All About Han Ye-seul’s Partner on 20th Century Boy and Girl, Kim Ji-seok


Kim Ji-seok is a South Korean actor. He has been a part of many successful dramas and movies which are top grossing in Korea. Kim Ji-seok has loved acting since an early age. Unfortunately, he didn’t become a theater major back in collage. Instead, he went into German study, and got a licence to teach. But his desire to act was still bigger, so he started to pursue his acting career once more. Now, Kim Ji-seok became a popular actor in Korea. In this article, Channel Korea will talk about anything related to Kim Ji-seok!

Kim Ji-seok: Profile and Facts

 Name  Kim Ji Seok (김지석)
 Real name  Kim Bo Seok (김보석)
 Profession  Actor
 Birthday  April 21, 1981
 Birthplace Seoul, South Korea
 Height  181cm (5′ 11″)
 Weight 71kg (156 lbs)
 Blood type  AB
 Star sign  Taurus
Education Hankuk University of Foreign Studies majoring in German;
Kyung Hee University Graduate School of Journalism and Communication majoring in Cultural Contents Planning
Occupation Actor
Years active 2001–present

Kim Ji-seok’s Facts

  • Kim Ji-seok hobbies are including rapping, swimming, and hapkido (a form of martial arts).
  • He speaks fluent English.
  • He also got secondary teaching certificates in German and English.
  • In his early years, he lived in England and attended school there. Those experiences made him fluent in English.
  • When he was about to enter college, he knew that he wanted to act. However, he failed to get into the theater program.
  • He began his performance career as a rapper for the five-member Eurodance boy group L.E.O.
  • Unfortunately, the group was unsuccessful and disbanded after 8 months.
  • L.E.O formed to follow the success of then-popular boyband g.o.d.
  • Kim Ji-seok debuted with his real name “Kim Bo-seok”, but he was told by the head of his agency that his birth name could be confused with veteran actors Jung Bo-seok and Kim Bo-seong, he was given the stage name “Kim Ji-seok.”
  • He then got his first acting role on the television show “Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School” in 2003.
  • His daily drama “Likeable or Not” recorded high ratings of over 40% in 2007-2008. Unfortunately he still hasn’t been able to rise to popularity.
drama fever
  • Kim Ji-seok played a member of the Korean national ski jumping team in “Take Off”, which became the second-highest grossing Korean film in 2009.
  • In 2010, his popularity increased even more when he played an immature, womanizing slave hunter (“chuno”) in period drama “The Slave Hunters”, the lover of a transgender man in comedy “Lady Daddy”, and a competitive ex-boyfriend in “Personal Taste”.
  • He enlisted for his mandatory military service on May 24, 2010, at the Nonsan training center in South Chungcheong Province for five weeks of basic training.
  • He then served in Defense Media Agency of the Ministry of National Defense in Yongsan-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.
  • After he was discharged, Kim Ji-seok played in several movies and dramas.
  • The most notable was when starred in the hit romantic comedy drama “Another Oh Hae-young” and was garnering praise from viewers for his comic acting.
  • Later, he starred in the historical drama “The Rebel” and was recognized by critics for his outstanding portrayal of King Lee Yong.

Kim Ji-seok in Running Man


Kim Ji-seok appeared in the popular Korean variety show “Running Man” in episode 190, broadcast on March 23, 2014. He come to the show with his fellow actor Gong Hyung-jin, Seungri, Gu Hye-sun, Lee Sang-yoon, Kwon Hae-hyo, Kang Haneul, and Kim Ji-suk.

In this program Kim Ji-seok vows that he won’t show his former embarrassing variety persona. Kim Ji-seok show a good variety sense in this program for his clumsiness and his huge spirit. But at the end of the show team Running Man still winning the game.

Is Kim Ji-seok Married?


Until now, Kim Ji-seok hasn’t been married yet. His agency also never given a statement regarding Kim Ji-seok’s relationships. In the past years, he has also never come across any dating scandals with his fellow actresses or anyone in particular. Kim Ji-seok maybe really careful when it come to his relationships in public. In an interview, Kim Ji-seok said that he’s is the type to cherish his partner, and not really favor public attention.

Even though he is not really seen dating in public, his image is enough to make people call him “warm boyfriend” for his sweet smile and good demeanor. He was even appointed as NYLON KOREA’s ambassador for that warm-boyfriend image.

What is Kim Ji-seok’s Relationship with Han Ye-seul


Kim Ji-seok has starred in Han Ye-seul’s new rom-com in late January 2018. The title of the drama was changed from “No Sex and the City” to “20th Century Boy and Girl”, but the premise is still the same. It captures the lives of a trio of modern women who are thirty-five years old and forever-singles who are solo not by choice, but by chance, as they mature in their friendships, family bonds, and romantic attachments. Kim Ji-seok will play an investment banker with a Harvard MBA, and a background in Wall Street. Han Ye-seul’s character Sa Jin-jin and Kim Ji-seok’s character Gong Ji-won recently reunited after 20 years of being apart. While construction is being done in Gong Ji-won’s house, he is staying with Sa Jin-jin’s family.

After the airing of the finale, the cast commented on the ending of their beloved drama through social media posts, statements, and videos. In a statement sent through his agency J Star Entertainment, Kim Ji Suk additionally stated, “Hello. This is actor Kim Ji-seok who played Gong Ji Won on ’20th Century Boy and Girl.’ It’s always bittersweet at the end of a drama, but I think this drama was exceptionally special.” Even when the dram ended they both still maintain a good relationship. In an interview Kim Ji-seok even said that his ideal type is Han Ye-seul.