Are You Excited About Ailee’s Comeback?

Weight Loss After Comeback

After her comeback, fans who always paid great attention to Ailee’s career have begun to notice her recent weight loss. A recent photo that circulated online made people think Ailee has gained some weight despite already losing it some time ago, making fans worried about her well-being.

Ailee quickly cleared up a story behind that photo when she appeared as a guest in the episode of MBC Every 1’s Video Star aired on May 14th, 2019. In the episode, Ailee also opened up about her struggles with her weight and the misunderstandings she had because of it.

She said, “During my showcase, my photo was taken and people were commenting, ‘What the heck, did she already gain weight within a few days?’ It turns out that someone had taken another photo and severely edited it to make it look like I was 38 kilograms. I felt so wronged. I worked hard to lose weight for my comeback [but people misunderstood].”

The photos that Ailee mentioned were then aired on the MBC’s Video Star. The first photo was the edited version and the second photo was the real picture of Ailee at her showcase. The show’s hosts comment that Ailee looked great in both of her photos.

Ailee also revealed that her current weight was influenced by her past living patterns. In the past, she used to wake up early in the morning and would always arrive back home late at night. She also didn’t have a good eating habit as she revealed that she used to eat excessively for her first and only meal of the day.

Ailee also shared that one time, she received a stung words by her senior, that had hurt her and made her very conscious of her body.

“He said, ‘What are you going to do? Are you trying to retire early?’ I thought all I needed to do was perform well. I’m a singer, but I thought, ‘Do I need to focus on my body more than my singing?’” she said.

She then went on, “When I gained weight, people said I gained so much, and now people say I’m too thin. They tell me to do it in moderation, but I don’t know what their standard is. It’s so difficult.”

After the comments that she received, she then determined to slim down to 49 kilograms for her comeback. She revealed, “At that time, I got depressed. It was so hard for me. Being the best at singing is my goal, but as I focused on my weight, I developed problems with my voice. I was diagnosed with vocal nodules and treating it was difficult. I’m not a model, but I had to maintain my figure like a model.”

Furthermore, she also took the opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding of her previous statement on JTBC’s Hidden Singer back in 2018. “There was a misunderstanding about when I tearfully said on ‘Hidden Singer’ that I wouldn’t focus on my weight,” she said. “I meant that I would love my appearance as it is, not that I would completely stop dieting.”

Ailee also shared that she has made the new adjustments and healthier ways on her eating habits. She said, “I’m not on a diet right now, but I’ve fixed my habit of eating excessively for one meal and am now eating three or four small meals. I found that I lost weight naturally through these healthy habits.”



Collaboration With EXO’s Chen

In the middle of 2019, fans received shocking yet exciting news as Ailee announced that she’ll be teaming up with EXO’s Chen for one of her tracks from the album butterFLY. The full tracklist for her new album, which includes a total of ten songs, was revealed on her twitter account n June 25th, 2019.

There were two collaboration tracks of Ailee’s album. The first was titled “Heartcrusher” featuring Undaunted and DJ Koo and the second was a collaboration track titled “Love” with EXO‘s Chen

Ailee has said she received many requests to do a collaboration with Chen. And thankfully, the fans were responding to it nicely.

During her butterFLY comeback showcase, Ailee shared her gratitude as well as the previous story of her collaboration with EXO’s Chen.

“You know I worked with EXO’s Chen on the track ‘Love’ but we actually didn’t have any friends in common! I searched everywhere for someone who might know him so I could get his contact info,” she shared.

She went on, “The reason why I wanted to work with him so much was that whenever I go on SNS I always see comments asking me to do a collaboration with him. Because the album was one I’ve prepared with my whole heart, I wanted to also fulfill my fans’ wishes. Even though we didn’t have any friends in common and I’m a bit shy of strangers, I overcame that and was able to contact him.

She also revealed that although it might have been hard to get a hold of him, she was grateful that he wanted to do this comeback, “When I asked him to work with me, he didn’t hesitate at all and said right away that he’d love to work together! I felt really thankful because of that! I’m kind of timid so I watched some of his recordings from outside the studio and saw just how hard he worked in recording the song!”

She also shared the touching story on how he went back to the recording studio a few days later to make the track even better, “A few days after we finished, I was told that Chen went to the studio to record again. He said he wanted to show a more hardworking side of himself while working with me. Even though it had already turned out really well, he said he had wanted to make it even better.”

She sent a thankful message, “He really moved me with how thoughtful he was while recording. I told him I’d make sure to buy him a really delicious meal. I haven’t been able to yet because he’s so busy but Chen, I’m really grateful to you and I want to buy you a meal soon!”

Take a look at their sweet duet below!