All About ‘Radio Romance’ Actor Yoon Park: Profile, Movies, Drama List, and Girlfriend

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Learn More About Radio Romance’s Supporting Actor, Yoon Park

Radio Romance is a drama that tells the story of a group of people working in the Radio industry, where many things happen as they are striving to find happiness. There is a man who attracts many netizens by his appearances as a radio PD, Lee Gang with whiskers on his face which make him look very mature and fits his role. This man is Yoon Park.

Those of you who already watch the drama must know about him, and now, we will peel off everything about him. Make sure you read this article until the last page!

About Yoon Park

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Yoon Park started his acting career in 2012 in the drama Read My Lips, where he played the role of Yoon Bak. His popularity rose up, however, when he played the role of Cha Kang-jae in the drama What Happens To My Family. Before becoming an actor, Yoon Park was a drummer for the band Can’t Play Well (Hangul: 못 노는 애들), which won the Bronze Prize at the 34th MBC Campus Song Festival in 2010. If you want to see Yoon Park while playing the drums, here is the video.

Yoon Park was born on November 18th, 1987. He height is 182 cm, which makes him quite tall. Yoon Park was under the auspices of S.M. Entertainment from 2009-2013. When his contract with S.M. Entertainment expired in 2013, he joined JYP Entertainment and is under the auspices of JYP Entertainment until today.

Yoon Park’s List of Dramas and Movies

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This 32-year-old man has a long list of dramas he has taken part of. It seems that every year, after making his acting debut in 2012, Yoon Park never misses appearing in at least two dramas. He has appeared in some popular dramas, such as Good Doctor, What Happens To My Family, Uncontrollably Fond, and Radio Romance.

Let’s take a look at Yoon Park’s list of dramas and movies.


  • The Soup | Sikgu (2018) as Jae-gu
  • Drama Special: Tuna and Dolphin | Chamchiwa Dolgorae (KBS2/2018) as Han Yoo-ra (TV Movie)
  • Drama Special: Do You Know Taekwondo? | Taekwon, Doreul Ahshibnikka? (KBS2/2012) as Seok-ho’s group (TV Movie)

Drama Series

  • Room No. 9 | Nainroom (tvN/2018) as Ki San (young)
  • Radio Romance (KBS2/2018) as Lee Gang
  • Hello, My Twenties! 2 | Chungchoonshidae 2 (JTBC/2017) as Park Jae-wWan
  • School of Magic | Masulhakgyo (Naver TV Cast-JTBC/2017) as Jay
  • My Shy Boss | Naesungjukin Boseu (tvN/2017) as Kang Woo-il
  • The Package (JTBC / 2017) as mysterious man
  • Uncontrollably Fond | Hambooro Aeteuthage (KBS2/2016) as Seo Yoon-hoo (ep. 12)
  • Hello, My Twenties! | Chungchoonshidae (JTBC/2016) as Park Jae-wan
  • Come Back Mister | Dolawayo Ajussi (SBS/2016) as Jung Ji-hoon
  • Flower of the Queen | Yeowangui Kkot (MBC/2015) as Park Jae-joon
  • Reset | Riset (OCN/2014) as Kim In-seok
  • Discovery of Love | Yeonaeui Balgyeon (KBS2/2014) as boyfriend of taxi driver’s daughter (cameo)
  • What Happens to My Family? | Gajokkkiri Wae Irae (KBS2/2014-2015) as Cha Gang-jae
  • A Little Love Never Hurts | Saranghaeseo Namjoona (MBC/2013-2014) as Kim Joon-sung
  • Good Doctor (KBS2/2013) as Woo Il-kyu
  • Drama Special Series: Puberty Medley | Sachoonki Medeulri (KBS2/2013) as Lee Won-il
  • Glass Mask | Yoorigamyun (tvN/2012-2013) as Kang Geon
  • To My Beloved | Chinaehaneun Dangshinaege (JTBC/2012) as Park Ho-ki

Yoon Park’s Girlfriend

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In the variety show, Happy Together 3, Yoon Park revealed that he has a girlfriend who is a non-celebrity student, and his agency, JYP Entertainment has also confirmed it. A JYP Entertainment’s representative told OSEN on the 26th, “We were aware of Yoon Park’s relationship. His girlfriend is a non-celebrity student.”

Moreover, Yoon Park also said that he has already kissed his girlfriend. Sadly, after being in a one-year-three-month romantic relationship, Yoon Park broke up with her. Currently, he is probably still single as there is no dating rumor circulating about him.