Singer Ailee Reveals Her Struggle With Her Weight

Ailee After Diet

Get to Know Ailee

In the past, Korean-American singer Ailee had succeeded on losing her weight, but do you know how she feels about her weight loss? If you still don’t know, this is the perfect chance to find out more about her feelings on her weight loss! Before we get to that, should we take a look on her profile for a short while?

Ailee’s Profile


Ailee is a singer who was born in May 30th, 1989 in Denver, United States of America. Even though she was born in Denver, she spent her teen days in New Jersey. She has both Korean name, Lee Ye-jin, and English name, Amy Lee. She used to attend Pace University and majored in communications, but later she dropped out in order to pursue her dreams in music. She later moved to South Korea in 2010 to participate in a music audition.

She officially made her debut on February 9th, 2012 with a song titled Heaven. Besides, she also made her debut in Japan under Warner Music Japan with the same song and also in America under a new stage name (A.Leean) with a single titled Fall Back. Currently, she’s signed under the management of YMC Entertainment as a solo singer and she is known as Korea’s Beyonce.

If you want to follow her latest activities, you can check it on her Twitter or Instagram account @aileeonline!

Ailee’s Weight Loss

Ailee Before and After Diet

Before her weight loss, Ailee was known as one of the singers with a curvy figure, unlike the typical idols in South Korea who usually has a thin figure. But, because of this, she got many malicious comments from netizens due to her figure. Many of them said that ‘she’s fat’ and ‘not slim enough to be successful’. As expected, Ailee breaks down the comments as she has outstanding vocal skills.

Even though she could take over people’s heart just by her voice, it seems that she also paid attention to the malicious comment that pointed towards her. Since 2014, she had started dieting and showed a significant change in her figure. She looks more slimmer and her body makes any girl jealous of it.

But in 2016, when she appeared as a guest on SBS Radio Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time, she revealed that she had a hard time maintaining her figure based on other people’s expectation. She also said that she got confused as she gained weight, as people told her to lose weight, and when she lost her weight, people started to say that it was better for her to gain weight again.

Ailee Tells Her Story About Weight Loss

Recently, when she appeared in a variety show called Hidden Singer that was aired on August 5th, she teared up as she recalled her memory of dieting. As her tears started to form, she told the audience that it was the most depressing moments of her life because she could only eat 500 calories per day, which means she didn’t eat nearly anything all day.

She also said that even though she looks good when she lost her weight, it seemed like she couldn’t show her full skills on stage. Right then, she decided to not care about other people’s opinion regarding her body figure. It seems like she gained her weight again, and she feels happy about it!

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