All About Han Chae-young: Profile, Dramas, Husband, Family, and Plastic Surgery

Korean Barbie Girl, Han Chae-young

Han Chae-young is a South Korean actress who is widely recognized because of her role as an antagonist in popular Korean drama ‘Autumn in My Heart’. Han was born by the name Kim Ji-young in Daegu, South Korea, but her family soon immigrated to the United States and she spent her childhood years in a Chicago suburb, where she attended Glenbrook South High School.

During one of her visits to Korea, she was reportedly discovered by a famed Korean comedian who suggested that she put her college plans on hold and try acting. She tried her luck at acting, and debuted in 2000 in the horror film The Record. After becoming more popular,  her beautiful face and her tall and shapely proportioned body earned her the title of the ‘Barbie doll of Korea’.

Han Chae-young’s Plastic Surgery

Do you think Han had surgery on her face? What about on her eyes and her nose? Are they real? Let’s find out whether Han Chae-young had surgery or not by looking at her a comparison of her pre-debut pictures.

TV Daily Korea

Han Chae Young’s looks in her pre-debut pictures can be said to be the same as her current face. She was beautiful when she was young and in school. Her small face and nose also looked the same. Han Chae Young has been an actual Asian Barbie, with her natural face since she was young. There’s no doubt that her beautiful face and well maintained body will still catch people’s eyes in her late 30’s.

Han Chae-young’s Husband

Have you heard the term of ‘best friends get married’? That term seems to be what happened to Han Chae Young and her husband, Choi Dong-joon. She got married to her best friend who she had known for 8 years. According to her managing agency, Star J Entertainment, her husband is a Korean-American working as a financial professional in a Korean investment company. Her wedding was held on June 2, 2007 at Hotel Shilla in Seoul.


Before her marriage, Han was spotted enjoying a vacation with her fiance in the United States. “Ms. Han and Mr. Choi Dong-jun met in 1998 when she had just debuted and they have been close friends for eight years,” the agency said in a press release. “But it has been six months since they discussed marriage, and engaged in a serious relationship. They are planning on having the wedding in May or June when her movie is done.

Newsen Daily

The now 38 year old Mr. Choi, son of a wealthy family in Seoul and a graduate of UC Berkley, currently runs a business of his own along with his post as a financial professional at an investment firm.

Han believes that Choi is the right man to be her lifetime partner. “He is a sweet man, sincere and reliable,” Han also said in the release. “I watched him for years, and I came to believe I could spend a lifetime with him.”

Han Chae Young’s Family


6 years after her marriage to Choi Dong Joon, Han Chae Young gave birth her first child. She gave birth by Caesarean section at a maternity hospital in Seoul on a Wednesday, according to her agency BH Entertainment.

“Both mother and baby are in good health, and all her family are happy,” said the agency. It also added that she will devote herself to childcare for a while, before returning to work next year.

Han returned to Korea to give birth early this month after staying at her parents’ house in the U.S.