All About Julien Kang: Height, Family, Movies, etc

Have any of you guys ever seen or heard about this mixed race beauty? If not, then you are clearly missing out on a lot! This oh-so-gorgeous man is Julien Kang, a South Korean model and actor who has been active since 2008. I am sure a lot of you guys want to know more about this sexy hunk, so please keep on reading!

Julien Kang’s Profile

Julien Kang is a South Korean model and actor who was born on 11 April 1982 in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, an overseas French territory off the coast of Canada. He is a mixed race celebrity, with a Korean father and a French mother. His nationality is both French and Canadian. He currently works under Jellyfish Entertainment. He has appeared on several Korean dramas and variety shows. You might also know him from the famous virtual marriage variety show, We Got Married. One of his earliest roles was as David in the 2009 TV drama Dream.

He has had some scandalous moments, but he has already apologized for the poor things he did. In late 2014, he was caught by the public wandering off the street in just his underwear. Although that might have been a treat for some people, the police were not happy as he was arrested and tested for possible drug use. At that time, he was found in a noticeably confused state of mind. The police also revealed that Julien Kang was discovered only about 1km away from his residence, and was dressed in just an undershirt and underwear with no pants on.

Fortunately, the drug test came out negative, God only knows what would have happened if the test turned out to be positive! After the incident, he apologized to the public via his Twitter account @JulienKang as can be seen in the picture below.

Another not so great thing that he did recently, early in 2018, was his mean comment on the Olympics and curling. On 23rd February, he posted something on his Instagram story that showed his frustration about not being able to watch the hockey semi-finals match between Canada and Germany by mocking the Korean women’s curling team, who was facing off against the Japanese team in the semi-final match with the caption “Wtf is this sport? Floor cleaning olympics? #swiffer“. This post of course got a lot of backlash from the Korean netizens, saying that the actor should have watched the hockey games through TV cable or internet.

After receiving the backlash from Korean netizens, Julien Kang publicly apologized via his SNS by saying “I read each and everyone’s comments. I understand what I did was wrong, and I am reflecting on it. I did not think through the picture and what I wrote. I’m sorry. I’m cheering for both Canada and Korea, a place where my father is from.” Hopefully in the future, there will be no more bad news about him. Fighting Julien!

Julien Kang’s Height

As a model and a mixed race of Caucasian, it is no wonder that he is a little taller than the average Korean men. He is 190.5 cm (6 ft 3 in) and weighs in at 93kg (204 lb.). Here are some pictures to satisfy your thirst with this smoldering photoshoot of Julien in the latest issue of ‘International bnt‘. You can definitely see clearly and imagine how tall he is in real life through these photos. Check these out!!

Julien Kang’s Parents

It is known that he is a mixed race French and Korean. He got his Korean blood from his father, Kang Jeong-geun and his French blood from his mother, Pearl Ozone. According to an interview with his older brother, Denis Kang, their parents met when their father worked for the Spanish Merchant Marines. His father was on his way to return to South Korea when he was suddenly admitted to the hospital in Saint Pierre due to acute appendicitis. The crew there only spoke Spanish and Korean, and apparently their mother was the Spanish/French interpreter, therefore she took care of him, and the rest is just history.