Akdong Musician’s World Tours and Concerts (2015, 2016 and 2017)

Akdong Musician’s Concerts


The two siblings, Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun, are widely known as Akdong Musician, or Akmu. They participated in “K-pop Star Hunt 2” in 2012, and Akmu debuted under YG Entertainment 12 months later after winning K-pop Star Hunt 2. The duo has brought a new, fresh air to Kpop, as their genre is a combination of acoustic, folk-pop, and their recent album “Summer Episode” (with double title tracks Dinosaur and My Darling) has an upbeat acoustic sound with an EDM touch. Since their debut, they have released 5 albums, a few EPs, and several collaboration singles with artists such as Lee Hi and Yang HeeEun. The group has already held a world tour as well as solo concerts throughout their career.

Akdong Musician’s Concert in 2014


At the end of 2014, on December 31, Akmu had held a solo concert in Busan. The siblings also posted multiple pictures on their official Facebook page, “Akdong Musician.” The concert was titled “Akmu Camp.” They performed their songs alongside each other, and wearing different outfits. Lee Hi also appeared in this concert, since she has performed one song with Lee Suhyun. Some of the songs were duets, but there were also some times they performed solo. At the end of the concert, the duo didn’t forget to take a picture with all of the concert’s audience. We can see the fans were fascinated and adored Akmu’s performance very much.


Akdong Musician’s Concert in 2016


The duo siblings didn’t stop expanding their music in Korea, and also have international fans. Akmu held an Asian tour in several countries, including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Shanghai. On December 9, Akmu first visited Singapore with the title “Akmu Studio in Singapore.” The concert was held in Kallang Theatre with 3 ticket categories. The prices were, starting from the first category, Cat 1: $188; Cat 2: $148; Cat 3: $108. During the concert, Cat 1 has many special privileges, such as being entered into a lucky draw where they can win autographed posters (50 winners) and a group photo-op (20 max per group photo; 300 winners) with Akdong Musician.


Next, “Akmu Studio” was held in Shanghai on December 22 at Mercedes-Benz Arena The Mixing Room. Four days later, on December 26, Lee Suhyun and Lee Chanhyuk flew to Shanghai and held “Akmu Studio in Shanghai.” The concert was held in KL LIVE at 6:30 PM. The fans looked very happy and enthusiastic while watching the duo group perform their popular songs, and they even had a Q&A section after.


Prior to their solo concert, a concert promoter from Indonesia, Mecimapro alongside Livenation Korea and KOCCA teamed up to produce an epic concert in Jakarta: “Saranghaeyo Indonesia 2016.” On October 8th, performance legends Taeyang, Akdong Musician, and Nell appeared in ICE BSD City Hall 5 and performed an incredible show to share their love for their Indonesian fans.


Akdong Musician’s Concert in 2017


After their success at the international concert in 2016, Akmu expanded their scope with a nationwide concert titled “Akmu Diary.” Before having the nation tour concert, they held a solo concert in Sogang University from March 24 through April 2, which was seven days in total. The tickets were sold promptly on Melon ticket, and fans’ demand to attend their concert was very big. Therefore, YG Entertainment confirmed that Akmu would have a nationwide tour. Starting from Gwangju on April 15, then stopping in Daegu on April 22, and Busan on May 27. The concert itself represented the life of Akmu from different perspectives, and illustrated three points of views:’Chanhyuk’s Diary’ ‘Suhyun’s Diary’, and finally ‘AKMU Diary.’

Recently, YG announced a hiatus period for Akdong Musician due to Chanhyuk beginning his military service on September 18, 2017. Meanwhile, Lee Suhyun is still continuing her career, but only as a solo actress/performer.