Akdong Musician Release Their Comeback




The next day, they posted the official music video for Dinosaur on their youtube channel and marked the start of their comeback. The music video has a similar vibe with Netflix TV Series Stranger Things and is aesthetically beautiful. No wonder, the Dinosaur music video already garnered more than 10 million viewers. The story in the music video is tells us about how kids have their own fears when they are young, but they have their own way to overcome their fear. The dinosaur is the metaphor of Chan Hyuk’s fear.


They didn’t promote their new songs on music shows. Instead, they released their live performance on V-Live. You will see how powerful their vocals are even when the song has an upbeat music.


They also release Dinosaur live-performance on Dingo official youtube. In this video, you will hear the powerful vocals with the MR.


Sadly, this is the last album for Chan Hyuk before he enlists to the army. In Sept 17th 2017, Chan Hyuk quietly went to military services. This means, Akdong Musician officially became hiatus and Su Hyun continued her career as a solo artist.

Anyway, the Summer Episode album only released digitally so here’s the Spotify link to stream their songs. Enjoy!