All About Han Go-eun: Husband, Drama List, and Plastic Surgery

Did Han Go-eun Have Plastic Surgery?

It is still debated whether Han Go-eun changed her face or not. There are no pictures of her pre-debut or childhood pictures. However, Go-eun has a very good and well maintained body. She even hosts a diet show with guests who are struggling to lose weight, and thus they get advice from health experts.

In an airing of Arirang TV’s ‘Star Lounge’, Han Go Eun finally revealed her secret to maintaining a slim figure and a healthy lifestyle.

She said, “You have to exercise with being healthy as the goal. When trying to lose weight, you need to set aside about six months and change your lifestyle. Rather than doing yoga or fitness, I try to move around a lot on a daily basis. [For example], I like to mop the living room floor.”

In addition, Han Go Eun stated that she still has passion for taking on various roles despite the long years of being in the industry and her age. Han Go Eun said, “There are a lot of roles that I want to take on, but mostly I want to take on a character that speaks normal people’s language rather than a character that has already been set to its perfection. I am a 41-year-old who still wants to take on new things.”

Go-eun has also received much attention for her appearance on JTBC’s ‘Witch Hunt’ where she was deemed the original ‘Vampire character’ because of her longstanding beauty.


Han Go-eun’s Past Relationship

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Looking back to 2001, Han Go-eun was known to have a relationship with Park Joon-hyung, singer and member of boy band g.o.d. But sadly, in 2003, the couple broke up due to private matter. The couple had even been rumored to have tied the knot in May 2003, but suddenly the news shifted into break up news.

She was rumored to have dated a surgeon whose age is 7 years younger than her. The dating rumors were fueled by a media outlet that released information claiming Mr. Yang, who is a surgeon, shared a shot of him and Han Go Eun on his Kakao Story as well as revealing that their circle of friends are already aware of their relationship. It has also been revealed that the surgeon is the younger brother of the celebrity chief of Jin Hospital, Yang Jae-jin.

But through her agency, Han Go Eun stepped up to deny the rumors stating, “The dating rumors are not true. The person in question that I took the photo with is just a close friend.”

However, the past is in the past. Go-eun lives happily with her non celeb husband in Korea, and Go-eun is still pursuing her passion of acting.

List of Han Go-eun’s Dramas

Television Series:

  • Should We Kiss First (SBS, 2018)
  • Miss Mamma Mia (KBS, 2015)
  • Give Love Away (MBC, 2013)
  • Goddess of Fire (MBC, 2013)
  • Suspicious Family (MBN, 2012)
  • Me Too, Flower! (MBC, 2011)
  • Drama Special “Daughters of Bilitis Club” (KBS2, 2011)
  • Chuno The Slave Hunters 2010
  • A Man Called God (MBC, 2010)
  • The Reputable Family (KBS1, 2010)
  • Can Anyone Love (SBS, 2009)
  • Formidable Rivals (KBS2, 2008) (cameo, ep 16)
  • Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung-geum (MBC, 2008)
  • Capital Scandal (KBS2, 2007)
  • Love and Ambition (SBS, 2006)
  • Lawyers (MBC, 2005)
  • Spring Day (SBS, 2005)
  • Jang Gil-san (SBS, 2004)
  • More Beautiful Than a Flower (KBS2, 2004)
  • Bodyguard (KBS2, 2003)
  • That Woman Catches People (SBS, 2002)
  • Like Father Unlike Son (KBS, 2001)
  • Medical Center (SBS, 2000)
  • (SBS, 2000)
  • Love Story “Lost Baggage” (SBS, 1999)
  • Sweet Bride (SBS, 1999)
  • Happy Together (SBS, 1999)
  • LA Arirang (SBS, 1995)
han cinema

Reality Shows:

  • Diet Master (StoryOn, 2013)
  • Law of the Jungle W (SBS, 2012)
  • Diet Wars 6 (StoryOn, 2012)
  • Entertainment Weekly (KBS2, 2001)[14]
  • Section TV (MBC, 1999)

List of Han Go-Eun’s Movies

Movie List:

  • The Black Hand (2015)
  • City of Damnation (2009)
  • City of the Rising Sun (1998)

Besides being on the big or small screen, Go-eun has also modelled for several music videos. Check this out!

Music Videos:

  • Beige – “I Can’t Drink” (2011)
  • Park Hye-kyung – “New Boyfriend” (2010)
  • Cho Eun – “Sad Love Song” (2004)
  • MC the Max – “Poem of Love” (2003)
  • Lee Soo-young – “Never Again” (2001)

She has gained much attention for her acting skill. This led her being nominated for and winning awards in South Korea.


  • 2007 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Capital Scandal)
  • 2003 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Bodyguard)
  • 2002 SBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (That Woman Catches People)
  • 2001 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award, Photogenic Award (Like Father Unlike Son)