Alex Chu’s Profile and Album Lists

Alex Chu’s Private Wedding


After Alex & Hyunyoung parted ways in previous year, Alex finally found happiness with a non-celebrity, and confirmed his happy wedding news through his label in January 2018. According to an industry insider, his wife is a mutual acquaintance he met the previous summer. She was reportedly in her early 30s, and has a career in the fashion industry.

It was said that Alex held the private wedding ceremony at a recreation facility in Busan on January 27, 2018, with only family members invited as guests. They set out to have a ‘small wedding’, with only the couple’s families present. This decision was made in consideration of his fiancée being a non-celebrity.

After the wedding, Alex posted a photo to Instagram on January 29 to thank everyone for their well wishes and wrote, “We will live a happy life. I will temporarily set aside everything I’ve wanted to say to just say, thank you. Thank you. For everything.

Alex Chu’s Filmography


Alex made his debut in 2001 as a member of the group Clazziquai. Since then, he has expanded his career into the acting world, and landed his first main role on the drama series MBC’s “Pasta”.

Drama Series

Year Title Role Network
2007 Finding Love Park Ji-won MBC Every 1
2010 Smile, Dong-hae Lee Tae-hoon KBS1
Pasta Kim San MBC
2011 A Thousand Days’ Promise Son Suk-ho SBS
2012 Salamander Guru and The Shadows Ji-hoon (cameo) SBS
2013 Medical Top Team Bae Sang-kyu MBC
2014 I Need Romance 3 Lee Jung-ho (cameo) tvN
Hotel King Yoo Joon-seong MBC
My Lovely Girl Bae Sung-jin SBS
2015 Divorce Lawyer in Love SBS
Bubblegum tvN
2016 Cheers to Me UMAX

Variety Shows

Year Title Role Network Note
2009 We Got Married Season 1 Himself MBC
2011 Idol Star 7080 Best Singer Contestant MBC February 4, Duet with Luna of f(x) : Won Gold Prize
2013 Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education Himself KBS2
2015 A Style For You Himself KBS

Other Appearances

  • MBC “Campus Music Festival : 대학가요제” (2009) – with Lee Hyori
  • MNET “Pops Magazine”
  • SBS “Kim Young Man & Ji Seok Jin’s Cider : 김용만, 지석진의 사이다”
  • MBC “Star Star Love Studio : 스타 맞선 러브 러브 스튜디오”
  • MBC “Squeeze : 지피지기” (2007/2008)
  • MBC “Full Happiness : 만원의 행복”
  • MBC “Introduce The Star’s Friend : 스타의 친구를 소개합니다”
  • KBS2 “Beauty Girls : 미녀들의 수다”
  • SBS “Good Sunday : 일요일이 좋다 – 김서방 익스프레스”
  • MNET “M! Countdown”
  • SBS “Korea Cook : 대한민국 쿡” (2009)
  • MNET “Mnet Scandal : 엠넷 스캔들”
  • TVN “Escape! Phobia : 탈출! 포비아”
  • TVN “Martian vs Mars : 화성인 VS 화성인”
  • MNET “그는 당신에게 반하지 않았다”
  • KBS JOY “Cooking Olympic Gochujang : 쿠킹올림픽 고추장”
  • XTM “STAR N’ the CITY”
  • SBS MTV “MTV The Stage Big Pleasure”
  • OLIVE “Food Essay : 푸드 에세이”
  • YTN “News & Issue : 뉴스앤이슈 – 이슈앤피플”
  • MBC “Food Bank of Love : 맛있는 나눔! 사랑의 푸드뱅크”
  • MBC Music “Be My Singer”
  • CHANNEL A “Live Open Studio : 생방송 오픈 스튜디오” (2012/2013)
  • KBS2 “Immortal Songs – Singing the Legend : 불후의 명곡 – 전설을 노래하다”
  • KBS2 “Dream Team Season 2 : 출발 드림팀 시즌 2”
  • TV Chosun “앞치마 휘날리며” (2015)
  • CHANNEL A “Angry Wife : 아내가 뿔났다”
  • MBC “The King of Masked Singer – Airborne Hot Air Balloon : 미스터리 음악쇼 복면가왕 – 공중부양 열기구”
  • JTBC “김제동의 톡투유 – 걱정 말아요! 그대”

Alex Chu’s List of Albums: Solo Activities


Apart from Clazziquai’s albums, the tracks below are just Alex’s solo activities after he debuted as solo artist back in 2008, when the group announced a temporary hiatus.

