All About After School Member Uee: From Her Profile to Plastic Surgery Rumors

Uee’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Uee After School

Plastic surgery is not an uncommon thing in the world of K-pop celebrity. There are many celebrities who have done plastic surgery in order to perfect their looks, and some have done not just one procedure, but have had two, or even more. Others may not have had any, but are accused of having work done anyway. In Uee’s case, she admitted that she had plastic surgery before any rumors about whether she had any work done could take off. Even now, her plastic surgery issues are still a hot topic in the world of K-pop celebrity plastic surgery rumors.

Uee admitted that she has done some surgery on her eyes, saying that her eyes are naturally uneven, and she wanted to fix that. If we take a good look at her photos, there’s no mistaking that she did have surgery in order to even her eyes out, but she left out that she also had a double eyelid surgery done, too.

Uee Before and After Plastic Surgery

The double eyelid surgery gave her eyes that are larger than before. After rumors surfaced that she had it done, she quickly admitted it was true, and all the plastic surgery rumors that hit her ended, just like that. Besides, she also received support from her older sister, who confirmed that Uee only underwent plastic surgery for her eyes.

Other issues surfaced, though, that related to people having different opinions about her having done the surgery. She received a lot of criticism because some people felt that the surgery didn’t change her looks. They even felt that there was no need for her to go under the knife. Others said that because of the surgery they couldn’t recognize her anymore, and she felt like an entirely different person.

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While she received many criticisms, she also received a lot of support from her fans. They said that after she did the surgery, she looked more fresh and beautiful. Many media outlets are also complimented her appearance, but there are still some netizens who disagreed with this and said that she looked much better in the past.

Uee also had an unfortunate event with her cosmetic surgeon, in which her photos was used without her permission in order to promote her surgeon’s hospital. Her surgeon made a post titled “Uee’s Diet” in his blog, which he used to promote his hospital, and the post included photos of Uee’s stomach and thighs. The post was removed after Pledis Entertainment protested, but Uee filed a lawsuit against him and demanded 20 million KRW for damages. As the photos weren’t uploaded on the front page, the court reduced it and the surgeon had to pay 3 million KRW to Uee in compensation.