All About Julien Kang: Height, Family, Movies, etc

Julien Kang’s Family

As already mention above, Julien Kang has brothers, to be exact three brothers, and they are all older than him. His first brother is Denis Kang and hid second brother is Tommy Kang. They both are professional mixed martial artists. For more details about the brothers, just keep on reading!

1. Denis Kang

Denis Kang, also known as The Super Korean, was born on September 17, 1977 in Saint Pierre. This 40 year old Canadian professional mixed martial artist competed in the Middleweight division. He had a career as a professional competitor from 1988 until 2013. He is known for competing in Hapkido, BJJ, Kickboxing, and Taekwondo. Kang has formerly competed for the UFC, PRIDE, DREAM, IMPACT FC, M-1 Global, K-1 HERO’S, ROAD FC, and Pancrase.

2. Tommy Kang

Tommy Kang is Julien’s second brother, who was born on 30th December 1979. He wanted to follow his older brother’s path as a mixed martial artist, but now he is still an amateur. Though he is not yet a professional competitor, he should not be underestimated as he has been practicing martial arts for a long time, and has been a boxing coach for years in Canada. He also believes he would be the second Super Korean if he tries hard enough in the upcoming competitions he’ll be having.

Julien Kang’s Wife

Well, there’s good news for all you ladies out there, because Julien is currently still single! He did have a wife , but don’t worry, the marriage was just for the sake of the Korean variety show, We Got Married. On August 18, 2012, he was paired with South Korean actress Yoon Se-ah as virtual couple from Season 3 until Season 4. The pair got a fair amount of positive feedback from the Korean netizens. During the filming of We Got Married, they also revealed that they contact each other off the set of “We Got Married”.

Julien Kang’s Movies

Up until now, Julien hasn’t been on the big screen, but he has been on various TV dramas, variety shows, and also in several music videos. Here is the complete lists of his filmography from 2008 until 2017.

1. Julien Kang’s Television Series

Year Title Role Network
2017 Fight for My Way John Karellas KBS2
2016 Entourage Cameo (Ep. 9) tvN
2014 Golden Cross Evan KBS2
Marriage, Not Dating Richard Bernstein tvN
2013 Potato Star 2013QR3 Julian tvN
2012 Twelve Men in a Year Alex tvN
Goodbye Dear Wife Kang Gu-ra Channel A
To the Beautiful You Daniel Dawson SBS
2011 Real School! Cameo MBC Every 1
High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged Julien MBC
2010 Personal Taste Cameo MBC
Road No. 1 U.S. Marine Corps Platoon Leader MBC
2009 Dream David SBS
High Kick Through The Roof Julien MBC
2008 Star’s Lover Cameo SBS

2. Julien Kang’s Variety Shows

Year Title Network Role
2016 Law of the Jungle in Mongolia SBS Cast member (Episodes 234–237)
2013–2015 Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education KBS2 Cast member (Episodes 29–38, 41–43, 46–52, 101–102)

Guest (Episode 116)

2012–2013 We Got Married MBC Cast member (Episodes 133–159)

3. Julien Kang’s Music Video Appearances

Year Song Title Artist Role
2012 “Because I’m Upset” (속상해서) (also known as “Depressed”) Zia Male lead (with Fujii Mina)
2011 “No PlayBoy” Nine Muses Male lead

Julien Kang on Running Man

Julien Kang was once made a special appearance on ep. 89 of Running Man. This episode aired on April 8, 2012. Here’s a little preview of his appearance there: