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Charming Rookie Actor, Ahn Bo-hyun’s Instagram

For those who are avid watches of Korean drama, you might have heard of Ahn Bo-hyun before. Known for his roles on the web drama “Dokdo Rewind”, TVN drama stage “Midnight”, and indie movie “Memories of The Dead End,” Ahn Bo-hyun has been making waves across the industry. From the runways of fashion week to starring with EXO’s Sehun, Jo Byung-gyu, and former Girls Generation member, Sooyoung, he is recognized as one of the stars to watch this year. He might just be another model trying his hand at the Korean entertainment industry, but he sure is succeeding well past his other coworkers.

Are you curious about his career and what he gets up to on his free time? or maybe the things he does behind the scenes? Check out his daily life on the highlights of his Instagram posts below!

General Information About Ahn Bo-hyun

Having starred in several big-name productions in a short amount of time, Ahn Bo-hyun seems to mostly use his instagram to promote his activities and life beyond the silver screen. He often posts about his work that is currently on air or just a simple get-together he is having with friends. More often than not, he posts a selfie at least once every few weeks, letting his fans know that he is alright and having a blast on his sets. We also get a glimpse of his friendships through Instagram, because star-studded cast aside, he is friends with a few names in the industry such as Girls Day’s Yura and BTOB’s Minhyuk.

All in all, his account is an amazing collage of his day-to-day activities that do not quite make a very clean and pretty aesthetic, like most expect a celebrity’s Instagram feed to do, but it’s a real look at his life that fans are glad to have.

Ahn Bo-hyun’s Instagram Feeds


As mentioned above, Ahn Bo-hyun actually first started out his career in modeling, walking star-studded runaways and on the pages of the top fashion magazines. He only started transitioning to the world of acting in late 2016, thus every now and then, he still sometimes features in a photo-shoot or two like the one in the post above. The one above is, specifically, an advertisement for the brand Court Advantage, a sportswear brand that he has endorsed in the past. This isn’t a sponsored post, but just Ahn Bo-hyun recalling a brand he worked for that he has really been enjoying.

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Ahn Bo-hyun also loves to indulge his fans with a selfie or two every now and then. The above post wasn’t done to celebrate a particular event, just to show fans his daily life. This particular one did not even have a proper caption, it was just posted with the hashtag ‘#BolppalganThirtyOne’, a riff on the popular Korean pop duo, Bolppalgan4.

Regarding the behind the scenes life for projects he has been working on, Ahn Bo-hyun has recently hyped the TVN TV movie ‘Midnight.’ TV movies are usually aired in between regular-format dramas containing 16 episodes, as a way to pass time before another one starts up. This particular one tells a story of Young-Hoon, played by Seo Ji-Hoon, and Seung-Bong, played by Ahn Bo-Hyun, who were friends in high school. Four years passed and due to a decision they made, their friendship was changed. The plot deals with the themes of friendship but also something more sinister, such as gang affiliation and the problems that come with it. The strain on their friendship is the central conflict of the whole project and paints a very interesting picture of life outside of the city.

What’s interesting about the project is that Ahn Bo-hyun plays two roles in it, as the version of his character in high school and also the version four years later as a part of the work force, where he once again meets with his friend. Other than that, the project demands that he act in satoori, or Korean dialect, specific to the regions outside of Seoul. Since the story takes place in a rural town near the seaside, the satoori adds to the realism of the characters and the plot revolving around the lives of 20-somethings in that part of the country.


Another project that he enthusiastically posts about on his instagram is the web drama titled “Dockgo Rewind.” The drama tells the story of Kang-hyuk, played by EXO’s Sehun, who is good at fighting. He dropped out of school and hangs out with his two friends who are also dropouts. One day, Kang-hyuk saves Kyu-soon, played by Yoo In-Hwan, from some disorderly students. Kyu-soon ask Kang-hyuk to teach him how to fight. Kyu-soon explains that he wants to protect his younger sister, Hyun-sun (Kang Mi-Na). Kang-hyuk accepts the offer for help and they become friends. Later, Kyu-soon is beaten to death and Kang-hyuk decides to take revenge on the students responsible for Kyu-soon’s death.

During the course of his journey, Kang-hyuk is accompanied by his two friends, Jong-Il played by Jo Byung-gyu, and Tae-Jin, played by Ahn Bo-hyun, who are also sick of the violence caused by the disorderly high school students and joins Kang-hyuk in avenging Kyu-soon’s death.


Lastly, the project that he has been hyping the most, lately, is the movie he starred in opposite former Girls Generation member, Sooyoung. The movie, titled “Memories of a Dead End” tells the story of Yoo-Mi, played by Sooyoung, and her fiance Tae-Goo, played by Ahn Bo-hyun, who is currently working overseas in Nagoya, Japan.

As Yoo-mi lives apart from her fiance, she decides to travel to Nagoya to see him. Once there, Yoo-Mi finds out that he is in love with another woman and even has gone as far as to become engaged to said woman. Yoo-Mi falls into despair as she wanders around the unfamiliar city of Nagoya and happens to end up at the End Point Cafe and Guest House. There, she meets the manager, Nishiyama, played by Shunsuke Tanaka. Yoo-Mi decides to stay at the guest house and, in the process, meets the people there with their various stories.

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The movie premiered at the Busan International Film Festival, or BIFF for short, one of the most renowned international film festivals in the world. It is not a big-budget nor a box-office release, but this one indie movie definitely made a splash, both for the cast that it boasts and the interesting plot that is more akin to Japanese movies, rather than a Korean one. It is somber and moody in tone but puts forward an interesting love story about a broken relationship.

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Other than his activities on set, Ahn Bo-hyun also posts a lot about his hangouts with friends and co-workers. Like the post above, Ahn Bo-hyun seems to be reminiscing about the hangout he had in 2018 with all his closest friends. This group mostly consisted of his non-celebrity friends, which is really refreshing to see on a celebrity’s Instagram page.


Another post reveals a reunion of the drama ‘After The Show Ends’, which included stars like BTOB’s Minhyuk, Girls Day’s Yura, and actress Yoon So-hee. The drama first aired in 2016, but it seems the cast and staff are still close to this day. Ahn Bo-hyun cheekily captioned the post with a hashtag of the drama’s title and an anecdote that they gathered just like the drama’s title after the show ended.


Latest News of Ahn Bo-hyun

Recently, Ahn Bo-hyun played a new drama, titled “Her Private Life” starring Park Min-young as the main character, along with Kim Jae-wook and himself as the leads. The drama tells the story of a perfectly professional gallery curator named Sung Duk-mi, played by Park Min-young, who is a full-on idol fangirl in her spare time, and the romance that sparks when she meets her rough-around-the-edges boss Ryan, played by Kim Jae-wook. Ahn Bo-hyun will be playing Jung Seok-im, Sung Duk-mi’s childhood friend who’s used to her fangirl ways and also has a massive crush on her. In the poster, he holds two tickets in his hand and says, “I got these for you.”


The drama first episode aired on the 10th of April, following the current TVN hit drama, “Touch Your Heart”. So what do you think of model-turned-actor, Ahn Bo-hyun’s Instagram feed? Are you interested in any of the projects he is in? Will you start following his account? Comment your thoughts and opinions down below!