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Did Kim Hee-sun Have Plastic Surgery?


Kim Hee-sun is famous as an actress who has a very beautiful face. Kim Hee-sun had been rumored to run plastic surgery, but he quickly confirmed that he had not done plastic surgery at all. He revealed, “Plastic surgery is so expensive. I’d rather take that money and buy alcohol,” she explained. “I still do not have any desire to go under the knife But the a woman, I did go in for a consultation. The estimated price was no joke.”


But some netizens revealed if there was a change in the face. There is a significant change on her face, it is on her chin. When she was young, she did not have sharp chin and tight face shape, but now she has them. Many people said that she is getting the plastics surgery to make her so beautiful woman, the rumor said that she chin implants and facelift.

Her changing appearance is not be aware by many people because her appearances looks so natural. Because of maintaining performance well covered her real surgery which makes the public does not aware about her plastic surgery. In addition, she also rumored to have nose job procedure. It was revealed when she asked by a host on interview on SBS tv. However, she once clearly revealed, “I did not get plastic surgery. Some people may look more beautiful after surgery, but some people do not.”

What do you think? Was she seen doing plastic surgery?

Top 5 Kim Hee-sun Movie List

1. Ghost in Love (1998)

ghost in love

The film was written by Hong-Zhou Li and directed by Lee Kwang-Hoon. It was released on August 14, 1999 with a duration of 102 minutes. The film stars Lee Sung-Jae as Kantorates, Cha Seung-Won as Na Han-Su, and Kim Hee-sun as Jin Chae-byul.

The film tells the story of Chae-byul, who is standing on a subway platform after being dumped by her lover, Han-su, whose goal in life is to climb to the top in society. Having watched her, the members of the ‘Suicide Ghost Club,’ in charge of promotion, push her into an oncoming train to enhance their sales record. Persuaded by the ghosts in charge of promotion, Chae-byul signs up for the Suicide Ghost Club, and meets other unique ghost characters, such as Kantorates, Miss Stupid, and Diety. Miss Stupid talks Chae-byul into taking revenge on her lover, but Officeates tries to stop her from making a deal with Miss Stupid. Chae-byul is confused, but Han-su’s attitude instigates Chae-byul to get back at him.

2. Calla (1999)


Calla is a film directed by Hae-sung Song, which was released on September 18, 1999 with a duration of 105 minutes. The film stars Song Seung-Heon as Seon-Woo, Kim Hee-Seon as Ji-Hee, and Kim Hyun-Joo as Soo-Jin.

This film tells the story of Seon-woo, who receives a call every morning, and wants to find out who his secret admirer is. One day, he goes to a nearby florist’s where he meets Ji-hee. He falls in love with her at first sight, thinking she is the one who is sending him flowers. Seon-woo asks Ji-hee to go on a date and she agrees. He arrives at the rendenvous only to find that Ji-hee is held hostage, to his horror, before his eyes.

3. Flying Warriors (2000)


Flying Warriors is a pretty popular movie. The film was written and directed by Kim Young-joon. The film was released on July 1, 2000 with a duration of 130 minutes. In this film Kim Hee-sun plays Sullie, and Shin Hyeon-Jun plays Yu Jinha.

In this film, at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, when Mongolia ruled all the Chinese Continent, the Mongols, the Hans, and Koryo (ancient Korean) migrants were engaged in racial conflict. The son of a Koryo migrant, Jinha, and the illegitimate daughter of a Mongol general, Sullie, become true friends and eventually fall in love. However, the love and loyalty between them can not last. When Sullie’s mother dies of a chronic disease, her merciless father Taruga takes her to Sohung with him. She promises to wait for Jinha at a pagoda in Sohung on the day of every full moon. But against their will, they become swept up in the current of these tragic times.

4. A Man Who Went to Mars (2003)


A Man Who Went to Mars was written by Jang Jin, Eun-ha Jo and directed by Jeong-kwon Kim, and was released on March 16, 2003 with a duration of 107 minutes. The film was quite popular in 2003 and stars Kim Hee-sun as So-eie, Shin Ha-Kyun as Seung-Jae, Park So-Hyun as Seon-Mi, and Kim Min-Jun as Sung-Ho.

This film tells the story of how little Seung-Jae stays up all night and writes letters to So-Hee, pretending to be her father in Mars. Leaving Seung-jae’s innocent heart behind, So-Hee leaves for a big city. Both having grown into adults, Seung-Jae is a postman who writes letters to So-hee’s grandma, the letters that never came from So-Hee. So-Hee’s heart hardens after hardships in life, and she comes back to her hometown and Seung-Jae’s heart swells up again at seeing her again.

5. The Myth (2005)

the myth

The Myth is a movie where Kim Hee-sun works with Jackie Chan. The film was written by Hai-shu Li and Stanley Tong and directed by Stanley Tong. It was released in China on May 11, 2005 with a duration of 122 minutes. Jackie Chan plays Jack, and Kim Hee-sun plays Ok-Soo.

This film tells the story of the archeologist Jack Lee, who keeps having reoccurring dreams of a past life, where he is the great General named OK-soo. When his old friend William returns to his life, telling tales of a levitating Holy man in India. They decide to go investigate Indiana Jones style. However, when Lee stumbles upon, and almost gets crafted by a tomb revealing a painting of the Princess, this marks the beginning of unraveling the true connection between his past life and his current life.