All About Ji Soo (Actor): Profile, Girlfriend, Dramas, Movies and TV Shows

Ji Soo’s Acting Career

  • He auditioned for the acting segment of the 2012 JYP open audition and got 2nd place for performing a scene from “The Moon that Embraces the Sun“. JYP’s open auditions are known to be very competitive.
  • He spoke broadly in an interview about his inclination towards acting since as far back as he could remember. He said that he was addicted to TV and reading about the lives of different actors in the tabloids and on the entertainment news channels.
  • One of the first auditions Ji Soo was selected for was a series called “To the Beautiful you“, where he managed to grab a role as a student. It was a cameo appearance, and Ji Soo’s role was for no more than a few minutes. But even in a small role, he managed to get the attention of a few producers, which somehow made it easier for Ji Soo to grab some additional small parts.
  • His role in the 2009 low budget indie film, “Seoul Mates“, where he played the lead role, also became one of the better testimonies of his talent.
  • Next up was another cameo in a TV series entitled “Family” in 2012, and for the remaining two years, he kept appearing in cameo roles in several TV series’ and did short films to keep himself well practiced.
  • Finally in the year 2015, he got a major part in the hit series “Angry Mom“, where Ji Soo played the role of Go Bok-dong. It happened to be a family drama show about a young high school student who drops out of school after she births a child. The series was a major hit and secured awards at the MBC Drama Awards and the APAN Star Awards. Naturally, the whole cast benefited from the show, and so did Ji Soo.
  • In the same year, Ji Soo was seen in another career-defining role for his career. He played the complex role of Seo Ha-joon in the high school drama “Cheer Up!” He played the role of a suicidal high school student, who is one of the top students in the school, but is constantly getting pressurized by his father to perform better. The series also became a success and paved the way for Ji Soo to enter 2016 with some solid turn of events, as it turned out to be the best year of his professional career.
  • He first appeared in “Page Turner”, a miniseries drama about three high school students who want to be pianists. The story revolved around a girl who lost her eyesight in an accident and received help from Ji Soo’s character, who also happened to be an aspiring pianist.
KBS2 Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  • Ji Soo also appeared in the medical drama entitled “Doctor Crush” as a guest in several episodes as Kim Soo-cheol. And then came the series that placed Ji Soo on the list of best young supporting actors, a period drama entitled “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”. Ji Soo played the role of the 14th prince named Wang Jung. Although his role was small, it was noticed by the critics, and Ji Soo received praise for his portrayal.
  • In the 2016 drama series “Fantastic”, Ji Soo played the role of a lawyer, who changes his ways after falling in love with a girl. In the same year, Ji Soo played the lead role in the film ‘One Way Trip’, which became a favourite in the awards season and told the story of four best friends who set out on a journey that would change their lives forever.
  • Ji Soo ended the busiest year of his life with a cameo appearance in the series “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo“, and started the year 2017 with an appearance in the series “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon“.
  • Ji Soo has earned several nominations for his performances in many award functions such as the MBC Drama Awards, the Blue Dragon Arts Awards, and the Baeksang Arts Awards. He managed to win a Rising Star Award at the 11th Max Movie Award in 2015.
  • Apart from his film and TV roles, he has also appeared on variety shows regularly, and was been a part of “I live Alone”, “Knowing Bros” and “Showbiz Korea”.

Ji Soo’s Abs

KBS2 Scarlet Heart Ryeo

It’s already known that Ji Soo has a good build, he is even a model. In the drama “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”, Ji Soo was showed even more of his body by appearing shirtless in some scenes. His body doesn’t lack anything compared to other actors in the drama.

In September 2016, Ji Soo was hospitalized for a brief period of time due to a bone marrow infection, for which he underwent a surgery.