Profile of Ahn Bo Hyun: Drama List, Height, Girlfriend, Abs etc.

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General Information About Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo-Hyung is a 29 year-old South Korean actor. Before becoming an actor, he debuted as a model. Bo-Hyung wanted to become an actor after seeing the role of the boxer Yu Oh-seong in the 2002 movie, Champion. As a former boxer, Bo-Hyung wants to hone his talent and become an actor.

He managed to steal the attention of netizens by acting in two Dramas in the same year, Golden Cross (2014) and Two Mothers (2014). Not only those, in 2016 Ahn Bo-Hyung again stole the attention of netizens by participating in the legendary Drama by Song Jong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo, Descendants of the Sun (2016), and his first film, Hiya (2016). In fact, this handsome actor is also rumored to have a girlfriend, who is she? Let’s see the full profile of Ahn Bo-Hyung!

Ahn Bo Hyun’s Profile


Name : Ahn Bo Hyung

Date of Birth : May 16, 1988

Age : 29 years old

Profession : Actor, Model

Height : 187 cm

Blood Type : N/A

Religion : N/A

Instagram : @bohyunahn

Ahn Bo Hyun’s Drama List

During a career in the entertainment world in Korea, he has participated 7 Dramas. Let’s see which dramas Ahn Bo-Hyung has acted in.

Golden Cross (2014)

golden cross

Golden Cross is the first Drama Ahn Bo-Hyung appeared in. Even though he is only a supporting cast member, he has stolen the attention of netizens with his acting skills. Golden Cross was written by Yoo Hyun-Mi and directed by Hong Seok-Ku and Kim Jong-Yeon, with 20 episodes which aired every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55 on KBS2.

Golden Cross itself tells the story of Kang Do-Yoon, played by Kim Kang-Woo, who is a young man who loves his family, especially his mother and sister. However, one day Kang Do-Yoon gets word that his sister was killed, and Kang Do-Yoon decides to find whoever did it and take revenge. The man who killed his sister must also be responsible for the destruction of his family.

After a few months, Kang Do-Yoon meets Seo I-Ree, played by Lee Si-Young, a law student who is still an apprentice and strictly upholds the law. Their encounters cultivate a sense of love between the two, but there is a big secret that Kang Do-Yoon does not know; Seo Dong-Ha, played by Jung Bo-Suk, is I-Ree’s father, and is the one who killed his sister.

Two Mothers (2014)

two mothers

Two Mothers is the second Drama of 2014 featuring Ahn Bo-Hyung. Ahn Bo-Hyung plays Jin Myung-Seok in this Drama, written by Hwang Soon-Young, and directed by Kwak Ki-Won. It airs every Monday to Friday at 19:05 on KBS2 with 102 episodes.

Two Mothers itself is about Yeon-Hee, played by Jang Seon-Hee, who collapses on her wedding day. She was immediately rushed to hospital and diagnosed with cervical cancer, had to undergo surgery to remove her womb, and so could not have any children. It is very difficult for her because Yeon-Hee’s mother-in-law wants her to have a baby.

After the death of her brother, Hwa-Young’s (Lee Chae-Young) family is in financial ruin. She believes his brother’s death was caused by Yeon-Hee. Hwa-Young now supports her family, but she is dumped by her boyfriend, Byeong-Kook, who is played by Hwang Dong-Joo. Her ex-boyfriend marries Yeon-Hee as she is from a wealthy family. Hwa-Young decides to take revenge on Yeon-Hee and takes her baby away from her.

My Secret Hotel (2014)

my secret hotel

My Secret Hotel is a Drama starring the famous actress Yoon In-Na. At the time Ahn Bo-Hyung was delighted to be able to play in a drama alongside Yoon In-Na. The 16 episode Drama, written by Kim Ye-Ri and Kim Do-Hyun, is directed by Hong Jong-Chan and airs on TvN every Monday and Tuesday at 23:00.

This drama tells the story of Sang-Hyo, played by Yoon In-Na. She is a hotel wedding department manager that divorced her husband seven years ago.

Sung-Gyeom, played by Namgung-Min, is the hotel management director and the boss of Sang-Hyo. There is a murder, which throws the hotel into crisis and may be related to Sung-Gyeom’s past. Not only that, but Sang-Hyo is confused by her romances with Sung-Gyeom and Eun-Joo, played by Lee Young-Eun.

The Dearest Lady (2015)

dearest lady

Ahn Bo-Hyung plays Lee Bong-Gil in this Drama. The Dearest Lady is a Drama written by Seo Hyun-Joo and directed by Choi Chang-Wook, with 116 episodes which aired on MBC every Monday-Friday at 19:15.

The Dearest Lady is about a mother’s worries about the life of her two children, Han A-Reum, played by Kang Min-Kyung, and Han A-Jung, played by Jo-An.

Their mother, Na Bo-Bae, played by Ha Hee-Ra, is worried about the romantic lives of her two children because she previously divorced her husband, she does not want A-Reum and A-Jung to suffer the same fate.

Descendants of the Sun (2016)


Descendants of the Sun is the highest-rated drama on TV, with 16 episodes airing every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 on KBS2. The Drama is written by Kim Eun-Sook and Kim Won-Suk, and directed by Lee Eung-Bok and Baek Sang-Hoon. It managed to steal the attention of netizens, especially Ahn Bo-Young, who served as a soldier in Team Alpha with Song Jong-Ki, playing Im Gwang-Nam. His acting skills are praiseworthy.

This drama is about a soldier’s relationship with a female doctor against a background of war. Yoo Shi-Jin, played by Song Jong-Ki, falls in love for the first time with Kang Mo-Yeon, played by Song Hye-Kyo, at the hospital where he is located. Their love story is not always good and romantic, because many problems come during the battle.

Shin-Jin must be responsible as the commander of the soldiers, but also must take responsibility for looking after the woman he loves, Mo-Yeo, in the middle of a war.