GFriend’s Debut: Date, Songs, Stage Performances, Albums, and Story

Everything About GFriend ‘s Debut You Must Know


Gfriend is a girl group under Source Music and consists of 6 members. They are Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji. They released their EP Season of Glass on 15 January 2015. The next day, GFriend officially debuted with their title track Glass Bead, in KBS’ Music Bank program. The group was gaining attention because Glass Bead made its way to  number twelve on Gaon’s weekly chart. Moreover, their Glass Bead M/V was ranked number nine in top ten “Most Viewed K-Pop Videos Around the World in January 2015”. Until now, GFriend has put out 5 EPs, 1 studio album, and 1 Japanese album. The group has planned to meet their fans on their first solo concert called Season of GFriend, and later their first Asia Tour with the same name in 2018.

GFriend’s Debut Album and Song


Their first debut album was EP Season on Glass with title track Glass Bead. Season of Glass consists of 5 songs, two of them being instrumental tracks. The concept of this EP (or mini album) was about teenage school girls who are gonna start their first semester in the school, and meet new friends. Their appearance in various music shows represented their image as school girls, such as wearing school or cheerleader outfits and putting on minimal makeup. Since their debut, GFriend always brings a ‘powerful and energetic’ dance to the table, compared to other girl groups, but still look ‘cute and fresh’ like teenagers. Here is the title list for their first mini album:

Season of Glass:
1. Intro (Season of Glass)
2. Glass Bead
3. Neverland
4. White
5. Glass Bead (Instrumental)

Glass Bead is a song about a common teenage girl whose daily activity involves school and friends. She may look fragile and weak like a glass bead, but deep down she knows she will shine and stand out for the ones she loves. The song’s beat is catchy, with pop dance beat but has emotional and flowing melody.

The album’s intro track, Glass Bead, and White were written by Iggy and Seo Yong-bae, who had previously written songs such as Ailee’s Heaven and Orange Caramel’s Catallena. While the music video was produced by Zanybros and directed by Hong Won-ki. Season of Glass was marked successfully since it became the 38th best selling album during the month of January, selling 1,146 physical copies. In Gaon Album Chart, it entered at number twelve, but peaked at number nine by the second week of February.


Some people compared GFriend’s debut to Girls’ Generation because both of them have similar debut concept and pretty much remind people of the era of Girl’s Generation debut song, Into the New World. But audience welcome GFriend’s debut well, and the group has marked their debut season incredible.

GFriend’s Stage Debut


On January 16, 2015, GFriend performed their first song Glass Bead to mark their debut on stage in KBS’s Music Bank. Their image as teenage school girls was depicted well in this performance. With simple makeup and an innocent look, their outfits also represent school girls who usually wear skirt and gym t shirt. After the performance, the group got praise and applause from the audience. Here is their first performance of Glass Bead. After watching it, what do you think about it? Does it remind you of ‘Into the new world’ from SNSD? Share your thoughts!

GFriend Member Debut Story

debut gfriend

Several months later, on July 23, 2015, GFriend released their second EP Flower Bud and the music video for the title track Me Gustas Tu. The promotions started on the same day, performing at Mnet’s M Countdown.

During their performance of Me Gustas Tu in one music show, the stage was outdoors and the weather was not good because it was raining. GFriend performed professionally from start to the end of the song singing and dancing, ignoring the weather and the slippery stage. The members constantly fell and slipped on the stage. Even Yuju, she fell eight times on the stage, and later revealed to have suffered a twisted finger. A fancam was taken during the performance and uploaded to the SNS Youtube. Since then, GFriend went viral and many people praised their professionalism to finish their concert despite the bad weather and slippery stage. Here you may see their viral performance of Me Gustas Tu.

As the work hard seems paid off, in the same year 2015, the group also achieved many awards and nominations, one of them was  “Best New Female Artist”, on November 7, 2015 at the Melon Music Awards which appeared as their first award.

Besides Season of Glass and Flower Bud, GFriend released 5 others EPs such as Snowflake, LOL, The Awakening, Parallel and Rainbow. Rough is one of the popular songs from Snowflake, which also brought them to their first win on February 2, 2016 in ‘The Show’ music show. But it doesn’t stop there. There were many other wins from music bank, M countdown, Inkigayo, and Show Champion with total 15 wins. LOL is their first studio album with their title track Navillera, and reportedly has more than 60,000 pre-ordered copies worldwide. Their success has grown up since then, and they have gained popularity until now.

GFriend Debut Photos

If you’re wondering how they looked when they were in their debut era. Here are their teaser photos for their debut, ‘Glass Bead’. They appeared as cute and girly concept but at the same time, very energetic and powerful.

Sowon Debut Photo

Yuju Debut Photos