Actor Ahn Woo-yeon: Full Profile, Appearance In K-Drama, Girlfriend, Military Service

ahn woo yeon profile

Learn More About ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’ Actor; Ahn Woo-yeon’s Profile, Roles In Dramas and a Lot More!

As fans of K-Drama, you will surely be familiar with the faces of the actors present in the dramas you are watching. One of the most famous K-Dramas ever broadcast in 2017, ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’, also has several main and supporting actors with powerful chemistry and characters that make the storyline of the K-Drama look very real and sending great messages to the audience.

If you have watched ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon‘, then you will also be familiar with one of the casts named Do Bong-ki, the twin brother of Do Bong-soon. Do Bong-ki’s character was played by an actor named Ahn Woo-yeon. The actor who made his debut in 2015 is now often present, playing other roles in the newest K-Dramas with top rating.

If you want to know more about actor Ahn Woo-yeon, don’t miss out on his detailed information in this article below!

Full Profile Of Ahn Woo-yeon

ahn woo yeon profile

Real Name : Ahn Byeong-ho (hangul: 안병호)

Stage Name : Ahn Woo-yeon (hangul: 안우연)

Birth :  Ansan, South Korea, January 7, 1991

Star Sign : Capricorn

Blood Type : A

Height : 180 cm

Weight : 67 kg

Education :

  • Songho High School (Graduation)
  • Seoul National University of the Arts (Dept. of Acting)

Agency : JS Pictures

Family Member : 1 sister and 1 brother

Ahn Woo-yeon’s Appearance In K-Drama

ahn woo yeon profile

Ahn Woo-yeon started his acting career as an actor who has now played many roles since 2015. Being an actor who is famous for several of his roles has also made Ahn Woo-yeon even more famous with his television appearance. The actor, born in 1991, also often gets praise from fans for his excellent acting skills and has even been nominated for the Best New Actor category at the 2018 ’26th SBS Drama Awards’.

Let’s take a look at more about Ahn Woo-yeon’s appearances in K-Dramas in this session below!

Ahn Woo-yeon In The Banker

ahn woo yeon profile

‘The Banker’ is a K-Drama from MBC with a business, drama, and political genre and aired on March 27, 2019. ‘The Banker’ is a drama remake of the Japanese manga titled ‘Kansayaku Nozaki Shuhei’ written by Ryouka Shuu and illustrated by Shigeru Noda from 1998 to 2002. The drama, which has 32 episodes, tells the story of Noh Dae-ho (played by Kim Sang-joong), an honest banker who is later appointed as an auditor at the bank where he works. Through his new position, he also faced massive and systematic corruption involving many high-ranking officials in the bank.

ahn woo yeon profile

Having senior actors and actresses as the main characters, the ‘The Banker’ production team chose young players as supporting roles in the drama. Ahn Woo-yeon, who acts as the hilarious Seo Bo-geol, plays an important role in the Audit Team led by Noh Dae-ho. Their interactions are also cute and funny. It feels like watching a romance story with a love triangle in it.

Ahn Woo-yeon In Let’s Eat 3

ahn woo yeon profile

Let’s Eat 3’ premiered on July 16, 2018, and received a rating of 2,4. The rating is indeed quite low and not in line with expectations. As reported on tvN’s official Twitter, it turns out that this episode drew a lot of criticism from viewers. This season also tells about how Goo Dae-young’s (played by Yoon Doo-joon) struggles to improve his turning into a food creator.

The story of Lee Ji-Woo’s family (played by Baek Jin-hee) is also being told this season. Where Ji-Woo’s mother has Alzheimer’s and has to live in a nursing home. The conflicts that are presented are quite a lot when compared to the previous season. Because it doesn’t only tell about the present but also the past when Dae-young and Ji-Woo were still in college.

ahn woo yeon profile

Meanwhile, Ahn Woo-yeon plays one of the lead roles named Sunwoo Sun, a businessman in the culinary world who falls in love with a woman named Lee Seo-yeon (played by Lee Joo-woon), who is also Lee Ji-woo’s younger sister.

Ahn Woo-yeon In Good Witch

ahn woo yeon profile

Good Witch’ or ‘Nice Witch’ is a romantic comedy-drama premiered on SBS on March 3, 2018. ‘Good Witch’ is about identical twins named Cha Sun-hee and Cha Do-hee (both played by Lee Da-hee). Their life fell apart after their father, who worked as a police officer, died while on duty. Once upon a time, Sun-hee and Do-hee received a scholarship to study as flight attendants. However, their family could not afford the additional costs for both

ahn woo yeon profile

An unexpected event then forces the twins to change fates. Do-hee asks Sun-hee to fill her position as a flight attendant after an unknown man attacks her. Sun-hee complied with the request of her twin brother. As long as Do-hee is still in the process of healing, Sun-hee has to live as a flight attendant and then meets Song Woo-jin (played by Ryu Soo-young), a copilot that Do-hee is chasing.

ahn woo yeon profile

Meanwhile, Ahn Woo-yeon plays the second character who has a child and immature personality named Oh Tae-yang. He became the youngest son of the chairman of a large airline. This character will be Song Woo-jin’s opponent in getting Cha Do-hee’s love.

Ahn Woo-yeon In Circle

ahn woo yeon profile

Circle’ is a drama that started airing on May 22, 2017, broadcast on tvN, and has a story about the world in two different parts of the time. The first setting for the world in 2017 (present) and the second setting for the world in 2037 (future) is described as a digital era with sophisticated technology.

But the future in this drama too is divided into two parts as well. There is a Smart City section of a city full of sophistication where every citizen has a calming chip and some memory card in their head. Their emotions are very, very controlled by the system, and their memories can be played back like a music video recording of K-Pop idols.

ahn woo yeon profile

Ahn Woo-yeon played a member of an idol group named Kim Bum-gyun and played a character when he was young. His character, who is so obsessed with finding aliens and at the same time being a big brother who really loves his younger brother, received a positive response from the audience.

Ahn Woo-yeon In Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

ahn woo yeon profile

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’ is a K-Drama that airs on JTBC and premieres on February 24, 2017, with a total of 16 + 1 special episode. This drama tells the story of a woman named Do Bong-soon who has superpowers and can be cursed if she misuses her powers for evil. This is a gift that only female descendants of Do Bong-soon’s family can have. However, Do Bong-soon’s weakness is that she is not very smart, so she often changes jobs.

ahn woo yeon profile

Do Bong-soon also has twin brothers, which is Do Bong-ki (played by Ahn Woo-yeon). Do Bong-ki is a smart brother and proud of his family to be accepted at Hanse University and become a doctor at Hanse Hospital. This is one reason why Do Bong-soon and Do Bong-ki’s mother sometimes choose and prides Do Bong-ki only. In addition, there is also the triangle story of Do Bong-ki and Hee-ji (played by Seol In-ah), who was previously In Guk-doo’s ex-girlfriend (played by Ji Soo).