Studio Albums

Title Album Details Peak Chart Positions Sales
My Vintage Romance
  • Released : June 11, 2008
  • Label : Fluxus Music, Doremi Media
  • Formats : CD, digital download
Track Lists :
  1. Too Soon (어느새)
  2. If It’s You (그대라면)
  3. Always You (넌 언제나) feat. Thomas Cook
  4. Sorry To Keep You Waiting (기다리게 해서 미안해요)
  5. Tears Fall On Your Toes (발끝을 적시는 눈물)
  6. Feel Like Making Sunshine
  7. Fold My Hands (깍지껴요) feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo
  8. Waltz Lesson feat. Whale
  9. Lover (연인)
  10. I Love You (사랑하오)
  11. Glorious Day (기분 좋은 날)
  12. Daydreaming
  13. Miss. Understanding feat. Simon Dominic
  14. Daisy (데이지)
  15. Flowerpot (화분)
Just Like Me
  • Released : June 2, 2011
  • Label : Fluxus Music, Windmill Entertainment
  • Formats : CD, digital download
Track Lists
  1. Who Told The Story (전하지 못한 이야기)
  2. You’re My Lady
  3. Same Dream (같은 꿈)
  4. Wind Of Spring (봄날의 바람 같아요)
  5. If You Can Go Back (되돌릴 수 있다면) feat. Jane
  6. Can’t Be Crazy (미쳐보려 해도)
  7. Talk (얘기)
  8. He Did Not Receive His Blessings (자신에게도 축복받지 못한)
  9. To Reach You (너에게 닿기를)
  10. The Flowers (꽃이다)
  11. Tomboi feat. Lovey
  12. Mediocre You (평범한 그대)
  13. Again To You (또 다시 너에게로)


Title Year Peak Chart Positions Sales Album
“I Love You” (사랑하오) 2008 N/A My Vintage Romance
“If It’s You” (그대라면)
“Bad Behavior” (나쁜 짓) Non-album singles
“Sweet Dream (Andante)” 2010 67
“Same Dream” (같은 꿈) 2011 76 KOR: 136,091 Just Like Me
“Can’t Be Crazy” (미쳐보려 해도) 58 KOR : 188,215
“Goodbye Smile” (웃으며 안녕) 89 KOR : 90,881 Non-album singles
“You’re So Gorgeous” (화려한 그대) 85 KOR : 171,226


Year Title Other Artist(s)
2006 “Very Heartbreaking Words” (너무 아픈 이 말) Jisun of Loveholics
2013 “Blue Road” (블루로드) Park Se-young

Soundtrack Appearances

Year Title Album
2008 “Flowerpot” (화분) We Got Married OST
2010 “Love Year” (사랑살이) Three Brothers OST
2011 “If I Could Turn It Back” (되돌릴 수 있다면) feat. Jane Late Autumn OST
“Good Smile” (웃으며 안녕) Romance Town OST
“Flowers Bloom” (꽃이 피네요) with Horan Only You OST
“A Day You Left” (니가 떠난 하루) Me Too, Flower! OST
2012 “Maybe Maybe” (어쩌면 어쩌면) with Horan Music and Lyrics OST
“If It Were Me” (나였으면) I Do, I Do OST
2013 “One Step To Your Side” (한걸음 그대 곁으로) Jjak OST
2014 “I Want To Love You” (사랑해줄래) My Lovely Girl OST
2015 “D.N.A Luv” (연애세포) with Song Ji-eun Flirty Boy And Girl OST
“My Time Towards You” (널 향한 나의 시간) Bubble Gum OST
2016 “Small Comma” (작은 쉼표) Woman with a Suitcase OST