Check Out AKDONG MUSICIAN’s Su-hyun and Chan-hyuk’s Hilarious Appearance on JTBC ‘Knowing Brother’

Meet The Nation’s Siblings, AKDONG MUSICIAN And Get A Look At Their Hilarious Side

Besides dominating in hip-hop music, YG Entertainment also has this talented pair of siblings who are very talented. They are AKDONG MUSICIAN or AKMU, consisting of Lee Chan-hyuk (born on September 12, 1996) and Lee Su-hyun (born on May 4, 1999). They  were the winner of K-Pop Star Season 2, and were scouted by Yang Hyun-suk because he was mesmerized with these siblings incredible talent and high musical ability. 

AKMU had been hiatus for two years due to Chan-hyuk’s military enlistment, and Su-hyun hadn’t had any solo comebacks or activities. Recently, Chan-hyuk was officially discharged from his duty and came back to the entertainment industry. To welcome back AKMU, JTBC’s fun talk show Knowing Brothers invited them, along with Jeon Somi, to be their guests on episode 183.

This time, Channel-Korea will tell you some hilarious and important moments from the show, stay tuned!

Chan-hyuk’s Shocking Greeting

In the class, all the students were talking about the story of the cow and the horse. In the middle of their hilarious chit-chat, suddenly a drum roll began and told them to rise (the signing sound in the military), which left them confused. When the door opened, Chan-hyuk suddenly entered the class, raising his right hand, along with Su-hyun and Somi.

Everyone laughed when they saw Chan-hyuk with his fierce eyes, and he introduced himself in a military way! He said, “Victory! I report that Sargent Lee Chan-hyuk has been issued a discharge order from the Korean Marine on May 29, 2019. End of report, victory!” What a shocking greeting from Chan-hyuk! Everyone was surprised and clapping for congratulate him.

Chan-hyuk had been discharged only a day before the show, and the cast wase surprised he made his appearance in the show just a day later! Ho-dong revealed that the production team contacted him without knowing he would be coming on that day. Chan-hyuk was thinking of rejecting the offer because he wanted to grow his hair out, but he thought the cast would want to see him, badly.

Chan-hyuk’s Military Story

Chan-hyuk had surprisingly shaved his hair with the form of a fish. He said that it means the fish swimming in the ocean freely, as he’s already discharged now. He also revealed that the reason why he enlisted so early was because he didn’t want his work in music to be postponed in the middle by the military duty. He did it earlier so that he could make his amazing music with his sister, freely.

Heechul asked Chan-hyuk whether people in the Marines often watched Knowing Brothers. Chan-hyuk said that when Su-hyun appeared on the show alone, earlier, he and his roommates watched the show and made sure that they were at least 1% of the audience! He also revealed that he had GigaGenie AI speakers, which could search anything he wanted only by speaking to them. The old cast were jealous, as the facilities were upgraded for the juniors!

Jang-hoon also asked when they saw Su-hyun in the episode, whether any of the guyss wanted to meet her in real life? Chan-hyuk then revealed that there was his junior who didn’t really like pretty girls like in the girl-groups, but when he saw Su-hyun in Begin Again he said that she was his type. Chan-hyuk brought him to a dinner with Su-hyun, but she said she didn’t realize he was her fan because she was too busy with her food. The cast said that it was just a polite rejection!

He also told the cast that he likes to watch Yu Hui Yeol’s Sketchbook and fell in love with So Hee, the gulkak artist, when he was asked which girl-groups that he liked the most, since there were many girl-groups who cheered up the army. Su-hyun added that he often showed So Hee’s performance and kept singing to her song. He even thought about writing a song about her so that he could be close to her. But, sadly, none of the girl-group’s members visited him, only his parents and Su-hyun. 

Amazingly, Chan-hyuk said that he wrote the military march song titled “Victory for the Marine”. He confidently sang the song and even danced through it! He said that he became really inspired in the new environment, so that in the first six months he was serving, he wrote ten songs. The funny thing is, Su-hyun used the military march song for her alarm song.

Chan-hyuk then talked about his training in the military. He did most of the basic training for the army, but he got the golden chance to guard the president when he was on his holiday. He also said that he met Minho from Shinee in the Marines, as he was his junior in the marines but his senior in the entertainment industry. Chan-hyuk said that it was so awkward for them due to their status, and he ended up sending an awkward cheering message to Minho. 


Ho-Dong said that they couldn’t let AKMU leave the show without singing live, sothe siblings give them a sudden medley from their songs. Su-hyun said that was their first time singing live together for two years. Their first song was “Last Goodbye”, and they harmoniously synchronized together. Then the second song was “200%”, and the atmosphere become so fun as Su-hyun’s angelic voice came in. The medley ended with “Dinosaur”, with Su-hyun’s clear falsetto, and their harmony fascinated everyone!

Added for AKMU’s live performance in Knowing Brothers, Su-hyun showed her ability with ‘Open Book Lalala’, which means she can make an impromptu song by opening a random book. The cast were excited to see her ability, and she performed it with her brother jamming on the guitar.

The first song was about Sympecma pedisca, and it turned out amazingly well! It seemed like the song had already been written beforehand. The second song was about mussels, and added a rap part by Soo Geun’s. The cast couldn’t get over it, and they kept asking AKMU to sing more and more!