All About After School Member Uee: From Her Profile to Plastic Surgery Rumors

Uee’s Love Life

Uee and Lee Sang-yoon at MAMA Hongkong

Before her relationship with Kangnam, Uee was known to be in a relationship with actor Lee Sang-yoon. Uee and Lee Sang-yoon first met at a meeting, and they built a good relationship over time, starting to date early in 2016. They trusted and protected each other just like any other couple, and they enjoyed going out, but they also had some arguments while they were seeing each other.

Even though they rarely told stories about their relationship to other people, Lee Sang-yoon shared their dating moments in one of his interviews for Singles magazine. He said that when they go on a date, they love to spend their time having fun together, despite their age differences. A year after the relationship began, they broke up, leaving some fans quite shocked by the news. Pledis Entertainment confirmed the news and added that their reason for the breakup was because they were each so busy with work.

After hearing this news, netizens accused Lee Sang-yoon of being the cause of their breakup. They argued that Lee Sang-yoon didnn’t take their relationship seriously because he spoke harshly about his previous lover, Nam Sang-mi, after they broke up. They also thought that Lee Sang-yoon was selfish, and seemed like the type who doesn’t consider his lover’s happiness.

Uee and Kangnam

Uee’s hottest love scandal was when it was revealed that she had a romantic relationship with Kangnam. Uee and her agency denied the news about her dating Kangnam, while Kangnam’s agency decided not to comment. But later on, both of their agencies confirmed that they indeed were currently dating after Dispatch revealed photos of Uee and Kangnam embracing each other.

Her actions brought up some controversies, and resulted in a lot of criticism. Many people accused her of being dishonest, because she didn’t admit to her relationship with Kangnam before the media outlet leaked the evidence of their relationship. They also criticized her because her actions brought confusion to others when they heard the news.

The criticism seemed to have a huge impact on Uee. She posted on her Instagram account, saying the reason she denied it is because she was caught off-guard when the news reached her, and the denial was automatic. She stated that she didn’t want the rumors to impact negatively on her upcoming drama, and she did it out of consideration for Kangnam. She also asked for forgiveness due to her rash actions and asked for her fans to support her relationship with Kangnam. Not long after she released her apology statement on her Instagram, she deleted her Instagram account due to the amount of negative comments she received.

Uee and Kangnam Laws of the Jungle

Despite the controversies, a lot of fans hoped the relationship would last. The couple first met on the variety show¬†Laws of the Jungle, and they fell in love because they could see each other’s true personality while they were living in a harsh environment.

After three months, fans were surprised to hear news that Kangnam and Uee had broken up. Both of their agencies confirmed that the news was true, and the reason they broke up was because of their busy schedules. Kangnam’s agency stated that they naturally separated and decided to keep supporting each other as colleagues.

While both agencies had given their reason for the breakup, some people speculated that they ended their relationship because they couldn’t handle the burden of their relationship being so much in the public eye. Some netizens believed that Uee’s behavior was the reason for the break up, and she received still more criticism. They accused Uee of having thought of Kangnam as a toy, and felt that point was proved by her dishonesty when their dating news was revealed. In contrast, they took a pity on Kangnam because he lost a lot of weight after his relationship with Uee ended

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