All About Jeon Hye-bin: Profile, Marriage, Plastic Surgery, List of TV Shows and Dramas

Facts and Trivia About Jeon Hye-bin

  • She performed her hit song, 2 A.M, during Thuy Nga’s Paris By Night 81 concert in California on January 21, 2006.
  • She Reunited with the other members of the group LUV for a showcase on November 11, 2009.
  • In October 2011, she participated in the ‘Nike: We Run Seoul’ 10k.
  • She was originally cast in the KBS drama Poseidon (포세이돈) but dropped out before shooting started.
  • She personally designed a hair dryer in collaboration with Joas Electronics, which went on sale on October 29, 2012. All 300 units sold out after two days. Hye-bin donated her profits to Make-A-Wish Korea.
  • She revealed that she suffers from anemia in Running Man episode 145.
  • She participated in the ALS Icebucket Challenge after being nominated by SNSD’s Yuri.
  • She has been a spokesperson for Victoria Sweden Eggpack since 2015.
  • She has been a spokesperson for Manifattura Falomo since 2015.
  • She was slated to star in the 2015 KBS drama Home Alone aka I Live Alone (나 홀로 집에) but it got cancelled before production.
  • She has a brother.
  • She was the CEO and for an online shopping mall called ‘ByHeaven’. She even doubled up as a model for ‘ByHeaven’.
  • Due to an accident in early 2006 she was forced to have surgery, and under the advice of others, underwent a reconstruction of her nose and teeth.
  • Rivals Jeon Hye-bin and Seo Hyun-jin are actually pretty close friends. She became Seo Hyun Jin’s friend when recording the drama Oh Hae Young Again. Both had met long before, when they debuted as part of different girl groups. Although their groups were not active for a long time, they met in the same places many times during their promotions, and remembered having greeted each other then, but they did not see each other again after that. During the press conference of the drama, Jun Hye Bin said that coinciding with Seo Hyun Jin now felt like ‘finding a little sister from whom she had been separated in her childhood’.
  • While visiting the United States, she ran into Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio. In past interviews, she mentioned being a huge fan of his work with director Martin Scorsese, especially The Wolf Of Wall Street.
  • She went on a trip and had a lot of time alone. From her alone time she came to the realisation that she should become a person who is more authentic than just glamor and brilliance.
  • She does exercise, has a skin care routine, and wants to live very brightly and positively to make her healthy.
  • She said that she is a hard-working person.
  • Her favorite drink is soju.
  • She wanted to study golf and travel around.
  • In 2003, Hye-Bin released a dance instruction and diet video called 이사돈 빈과 함께 하는 몸치 탈출 다이어트 (loosely translated: Let your body chi flow and diet together with instructor Bin) in which she teaches different styles of dances such as latin, pop, hip hop and jazz.

Jeon Hye-bin’s Diet Story


In some interviews, the actress shared that no matter how busy her schedule is, she always makes sure to follow her exercise routine, which she calls the ‘brush your teeth and squat’. Every day, Jeon Hye Bin makes sure to squat 30 times while brushing her teeth, three times a day.

She also said that abs exercise is something that she tries to get done on a regular basis. And that isn’t the end of her workout. When going down halls, she doesn’t just walk, but did walks in lunges, utilizing all of her time for exercise.

Jeon Hye-bin’s Fitness Book


After an intensive phase of dieting, Jeon Hye Bin released her first Korean book, Heaven’s Stylish Body (전혜빈의 스타일리시 바디), in June 2011. Besides stunning photo sets of the author shot in Australia, the book offers weight loss tips, illustrated fitness exercises, and facts on health food. It also includes a bonus book called the Stylish Body Fitness Program (전혜빈의 스타일리시 바디 14일 프로그램).

An iPad app followed on April 25, 2012. The application contains easy exercise tips and moves for the public to follow and it is a first for a Korean actress. Pictures for the application’s promotion were released a day earlier, generating much buzz.