All About Bae Doona: Jim Sturgess, Dating, Movies, and Photography

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The Korean Actress, Bae Doo-na

Starting her career as a catalog model for the clothing line COOLDOG, Bae Doo-na followed in her mother’s footsteps and venture into the field of acting, thinking that “it was a job only people with extraordinary talent could do”. As of now, Bae Doo-na is mostly known for being a Korean actress who has starred in many films, be it in her own country South Korea, or worldwide, and a photographer who has released her own travel photo-books. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain everything about Bae Doo-na, starting from her personal profile, a list of her movies and dramas, her appearance in Sense8, her martial arts skills, her modeling as Louis Vuitton’s muse, her dating scandal with Jim Sturgess, her photography career, and her Instagram feed. So, keep reading!

Bae Doo-na’s Full 2018 Profile

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Real Name: Bae Doo-na

Date of Birth: Seoul, 11 October 1979

Age: 40 (Korean age) / 39 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Chinese Astrology: Sheep

Height: 171 cm

Blood Type: O

Education: Hanyang University, Konkuk University majoring in the Department of Film Arts

Agency: Saetbyul-dang Entertainment


Instagram: @officialdoonabae

Bae Doo-na’s Movies List

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Often winning in the category of ‘Best Actress’ at movie award events, Bae Doo-na’s reputation as a movie actress is certainly not to be underestimated. Not only acting in South Korea’s movies, Bae Doo-na also has acted in international films. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled all Bae Doo-na’s movies that you might want to check out!

1999 – The Ring Virus (as Park Eun-seo)

2000 – Barking Dogs Never Bite (as Park Hyun-nam)

2000 – Plum Blossom (as Seo Nam-ok)

2001 –  Take Care of My Cat (as Yoo Tae-hee)

2002 – Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (as Cha Young-mi)

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2002 – Saving My Hubby (as Jung Geum-soon)

2003 – Tube (as Song In-kyung)

2003 – Spring Bears Love (as Jung Hyun-chae)

2005 – Linda Linda Linda (as Song)

2005 – Tea Date (short film, as Sun-hee)

2006 – The Host (as Park Nam-joo)

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2009 – Air Doll (as Nozomi)

2012 – Doomsday Book (as Adult Park Min-seo (cameo) segment: “Happy Birthday)

2012 – As One (Lee Bun-hee)

2012 – Cloud Atlas (as Sonmi)

2014 – A Girl At My Door (as Lee Young-nam)

2014 – Jupiter Ascending (as Razo)

2015 – Red Carpet Dream (web film, as herself)

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2016 – The Tunnel (as Se-hyun)

2017 –  Chang-ok’s Letter

2017 – The Romantic

2018 – The Drug King (as Kim Jeong-ah)

Bae Doo-na’s Dramas List

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Even though she is best known as a movie actress, Bae Doo-na actually started her acting career in television Drama at the age of 19. Ever since then, Bae Doo-na has played various kinds of Drama role, which makes her versatile as an actress. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled Bae Doo-na’s Dramas that you might want to check out!

1998 – KBS2’s Angel’s Kiss

1999 – KBS2’s Ad Madness (as Pyo Roo-na)

1999 – KBS1’s School (as Bae Doo-na)

2000 – SBS’s Love Story “ Miss Hip-hop and Mr. Rock” (as Young-yi)

2000 – KBS2’s Look Back in Anger (as Lee Mi-na)

2000 – KBS2’s Cruise Ship of Love (as Bae Doo-na)

2000 – KBS2’s RNA (as Park Se-mi)

2000 – SBS’s I Want To Keep Seeing You (as Ham Choon-bong)

2000 – MBC’s Mothers and Sisters (as Gong Chan-mi)

2001 – SBS’s Open Drama Man & Woman “You say it’s love, but I think it’s desire”

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2003 – MBC’s Country Princess (as Lee Eun-hee)

2003 – KBS2’s Rosemary (as Shin Kyung-soo)

2005 – MBC’s Beating Heart (as Bae Doo-na)

2006 – OCN’s Someday (as Hana Yamaguchi)

2007 – SBS’s How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor (as Jung Yoon-hee)

2008 – tvN’s Love (Television documentary)

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2010 – KBS2’s Master of Study (as Han Soo-jung)

2010 – MBC’s Gloria (as Na Jin-jin)

2015-present – Netflix’s Sense8 (as Sun Bak)

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2017 – tvN’s Stranger (as Han Yeo-jin)

2018 – Netflix’s Kingdom (as Seo-bi)