Akdong Musician Members’ Plastic Surgeries: Before and After

AKMU’s Suhyun’s Weight Loss

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Suhyun indeed has not had plastic surgery. She won’t allow the knife to change her looks. But, people noticed that she may have lost weight, and people are curious about that.

At the end of 2016, Suhyun mentioned that Yang Hyun Suk, YG Entertainment’s CEO, asked if she wanted to get a nose job or not. And, she politely refused the CEO’s offer.

Later, in November 2017, she openly said on the live stream of her personal YouTube channel ‘Mochi Peach’ after people asked if she was ever going to have surgery, “I am breathing well through my small nose. I am thankful that I can even breathe. Nonetheless, my nostrils are fine, so it’s all good. And I’ll look pretty if I do the double eyelids, but I’m doing fine with my look and happy about what I have today”It just the same like she said back in 2016 when the CEO asked her.

She then added, “There is no reason for me to go under the knife.

But, Suhyun confirmed she lost weight and explained why it happened. She certainly changed in terms of appearance, and actually, she has lost 7 kilos.

She worked hard to lose weight because she prepared a comeback with her brother. She followed a vegetarian diet and regularly exercised.

One of the members of YG’s staff stated that nobody recommended for her to go on a diet, but Suhyun wanted to lose weight badly and was very determined.

Here are some pictures of her weight loss transformation.


That was from her debut time.


That was from when Suhyun was still a teenager.


Thankfully, she still has her chubby cheeks.


And, that’s the latest on Suhyun’s look. She was on the red carpet for the 32nd Golden Disc Award in 2018. She still looks amazing, of course.