Check Out AKDONG MUSICIAN’s Su-hyun and Chan-hyuk’s Hilarious Appearance on JTBC ‘Knowing Brother’

Chan-Hyuk’s Special Lunch Game

At lunch time, the cast would get the food by throwing out random questions and that had to be answered by a specific number of the cast. The first menu item was stir potatoes and ham, and they needed to throw a question with six right answers. Ho-dong failed, then Chan-hyuk tried. He asked about a word that was very familiar but sometimes feels so distant. Unfortunately, no one could answer the question because it was quite hard and Chan-hyuk gave up.

The second menu item was seafood pajeon, and they only needed two right answers to get the food. Chan-hyuk volunteered to go first, and he asked a picky question about a nonsense quiz. The question was “there’s one for the eye, there’s only one for the mouth, there are two for the nostril, and none for ear. There’s two for television, but none for TV, what is it?” 

The question seemed really hard, but luckily there were two answers in the class! Jang-hoon answered it right, although he didn’t know the answer and just got lucky, and the genius Sang Min answered zero, because he remembered about a song. Thanks to them and Chan-hyuk, the cast finally got their first meal!

The last menu item was a secret dish which was specially requested by Chan-hyuk. In order to get this meal, the siblings should answer the question with what the other thinks and they had to get a minimum six right answers out of ten answers. As we would expect from siblings, each of them got three right answers, which meant all the cast could get the meal!

When the meal was revealed, it was beef bone soup and kimchi, which was Chan-hyuk’s favorite thing for lunch in the military. Everyone was delighted with the meal, and Somi was really happy about it since she was on a diet for her solo debut. The show was closed by a zoom-out view while the cast were eating lunch.

Random Fun Facts

There were some random fun facts in this show about the Nation’s Siblings. The first one is that Chan-hyuk was known to be ambitious in the military. In a game ‘Guess What Am I’, Chan-hyuk revealed that on the second day he enlisted he showed his dedication by taking care of milk box trash, which no one ever does voluntarily because the milk boxes stink. 

Chan-hyuk also told his sister to fall in love, so that the music they made could really get the feel. Chan-hyuk also said that Su-hyun isn’t the type of girl who easily falls in love. 

They also once lived in Mongolia, and shared some unique foods made by the Mongolians. In Mongolia, they eat a lot of lamb in many forms. The siblings also never tried school’s lunches because they were homeschooled kids.