What Do You Think About The Leaked Pre-debut Nude Photos of Ailee?

Ailee’s Respons To Her Pictures Going Viral


Quoting from Korean Times, it is reported that YMC Entertainment was telling the truth regarding Ailee’s nude photos. The pictures were reportedly taken four years ago. In fact, Ailee had reported the whole incident to the police.

It was revealed that Ailee had filed a report on August 12th, 2009, according to the Palisades Park Police Department of New Jersey records. Her first name Ye, last name Lee (Ailee’s original name is Lee Ye-jin), Palisades Park address, and date of birth were all listed.

Ailee’s account to the police state that the incident took place five days prior to the date of her filing, at around 3-6 am. Ailee shares the details of the event in which she was chatting with her friend of the same age, referred to her last name Kim. On that day, Ailee received a message in Facebook from Kim which told Ailee to send some 50 nude photos of herself to the third person using ‘CLG********’ as a screen name. Having known her as a friend, Ailee sent the photos without suspecting anything. Later, it turned out that Kim’s Facebook account had been hacked on the same day Ailee sent her nude photos. She was then devastated to know that it was not her friend whom she has been talking to. In other words, Ailee has been fooled to send her naked pictures to an unknown person.

The ‘real’ Kim had also insisted that she never asked for any nude photos to be sent anywhere and explained that it was not the first time that her Facebook got hacked. In fact, her Facebook account had been hacked many times, forcing her to change the password four times.

With this, the police recommended Ailee to delete all the photos from her computer and file another report with the Internet fraud division for this crime happened within the online-operated medium.

After this scandal broke, Ailee’s popularity actually increased with the Korean public, in which many was sympathize with her. Later she became one of the most popular singers in the Korean music industry following this case.

The Aftermath Of Ailee’s Nude Photos


After this unfortunate incident, Ailee bounced back with a strong ground. International fans, K-Pop idols, Korean fans, and most public opinions on the scandal were very supportive of Ailee continuing with her activities in Korea, commenting that she is very strong and resilient.

Netizens flooded her with praise and support (quoted from Seoul Beats):

[+3,291, -330] I like that she’s confident… of course, I wanted a better excuse than the lingerie model lie but… I guess that’s the company to blame for their lack of creativity.

[+2,720, -194] It’s not like she’s a criminal or anything, it’s good to see her keep her head up high.

[+2,352, -113] It’s the nature of being a celebrity. You shouldn’t dream of becoming one without thinking of the risks involved… Your private life is no longer yours if you want to achieve popularity. Overcome the risks and you’re rewarded with massive amounts of money.

[+2,114, -128] Good to see that she’s not hiding but out and she is confident.

[+946, -35] Yeah, I prefer this than Jiyeon saying it’s not her even if it kills her.

[+500, -60] Seungri’s still out on TV even after getting his picture taken after sleeping with a girl. Ailee has nothing to hide, continue to promote as you are. The man who leaked the photos will cry tears of blood soon. You are amazing, Ailee.

[+354, -35] In this day and age, we’ve all seen more graphic content. Nothing to be ashamed of, Ailee. Fighting!

[+318, -26] Such a different response compared to Jiyeon and IU ㅋㅋㅋ But then again, their excuses about taking their clothes off because they were hot and visiting the sick were just unbelievable… Whatever, Ailee’s a great singer so it doesn’t matter.

Ailee’s popularity kept increasing as she attended 2013 year’s Melon Music Awards, where she won not just the Top 10 award and since then, she has steadily claimed the title as Korean top singer.

However, even though she got overwhelming support from the public, she also had been removed from several of her CFs due to her tarnished image. But, many netizens accept the decision of the company. One netizen wrote, “You can’t really deny that her image was impacted by this…,”.

In a follow-up statement, YMC Entertainment explained that they would seek legal action against the party who leaks the photos. They did not explicitly mention to whom those legal suits would be given, but public has assumed that it was likely to be taken against Allkpop. YMC also has been reported to have hired American lawyers to handle the case.

A few days later after this statement, Allkpop’s CEO, Johnny Noh, held an exclusive interview with Asia Econ, to clarify and discuss Allkpop’s involvement in the scandal. He confirmed Allkpop’s previous claims of reaching out to YMC Entertainment beforehand, and that Allkpop had no part with the original release of the photos. But, Noh also kept insisting that Allkpop was not the one who’s responsible for this matter, responding to YMC’s push for legal action against his company. He also claimed that his company would be seeking counteraction.


1. How did this happen?

At the end of June, we received an offer in our tip box regarding nude pictures of singer Ailee. When we called him, we were able to find out that he was a foreigner living in Toronto, Canada. He asked for $3,500 for the pictures. We told him, “Leaking the photos will cause big problems later.” He replied to us, “I’m scared of that as well. I’ll stop here.”

2. Did you contact YMC?

It was an important matter so we directly contacted a YMC staff member. They actually told us that we were making it up and when we asked why, they accused our staff member, Ailee’s ex-boyfriend, of trying to sell the photos to Dispatch. They said that if this was to become a problem later, they’d take legal action so we were free to do whatever we wanted.

3. Did you check with her ex-boyfriend?

After we found out, we asked him and he denied it. He said he looked into the matter out of his own curiosity but that was it. He has nothing to do with this leak. We checked with him over a hundred times.

4. But the pictures were eventually uploaded on allkpop.

On the 10th, we received another tip in our tip box. When we researched the link, it was uploaded by someone from Toronto, Canada. The picture had already been uploaded in July and again in October. We decided that the pictures were already released to the world.

5. YMC claims that Ailee sent those photos to her ex-boyfriend for his help. There are suspicions that he is involved in this for business/monetary reasons.

That’s an unfounded accusation. We’ve already discussed with him about the pictures several times. The means in which the pictures were acquired is completely different. This scandal is putting us at a great loss as well. Our server was down because of the influx of page visits and our advertisements were cut off.

The case then went on and still going strong when Dispatch released the audio recording of Ailee’s ex-boyfriend attempting to sell the pictures to Dispatch. The recording was found to be in match with the written transcript.

Later, SBS also jumped into the case by revealing a phone interview with Ailee’s ex-boyfriend from Allkpop, who was also the accused leak source. Each of the audio files was then compared to find the truth.


After analyzing these audio comparisons, netizens came to the conclusion that the two voices in the audio were coming from the same person, the same ex-boyfriends of Ailee. The truth also came to light when Allkpop then responded by confirming that the voice in both the Dispatch and SBS audio was the voice of Ailee’s then ex-boyfriend that worked for Allkpop. Follow up statements have not been yet made about Daniel Lee being that boyfriend, but the public has generally assumed that he was the boyfriend in question.

In the later interview, Daniel Lee then kept insisting that he did not intend to leak or sell the photos, although he stated that he did make the phone calls to Dispatch, those phone calls were only placed in response to an email Allkpop received from the tipster regarding those photos. e. Although still insisting that he did not leak the photos, the eventually apologized for causing a misunderstanding

Up until this day, they haven’t reached the settlement and the truth hasn’t fully discovered. The events surrounding the leak of the photos had just depended on Ailee’s words vs the ex-boyfriend’s words. There was so little information regarding the truth of who, when, where, or why anything involving the photos, apart from the floating rumors and speculations.


So, those are all the information and the rundown of Ailee’s pre-debut scandal in the past, involving leaked nude pictures of her. What do you think about the incident? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below!