What’s the Truth Behind Ahn So-jin’s Death? The Tragic Story Behind the Kara Project Contestant

Ahn So-jin

Learn More About The Tragic Story of Baby Kara’s Leader, Ahn So-jin

Do you like the Korean girl group Kara? Back in 2014, after the departure of two of its members, the agency held a survival program called Kara Project in order to search for new members for Kara. Seven trainees from Kara’s agency, DSP Media, were competing against each other in order to promote as Kara’s member and the project was known as Baby Kara. One of the contestants was Ahn So-jin, who became the leader of Baby Kara in the process. However, after the program, it was reported that she had died in an apparent suicide. In this article, Channel-Korea will share the truth behind Ahn So-jin’s death, so stay tuned!

Ahn So-jin’s Full Profile

Ahn So-jin

Full name: Ahn So-jin

Stage name: So-jin

Date of Birth: May 25th, 1992

Deceased: February 24th, 2015

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 43 kg

Blood type: O

Interesting Facts About Ahn So-jin

  • Before she participated as a contestant in the Kara Project in 2014, she was a trainee for five years, since she was 17 years old.
  • She was the oldest contestant in the Kara Project and she was the leader of Baby Kara.
  • She was a good vocalist and a charismatic dancer. During the show, she was known as the ‘Emotional Leader.’ She also had a bright personality behind the stage, but had a strong and sexy persona while performing on stage.
  • She was one of the contestants who had the highest chance to debut as Kara’s new member.
  • In every episode of the Kara Project, she was able to complete the mission that was given to her.

Ahn So-jin’s Appearance in Kara’s Project

Just as it has been said before, Ahn So-jin managed to perform well in every episode of the Kara Project and was one of the contestants who were most likely to win and promote as the new member of Kara. In each episode, she had to perform Kara’s songs in front of a large audience.

At the start of the program, DSP Media introduced her through a teaser video which showcased her skill in dancing. Here is the teaser of Ahn So-jin for the Kara Project:

In the first episode, she had to perform Kara’s song titled “Step” with the other contestants indoor. In this episode, the audience didn’t know a thing about the Kara Project and the contestants had to introduce themselves through a performance. One of the contestants, Heo Young-ji, who later became the new member of Kara, was hurt during practice and unable to perform as she was hospitalized. Here is the video of the performance:

The second mission in the Kara Project was to perform Kara’s “Rock U” in Seoul School of Performing Art’s gymnasium, which was filled with students. Here is the video of Ahn So-jin’s performance with the other contestants:

In the third mission, Ahn So-jin had to perform Kara’s “Lupin” which has a contrast image to “Rock U” that has a cute and bright image. She had to perform the song with the other contestants in a theme park where many people could see their performance, including tourists. Here is the video of the performance:

She also performed “Tambourine” in the program for her solo performance that perfectly showed her charismatic charm and stable vocal skills. Here is the video of the performance:

What do you think about Ahn So-jin’s performance in the Kara Project? Do you think that she did well in every performance?

Cause of Death and Funeral Photos

Ahn So-jin

On February 24th, 2015, Ahn So-jin was found dead as a result of suicide. This happened one month after DSP ended their contract with Ahn So-jin. She was found unconscious near her apartment garden, and it was reported that she jumped from the 10th floor which caused her death. Later, she took her last breath while being transported to the nearest hospital.

Ahn So-jin

Even though at first, they kept silent, DSP media said that they will do anything to support Ahn So-jin’s family. The police also said that originally, they were going to do further investigation into Ahn So-jin’s death, but her family rejected it and said that they want to let Ahn So-jin rest in peace, thus autopsy is unnecessary. It was also said that she committed suicide because of her struggle with depression.

So, what do you think about the tragic story of Baby Kara’s leader Ahn So-jin? Do you think that the cause of her tragic story is the termination of her contract? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the tragic story of Kara Project contestant Ahn So-jin in the comment section!