Learn More About “Akgae” Fans in K-Pop



Well, you might be surprised to learn that BTS also has their akgae fans! This time, the akgae fans loved one of their member, BTS’ Jungkook. They went so far as to say that they want to kill another member of BTS, namely BTS’ V. They thought that BTS’ V really sucked. They even gave BTS’ V a bad nickname, that is taepig. They have also been insulting BTS’ V for his physical appearance, and have often said that BTS’ V is supposed to leave BTS.


Mostly, the akgae fans of BTS’ V have said a lot of bad words for him. Of course, ARMY (BTS’ fandom) got upset and got mad at the akgae fans. They were defending BTS’ V and said that he was loved by ARMY’s and have shown him their eternal support to make him feel better.



BLACKPINK is currently one of the most popular girl groups, not only in South Korea, but also all around the world. But, who would’ve thought that BLACKPINK has akgae fans? This time, the akgae fans were “attacking” BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

They have said that BLACKPINK’s Lisa isn’t beautiful enough to be a BLACKPINK member. They thought that BLACKPINK Lisa is too thin. Moreover, they said that BLACKPINK’s Lisa has a South East Asian face, which is not suitable with the South Korean beauty standards. BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fandom) were really mad for this attack, so they made the hashtag #RespectLisa on Twitter to show her their support.


Not only BLACKPINK’s Lisa, but the akgae fans were also insulting BLACKPINK’s Jennie. They thought that BLACKPINK’s Jennie is an arrogant idol. Moreover, BLACKPINK’s Jennie has been accused of being involved in a bullying case in the past, and mostly akgae fans were insulting her because often, BLACKPINK’s Jennie was forgetting her lyrics while performing on the stage.


The Akgae Fans Phenomenon


Well, the akgae fans phenomenon isn’t something that can be denied. They exist for a reason, however, most often the reason is bad. Some factors that have contributed to the existence of akgae fans are the excessive love for their idols, unfair agency treatment, and many more.

Worldwide netizens are also discussing the akgae fans. They think that akgae fans must be restricted, but it is quite hard since we don’t know them in real life. This is because we normally only see them through the internet. But still, as the die-hard fans and pure fans, we have to always support our idols, and don’t let the akgae fans break down our idol’s career!

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