All About Korean Actress Kim Hee-sun: Profile, Family, Movies, and TV Shows


Who is Kim Hee-sun?

Kim Hee-sun is a well-known actress in South Korea. She married a businessman Park Ju-young in 2007 after dating more than a year. Park Ju-young runs his own esthetic-related business and his father is owner of Raksan Group, which has several affiliated companies in various fields. The yearly sales of the group is reportedly more than 15 billion won ($14 million).

Kim Hee-sun has 1 daughter. Kim Hee-sun is known for her excellent acting beauty and strength, she even earned several awards since her debut as an actress like Best New Actress at the KBS Drama Awards in 1995 and 1997, and many other awards. Let’s take a look at the full profile of Kim Hee-sun!

Full Profile of Kim Hee-sun


Name : Kim Hee-sun

Date of Birth : February 25, 1977

Age : 41 years old

Profession : Actress

Height : 168 cm

Weight : 43 kg

Zodiac : Gemini

Religion : N/A

Blood Type : O

Education : ChungAng University

Hobbies : Singing, Ping-pong, Billiards

Fun Facts about Kim Hee-sun :

  1. She not having food that she likes and dislikes.
  2. Has been acting in China with Jackie Chan.
  3. Have a lot of scandal before marriage.
  4. She and G-DRAGON know each other from their childhood.
  5. The secret to keeping her beauty and her youth is eating and sleeping well.
  6. There was news that he was dating Eric Mun from Shinhwa, but her parents did not allow her to marry him because he was too young.
  7. Kim Hee-sun’s husband is a fan of KARA’s Han Seung-Yeon.
  8. Can speak Mandarin casual.
  9. Her husband was jealous with her kissing scene.
  10. Take her work carefully according to the character personality.

Kim Hee-sun and Her Married Life


Kim Hee-sun has been married to Park Joo-young on October 19, 2007 at Sheraton Grande Hotel, Seoul. She gave birth to her daughter Park Yeon-ah on January 20, 2009. They had been dating for about a year. Park Ju-young is a 4 years older businessman, running an aesthetic salon in Seoul and his family is very rich. His father owns a middle-class company in South Korea. their marriage is not for public and more than 250 people are invited.


Kim Hee-sun revealed if she ever regretted being an artist because her daughter’s face has been criticized. Kim Hee-sun expressed that if her comeback in the entertainment world is a well-made decision especially at her young age.

“Right now, I’m going to visit my fan page and even upload a selca. It does not take up to a minute. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in the entertainment world for a while, then I have a mind, it only takes a minute to make people like me feel good, and give them a chance to express something good so why not? Even though I am now getting older and doing it is a bit ridiculous, but I will be actively sharing my selca with my fans from now on.” Kim Hee-sun

She explains if her hiatus for six years from the entertainment world is because he felt sad with opinions circulating in the virtual world about his son’s face. She even regretted ever being an artist.