All About 2PM’s Wooyoung: Profile, Album, Movies, Hairstyle, and Facts

Jang Wooyoung’s Solo Album

1. 23, Male, Single (2012)


Jang Wooyoung made his solo debut in 2012 with the album 23, Male, Single with the title of his solo single Sexy Lady, which was released on July 8, 2012. The song DJ Got Me Goin ‘Crazy is composed and written by fellow 2PM member Jun. K, while Be With You is written and composed by Lee Junho.

The debut performance was at the Mnet 20’s Choice Awards ceremony on June 28, 2012 with 2Nite and Sexy Lady. The extended play was released on July 8, 2012 together with a music video for Sexy Lady, which was presented during a fan showcase the next day. Later, some making of videos for Sexy Lady, Be With You and DJ Got Me Goin ‘Crazy were released. The last promotion ran from July 12 to August 5, 2012 during M!Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo.

With his first solo album, Wooyoung sold more than 68,462 copies and almost ranked top at No. 2 on the Gaon Weekly Albums Chart and the Gaon Monthly Albums Chart. It ranked at No. 24 on the Gaon Year-End Albums Chart in 2012. It proves that Wooyoung is successful in his career as a 2PM member and as a soloist.

Tracklist of the 23, Male, Single Album:

  1. 2Nite
  2. Sexy Lady
  3. DJ Got Me Goin’ Crazy (featuring Jun.K)
  4. Be With You
  5. Falling Down
  6. Letting You Go
  7. Only Girl

2. BYE (2018)


After more than five years since his first solo album 23, Male, Single, Wooyoung finally made a comeback with his second solo album, BYE. In fact, Wooyoung was almost depressed and decided to get out of 2PM. “2PM is my reason for living,” Wooyoung declared. “The reason I want to make music, and even the reason I’m promoting solo is 2PM. My love for my members is severe.”

Wooyoung went on to share that 2PM has always been at the center of his plans. Although he had personally wished to enlist in the military early on, he ultimately decided not to do so because of his fellow members. He also chose to forgo promoting as a solo singer in order to spend that time promoting with 2PM.

Although I’ve done a lot of solo activities in Japan, this is the first solo album I’ve released in Korea for five years and six months,” he explained. “Truthfully, I wanted 2PM to stick together as much as possible in Korea, so I focused more on group activities. I also always wanted to complete my military service early, but because I was part of 2PM, I felt that it was not a choice for me to make alone. As I spent time working hard with the group, it ended up being pushed back. “

In the album BYE, the main song will be called Ttuk. The song Ttuk is a song that describes the feeling after a breakup. Ttuk itself is an expression that means ‘to stop crying’ in Korean.

Apparently, Wooyoung followed JYP Entertainment’s CEO Park Jin Young’s advice to change the lyrics of Ttuk for the better. Wooyoung also expressed his feelings about his latest solo album at the time. Wooyoung also revealed that he is happy to be back with a new album to entertain the fans.

In fact, Wooyoung almost followed SHINee’s Jonghyun. However, Wooyoung had the power to overcome his depression. “I just heard the bad news about Jonghyun, I’m sure he made that decision because he fought a lot more than I did, but I really understand it and I believe there are many celebrities who are experiencing similar situations. I was also in the same situation five years ago,” he said.

“This seems to be my story, and at that moment, I want to cope in any way, I am just thinking of the 2PM members,” he said. “I can handle it but I don’t think I could just end it. I keep thinking about how I struggle to do well,” Wooyoung continued.

Party Shots is a song on the album and was originally released in Japan in 2017.

Wooyoung’s Hairstyle

Idols certainly want to look perfect for their fans, shown by their changing appearance with every comeback. Let’s see the changes in Wooyoung’s hairstyle!

He’s the type of guy that would always try out new things, such as new hairstyles. He has appeared with a super short haircut, which did not really suit him as much as a medium-length hairstyle.


In 2013 he tried a new hairstyle, he seemed to have shaved the sides short, while slicking back the remainder. To show a better view of his haircut, he took his selca from the side, adding on sunglasses and a serious look to finish.


Wooyoung also once made the front of his bangs stand in a Mohawk style for 2PM’s comeback with their new song Go Crazy. Fans stated that Wooyoung looked very compatible with a Mohawk hairstyle and that he looks like a bad boy.


However, in general now Wooyoung chooses a man’s hairstyle and wears bangs. Wooyoung looks natural and handsome. Wooyoung also looks like a quiet man in the face of any situation.


What kind of hairstyle do you think suits Wooyoung?