All About Actress Shin Ae: Movies, Drama List, and Wedding

Actress Shin-ae

All About Actress Shin-Ae

Shin-Ae is a South Korean actress who debuted as both an actress and cosmetic model. Her popularity rose after her appearance on MBC’s We Got Married Season 1. Let’s get to know more about her!


Shin-Ae’s Full Profile and Facts

Actress Jo Shin-ae


Real Name: Jo Shin-ae

Birthday: March 13, 1982

Origin: Seoul, South Korea

Education: Suwon Science College

Height: 169 cm

Weight: 49 kg



  1. Her close friend actress Choi Jin-sil committed suicide on October 2, 2008, which shocked the nation and almost became the reason behind her leaving a show.
  2. Son Dam-bi is her close friend.
  3. She appeared as a model for several music videos.
Shin-ae’s MV Appearances
Year Singer Title
2002 Chae Dong-ha “글루미 선데이 (Gloomy Sunday)”
2003 Sung Shi-kyung “외워 두세요 (Please Remember)”
Oak Joo-hyun “난… (I…)”
2005 2NB “한번만 (Just Once)”

4. She has 3 children from her marriage with Park Jae-gwan, her first daughter in 2012, her        second child, a son, in 2016, and her third child is a daughter.


Shin-Ae’s Wedding Ceremony

shin-ae real marriage

Actress Shin-ae married a close family friend, Park Jae-gwan, on May 28, 2009, at Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul. Their wedding was held privately from the public. The couple started dating in early 2009 when Park Jae-gwan was still studying in Seattle. Many of her close friends attended the ceremony, one of them being Son Dam-bi.


Shin-Ae’s Appearance on We Got Married

Shin-ae and Alex

Actress Shin-ae appeared on MBC’s We Got Married Season 1 with CLAZZIQUAI’s Alex as a married couple for several episodes. Their couple name was Alshin until actress Shin-ae got married on 2009.


List of Shin-Ae’s Drama and Movie Appearances

shin-ae movie and drama list

Shin-ae began her acting career in 2000 on SBS’s drama Medical Center. Although she rose in the entertainment industry not as an actress in a drama, she is still famous as an actress until now. Here is the list of her dramas and movies.

Shin-ae’s Dramas
Year TV Network Drama Title
2000 SBS Medical Center
2001 MBC Four Sisters
2003 KBS Summer Scent
2004 MBC War of the Roses
KBS More Beautiful Than a Flower
2009 Empress Chun Chu


Shin-ae’s Movies
Year Movie Title
2002 Season in the Sun
2003 The Silver Knife