Ahn Jae-hyun and Goo Hye-sun’s Relationship (Wedding Diary, Photos, Ring, etc)

Couple Variety, TVN’s Newlywed Diary

In Late 2016, Na PD, who is famous for producing the variety show New Journey to The West, announced his plans to produce a new variety show centered around married couples. This was brought on by Ahn Jae-hyun’s adoration for his wife that he displays freely on the shows he has produced, such as this new variety show, which can count as a spin off to New Journey to The West. He stated that the show will star Ahn Jae-hyun and Goo Hye-sun, is currently in production, and will air sometime in February of 2017.


The show, Newlywed Diary debuted at the TV network TVN on the 3rd of February, 2017, getting a great reception from the fans. The show revolves around the couple as they are followed along in their daily domestic activities. The show highlights the dynamics of AhnGoo, by showing how they deal with chores around the house, petty arguments, and sweet affection to mend it all.

The drama is a big hit, reaching up to 3% ratings, which is an achievement for a cable network variety show. The show is praised for showing new sides to the couple, who has always been perceived as cold and unapproachable by the public. They can see that the two are heartwarming and endlessly in love with one another.


Thought successful, the drama was hit with criticism, as some viewers note that the relationship depicted on screen is not at all relatable or close to a real, normal relationship. These claims were debunked by the producer himself, who states that his goal is not to make a realistic variety show, but to simply show romance that can make the viewer’s heart beat faster.

Aside from that, the producer also dished the behind-the-scenes story that convinced him of their love for one another. In one instance, Ahn Jae-hyun and Goo Hye-sun argued while filming, to the point that producer worried that they might break up over the shoot. His worries prove to be fruitless, as the two quickly reconciled after talking things out, something that he thinks every healthy relationship needs to function well.

Family and Baby Plans

In 2016, fresh off the wedding ceremony, Ahn Jae-hyun revealed he and Goo Hye-sun had no plans to have a baby anytime soon. They both showed an interest in taking things slow and riding out their careers before settling down with a family. Ahn Jae-hyun still has plans for dramas he is already cast in, and also maintaining his spot in New Journey to The West.

Recently however, rumors started circulating that Goo Hye-sun is pregnant with their first child. Goo Hye-sun was quick to address the rumors, putting out a statement that denies such allegations, along with the claims that she has recently had plastic surgery. The rumors started circulating after her appearance at the Bucheon International Film Festival to promote a short film she starred in, called Mystery Pink, where she appeared with a chubbier face and figure.

The actress used her social media account to simply reveal that she has gained weight not from pregnancy, but from eating a little too much in her downtime. She also attributes the changes in her figure to time and age, and reveals that she, too, missed her slimmer figure.