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Meet The Clazziquai Project’s Vocalist, Alex Chu!

Alex Chu is a Canadian-Korean multi-talented singer, actor, and motorcycle manufacturer who rose to fame as a vocalist of the group Clazziquai under the agency Fluxus Music. The group’s popularity skyrocketed after being featured on the soundtrack of hit drama series “My Lovely Samsoon“, but later in 2008 announced a sudden temporary hiatus, which made many of the members debut as solo artists, including Alex.

Deciding to expand his career after the group hiatus, (beside working as a solo singer) he somehow became a part of the popular reality show MBC’s “We Got Married“, and was even cast as an actor for his first main role in a drama series “Pasta“. As a male entertainer, back in his heyday, Alex gained his popularity among female fans with his soft attitude, sweet voice, and intelligent charisma.  But how’s his life been going since then? Were there any controversies or rumors about Alex that you should know? Feel free to read about all the things related to Alex Chu in this article!

Alex Chu’s Full Profile


Stage Name : Alex Chu / Alex (알렉스)
Real Name : Chu Heon Gon (Hangul : 추헌곤 / Hanja : 秋憲坤)
Profession : Singer, Actor, Motorsports racer (Indigo racing team)
Position : Vocal and maknae of Clazziquai
Sub-Unit : Solo
Nationality : Canadian-Korean (British Columbia)
Birth Place : Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Birth Date : September 2, 1979
Star Sign : Virgo
Height : 172 cm
Weight : 61 kg
Blood Type : A
Religion : Protestant
Language : English, Korean, Japanese
Instruments : Piano
Family : Parents, Sister Christina, Uncle Kang Seok Ho, Cousin actor Chu Hun Yub
Label : Fluxus Music

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Officcial Twitter : @ALEXhomecokr
Official Personal Instagram : @alexfromsunday

Alex Chu’s Trivia, News, & Miscellaneous Facts

  • He is a member of Clazziquai (Alex, Horan, Clazzy), a solo singer, a chef who runs an Italian restaurant, and someone who runs a motorcycle business. He is a rider who enjoys motorcycle touring as a hobby.
  • He was a founding member of Clazziquai in 2001.
  • He was in a musical entitled “On Air Season 3 : 온에어 시즌3”.
  • He released a book in 2009 entitled “Alex’s Spoon :알렉스의 스푼”. He said it has a lot of stories that were expressed as food or spices in memories. It is not a cookbook.
  • He did commercials for Pizza Hut, Chungjungwon ‘sunshine soy sauce,’ Sodium vitamins, Woongjin Cuchen rice cookers, and many others.
  • Alex said he would be a chef if he wasn’t a singer. He said he worked as a chef at a Japanese eatery in Canada. Thanks to that, he was a cook on some cooking shows.
  • Alex and his fellow member, Horan, were rumored to live under the same roof. But later on tvN’s “Taxi”, both denied rumours about them living together.
  • He is known as a romantic guy on MBC’s “We Got Married”.
  • On MBC’s We Got Married, he was matched with Korean trot singer Jang Yoon Jeong in the Lunar Special episode, and actress/model Shin Ae for the rest of the series. Alex and Shin Ae left the show after Episode 8 for Alex to record his first solo album Vintage Romance. They were replaced by Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 and Hwangbo of Chakra.
    However, due to popular demand, the couple reunited in Episode 13. Alex and Shin Ae made their exit from the show on November 16, 2008.
  • After 20 years of immigration in Canada, he did not acquire Canadian citizenship, but he did make his debut as a singer in Korea. He delayed his debut to avoid military service. At this time, Yoo Seung Jun’s incident broke out (a celebrity who was well-known for evading mandatory military service by getting an American citizenship at the last minute. Because of his actions, he was banned from returning to Korea), and Alex was asked to come back to Vancouver and get citizenship from his agency, Flexus. So he deferred his debut and lived in Canada for about a year to get citizenship.
  • June 1, 2012 : Alex opened a new Italian restaurant, D’asti Plate, in January 2018 known as D’Asti NY. He partnered with three of his close friends to open the restaurant, which is located in the Shinsadong area of Seoul.
  • July 18, 2012 : He was arrested but not detained by Gangnam Police in Seoul for driving while intoxicated in Seoul. According to the police, Alex was suspected of driving a white BMW car for 2 km on the road near the intersection of Sinsa-dong road in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, at 2:48 am. Police said Alex’s blood alcohol level was 0.134 percent, which is enough to revoke his license.

Alex Chu’s Love Life with Former Rainbow Member Hyunyoung


After dating Hyunyoung for approximately a year and four months, it was confirmed they broke up in February 2017. According to news sources, the couple reportedly drifted apart gradually as both of their schedules became busier, but continue to remain good friends.

Alex and HyunYoung first announced their blossoming relationship back in October of 2015, and attracted a lot of attention for their wide age gap of 12 years. They met through a mutual acquaintance, and fell in love. At the time, Hyunyoung had been accompanying him to many concerts and dinners, making their relationship known to those close to them.