Ahn Bo-hyun’s Girlfriend: Dating Rumor, Ideal Type, Personality When Dating, Etc.

ahn bo hyun girlfriend

Who Is Dating the Charismatic Ahn Bo-hyun?

Ahn Bo-hyun is a South Korean actor and former model who has been popular with his roles in exciting dramas like Yumi’s Cells, Kairos, Itaewon Class, Her Private Life, Descendants of the Sun, and the Netflix series My Name.

His charismatic face and great acting made Ahn Bo-hyun become more attractive. No wonder people are running to know about Ahn Bo-hyun’s girlfriend, dating rumors, ideal type, and more. Find out his dating rumors, girlfriend, and things related to his relationships here on Channel-Korea. Stay tuned!

Ahn Bo-hyun’s Relationship Status: Currently Single

ahn bo hyun girlfriend

Ahn Bo-hyun possibly does not have a girlfriend as there is not much evidence saying otherwise. He hasn’t revealed any woman who he has seen romantically. In conclusion, Ahn Bo-hyun is likely single.

Whether he is single or not, Ahn Bo-hyun must have high-core fans and admirers because of his appearance in many amusing dramas and series. So, there’s also the possibility Ahn Bo-hyun doesn’t want to show his girlfriend to the public yet. Besides, he historically never talks about his private life. He portrays a mature character. Do you have any idea about his girlfriend?

Ahn Bo-hyun’s Ideal Girlfriend: Caring With Parents

ahn bo hyun girlfriend

During his appearance on the variety show I Live Alone, Ahn Bo-hyun said his ideal type changed over time. However, he revealed he admires people who treat their parents well. From this perspective, Ahn Bo-hyun might tend to see character first before anything else. He implied a nuance that he had already been in a relationship before. Don’t you think he’s a gentleman?

Ahn Bo-hyun’s Personality When Dating and Liking Someone

ahn bo hyun girlfriend

Although Ahn Bo-hyun does not open up his dating experiences, he shared how he usually is when he likes someone. Ahn Bo-hyun said he is quite reserved when he is interested in someone. He tries to put distance and is less talkative. Ahn Bo-hyun will take time to learn her personality and everything before deciding to take action.

Ahn Bo-hyun revealed he doesn’t fall in love easily, but when he does, he will share happiness, difficulties, secrets, and all. He tends to do everything for his woman and takes care of her well.

Ahn Bo-hyun’s Girlfriend Rumors

ahn bo hyun girlfriend

As an actor, Ahn Bo-hyun keeps being rumored to be with his co-stars from dramas, series, and movies. Here are some of the rumors and co-stars of Ahn Bo-hyun that many people became curious about regarding their relationship after working together.

Check Ahn Bo-hyun’s relationship with Kim Go-eun and Han So-hee below!

Ahn Bo-hyun’s Excellent Chemistry With Kim Go-eun

ahn bo hyun girlfriend

Ahn Bo-hyun acted as Goo Woong and worked with Kim Go-eun as Yumi in the drama Yumi Cells. He admitted that he was a bit worried about acting with Kim Go-eun since his role wasn’t as the male lead. But, Kim Go-eun always helped him with immense feedback. So, Ah Bo-hyun felt comfortable and said she was a great friend and an easy-going person.

He learned a lot about acting with Kim Go-eun, so it was easy to have chemistry with her. They did have a bedroom scene and a kiss scene that ended up showing mature romance. This triggered opinions about how they were fit as a couple. Apparently, Ahn Bo-hyun and Kim Go-eun are just working partners. Do you support them?

Ahn Bo-hyun and Han So-hee Are Just Good Colleagues

ahn bo hyun girlfriend

Ahn Bo-hyun also gained the spotlight when it was revealed he would be working with the beautiful actress Han So-hee. They played together in the Netflix series My Name. Ahn Bo-hyun played Yoon Ji-woo who is a police officer. He becomes a partner of Jeon Pil-do (Han So hee’s role).

Ahn Bo-hyun said that she first met Han So-hee in action school where they did training for the series. It was unusual for him since normally actors and co-stars meet at the formal scenario reading.

ahn bo hyun girlfriend

Then, he expressed his first impression of Han So-hee was someone who was somewhat strong and tough. She never complained or was troubled when doing many action scenes with a lot of sweating. This made Ahn Bo-hyun also do the same thing, and they went along with the project well.

Ahn Bo-hyun who loves doing athletic sports admitted that they are only good colleagues. Again, in this drama series, they both performed bed scenes which led to many rumors about their relationship after shooting. However, Ahn Bo-hyun and Han So-hee both showed professional ethics and comfort towards each other as working partners. Do you ship this couple?

That’s all about Ahn Bo-hyun’s girlfriend, dating rumors, and all. Which actress do you want Ahn Bo-hyun to have a relationship with? Put it in the comments, and share this article on social media. Keep sending positive messages and support towards Ahn Bo-hyun’s acting career!