my episode will be the best yet.” This episodes later become a big hit.

In “Infinity Challenge”, he became guest star in episodes September 24th, 2016 with his fellow actor in movie “Asura”. He brought laughter to the scenes when he admitted that he is handsome. This episodes also got a lot of attention from the public.

Jung Woo-sung’s Latest News

According to his official facebook page, Jung Woo-sung currently busy with his voluntary activities as a UNHCR National Goodwill Ambassador. Recently Jung Woo-sung also give a message to support 2018 Inter Korean Summit in a video above. Another new form for Jung Woo-sung is that 2018 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival to be held in July will have a special session dedicated to him.