List of Albums and Songs of Block B Bastarz

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The List of Bastarz Albums

Bastarz (바스타즈) is the first official subunit from Block B. They debuted under Seven Seasons with the release of their 1st mini album Zero for Conduct in April 2015. The subunit consists of three members from Block B- the main dancers B-Bomb and U-Kwon and rapper P.O. They released their second mini album in 2016.

Bastarz 1st Album: Zero for Conduct

block b astarz

Their first album released on April 14th, 2015. The album is named Conduct Zero and consist of 5 songs with the title track “Zero for Conduct”.

  1. “Zero for Conduct”
  2. “Charlie Chaplin”
  3. “Thief”
  4. “Nobody but You”
  5. “Sue Me” (feat. Incredible)


bastarz first album

When you listen to their title track “Zero for Conduct” for the first time, you will think “What is this?”. But, when you listen again and again, it becomes really good! The song consist of growly raps and EDM inspired drops.

The next song “Charlie Chaplin” brings the listener back down with cool snaps and an acoustic guitar playing along with croons over a polished funk pop backdrop note matching along with P.O.’s sweet raps.

“Thief” has funk and a danceable beat. The lyrics are naughty and “sexy”.

“Nobody but You” showcases the group’s vocal power, and there is a lot of falsetto. The vocal line U-Kwon and B-Bomb hit the high notes nicely.

The song “Sue Me” is full of hip-hop with a thrumming bass line. The combination of P.O.’s raps and the vocals makes for a really good song.

Second Album: Welcome 2 Bastarz

block b astarz

They released their second album Welcome 2 Bastarz the following year on October 31st, 2016. The album consists of 5 songs with title track “Selfish & Beautiful Girl”. They promoted two songs, the title track and “Make It Rain”, from this album at their music shows.

  1. “Selfish & Beautiful Girl”
  2. “Make It Rain”
  3. “That’s Right”
  4. “Tightly”
  5. “The Hidden Girl”


welcome 2 bastarz


Preview of their second album:

welcome 2 bastarz
welcome 2 bastarz

They have a cool concept for their second album, which we can see from the album’s photo review.

welcome 2 bastarz
welcome 2 bastarz
welcome 2 bastarz

Bastarz’s Japanese Single 品行 Zero (“Hinkou Zero”)

block b astarz
block b astarz

After they released their first mini album in South Korea, they released a Japanese single titled “Hinkou Zero”. The song released on October 7th, 2015, and ranked 20th on the Japanese Oricon Chart and ranked 84th on the Japanese Billboard.

block b astarz

Good luck to Bastarz for their next album!