Get to Know ‘Reply 1988’ Supporting Actor Ahn Jae-hong

Ahn Jae-hong

A Glimpse of Ahn Jae-hong

Maybe the names of Park Bo-gum or Ryu Jun-yeol are the ones that you remember the most after watching the drama series Reply 1988. Actually, you should also consider Ahn Jae-hong as the top character from the drama and also consider him for being the main role in future drama series.

Ahn Jae-hong was very good at playing the role of the “loser” Kim Jung-bong in the drama Reply 1988, the role of a maniac gamer in Fabricated City, and the role of a lovely person in Fight For My Way. Well, if you want to get to know him better and more closely, make sure you read the article until the last page!

Ahn Jae-hong’s Full Profile

ahn jae-hong

Ahn Jae-Hong was born in South Korea on March 31st, 1986. He caught people’s attention with his roles in the films The King of Jokgu (2014) and Fabricated City (2017), also, in the drama series Reply 1988 (2015–2016) and Fight for My Way (2017).

Ahn Jae-hong’s Filmography

ahn jae-hong fabricated city

Ahn Jae-hong is more often playing roles in movies rather than in dramas. As you can see from the list of his filmography below.

  • Time of Hunting | Sanyangui Shigan (2019) as Jang-ho
  • Grass | Pulipdeul (2018) as Hong-soo
  • Microhabitat | Sogongnyeo (2018) as Han-sol
  • The King’s Case Note | Imgeumnimui Sagunsoocheob (2017) as Yoon Yi-seo
  • On the Beach at Night Alone | Bamui Haebyunaeseo Honja (2017) as Seung-hee
  • Fabricated City | Jojakdwen Doshi (2017) as Demolition
  • Queen of Walking | Keodkiwang (2016) as So-soon
  • The Queen of Crime | Beomjoeui Yeowang (2016) as a person who prepares a test to be a public servant
  • Familyhood | Gotbai Singkeul (2016) as Han Duk-soo
  • The Last Ride | Widaehan Sowon (2016) as Gab-duk
  • Missing You | Neol Gidarimyeo (2016) as Detective Cha
  • The Sound of a Flower | Dorihwaga (2015) as Yong-bok
  • C’est si bon (2015) as Byung-chul
  • Coin Locker Girl | Chainatawoon (2015) as local police 2
  • Twenty | Seumool (2015) as In-gook
  • Miss The Train | Miseongnyeon (2014) as Tae-sik
  • Remarkable Woman | Chooljoonghan Yeoja (2014) as Jae-hong
  • Tazza: The Hidden Card | Tajja: Shinui Son (2014) as Woon-do
  • Red Carpet | Redeukapet (2014) as Poongcha (Windmill)
  • The King of Jokgu | Jokgu Wang (2014) as Hong Man-sub
  • Nobody’s Daughter Hae-Won | Noogooui Daldo Anin Haewon (2013) as student 1
  • Sunshine Boys | 1999, Myeonhee (2013) as Seung-joon
  • The Day He Arrives | Bukchon Banghyang (2011) as student 1
  • Boy | Gootbayi Boyi (2011) as Jong-yong group member


Ahn Jae-hong’s Awards and Nominations

Ahn Jae-hong awards

Even though Ahn Jae-hong often appears in some dramas or movies playing a supporting role, you can’t underestimate his acting skills. He has very good acting skills just like any of the main characters of the drama or movie. This has been proven by the many awards and nominations that he has gotten.

Below is a summary of Ahn Jae-hong’s Awards and Nominations.

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2017 10th Korea Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor Fight for My Way Nominated
2015 10th Max Movie Awards Best Actor The King of Jokgu Nominated
2015 15th Director’s Cut Awards Best New Actor The King of Jokgu Won
2012 17th Busan International Film Festival DGK Award The Sunshine Boys Won
2017 1st The Seoul Awards Best Supporting Actor (Drama) Fight for My Way Nominated
2016 23rd Korea Advertising Awards Top Advertising Model N/A Won
2015 24th Buil Film Awards Best New Actor The King of Jokgu Nominated
2015 2nd Wildflower Film Awards Best Actor The King of Jokgu Won
2017 31st KBS Drama Awards Best New Actor Fight for My Way Won
2017 31st KBS Drama Awards Best Couple with Song Ha-yoon Fight for My Way Nominated
2014 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best New Actor The King of Jokgu Nominated
2014 51st Grand Bell Awards Best New Actor The King of Jokgu Nominated
2016 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actor Reply 1988 Nominated
2018 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Supporting Actor (TV) Fight for My Way Nominated
2016 9th Korea Drama Awards Best New Actor Reply 1988 Nominated
2017 Korean Film Shining Star Awards Popularity Award Fabricated City Won

Love Life: Who Is Ahn Jae-hong’s Girlfriend?

ahn jae-hong with girlfriend

It has been reported that Ahn Jae-hong already has a girlfriend and they have been dating for about 4 years. They are also open to the public about their relationship.

Ahn’s girlfriend is a beautiful and very talented girl. Ahn’s girlfriend’s name is Lee Som or at least it is how she has been called on Instagram. She is five years younger than Ahn Jae-hong and attends Konkuk University. She majored in film and was in the same class as artist Ryu Hye-young, who also played in the drama Reply 1988.

ahn jae-hong with girlfriend

Although Ahn Jae-young was very busy with filming a drama or a movie, he would always take the time to meet his girlfriend when there was free time. They would spend time together without feeling afraid of being seen by fans. Ahn started to get famous but never once did he cover his face or the face of his lover from the person who saw them. They also uploaded the same photo of them together on their own Instagram accounts.

Ahn Jae-hong in Reply 1988

ahn jae-hong

Reply 1988 is a drama which has the time background set in 1988 and tells a story of friendship, family, and lovers. In 1988, Duk-sun (Hyeri), Jung-hwan (Ryoo Joon-yeol), Sun-woo (Ko Gyung-pyo) and Dong-ryong (Lee Dong-hwi) are high school students and Taek (Park Bo-gum) is a go player. These five people have been friends since they were little kids. They all grew up together and are neighbors to this day. Their families are also very close to each other. They always hang around Taek’s room and spend time together.

Ahn Jae-hong was playing Kim Jung-bong in the drama Reply 1988, who has the character as Jung-hwan’s elder brother. Kim Jung-bong is a loser. He has repeatedly failed the university entrance examination and instead of diligently studying, he only spends his daily life struggling with insignificant things, like playing games, collecting stamps, or sending postcards to radio stations. Even so, Jung-bong is a child who never made a problem and is also a very loving brother.