All About Ha Ji-won: Profile, Husband, Sister, Brother, Movies, and TV Shows

List of Ha Ji-won’s Movie Appearances

ha ji-won movies

Since her debut, she has starred in 23 movies. Most of her movies are a success when they are released. One of her most popular movies is The Huntresses. She also starred in some international movies, such as Manhunt (2017)

Ha Ji-Won movie list
No Year Movie Title Role
1 2000 Truth Game Han Da-hye
2 Nightmare Eun-joo / Kyung-ah
3 Ditto Seo Hyun-ji
4 2002 Phone Seo Ji-won
5 Sex Is Zero Eun-hyoo
6 2003 Reversal of Fortune Han Ji-young
7 2004 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant Kang Ha-young
8 Love, So Divine Yang Bong-hie
9 2005 All for Love Cameo
10 Daddy-Long-Legs Cha young-mi
11 Duelist Detective Namsoon
12 2007 Miracle on 1st Street Myung-ran
13 Sex Is Zero 2 Eun-hyo (Cameo)
14 2008 Miracle of a Giving Fool Ji-ho
15 His Last Gift Hye-young (Cameo)
16 2009 TIdal Wave Kang Yeon-hee
17 Closer to Heaven Lee Ji-soo
18 2011 Sector 7 Cha Hae-joon
19 2012 As One Hyung Jung-hwa
20 2014 The Huntresses Jin-ok
21 2015 Chronicle of a Blood Merchant Heo Ok-ran
22 2016 Life Risking Romance Han Je-in
23 2017 Manhunt Rain


List of Ha Ji-won’s Appearances in Dramas and TV Shows


Since her debut as an actress, she has starred in 16 dramas. Most of her dramas are successful. One of her popular drama is SBS’s “Secret Garden”. She is also popular with the drama MBC’s “The King 2 Hearts” with co-star Lee Seung-Gi, KBS2 “Hwang Ji-Ni” and MBC “Hospital Ship” with co-star Kang Min-Hyuk from CN Blue.

Ha Ji-Won drama list
No Year TV Network Drama Title Role
1 1996 KBS2 New Generation Report : Adults Don’t Understand Us A student
2 1998 Dragon’s Tears Na-in
3 1999 Dangerous Lullaby Young-eun
4 School 2 Jang Se-jim
5 2000 MBC Secret Lee Ji-eun
6 20001 KBS2 Life is Beautiful Yoo Hee-jung
7 2002 Sunshine Hunting Park Tae-kyong
8 2003 MBC Damo Jang Chae-ok (Jang Jae-hee)
9 2004 SBS What Happened in Bali Lee Soo-jung
10 2005 Fashion 70’s Cameo
11 2006 KBS2 Hwang Jini Hwang Jini
12 2010 SBS Secret Garden Gil Ra-im
13 2012 MBC The King 2 Hearts Kim Hang-ah
14 2013 – 2014 Empress Ki Ki Seung Nyang
15 2015 SBS The Time We Were Not in Love Oh Ha-na
16 2017 MBC Hospital Ship Song Eun-jae